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MacUpdate CogTool 1.1.3 Cognitive performance modeling. (Free) 22
MacUpdate DHCP Option Code Utility 1.0.0 Easily set up DHCP server configurations. (Free)
MacUpdate FM Starting Point 2 2.0.0v1 A starting point for creating a new FileMaker Pro database. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker File Courier 1.1.3 Digital delivery solution for FTP and local destinations. (Demo)
MacUpdate Happjo 1.0.2 Dynamic presentation tool kit. (Demo)
MacUpdate Music Collector 3.4.0 Catalog your CDs in a database automatically. (Shareware)
MacUpdate OpenGL Extensions Viewer 3.20.0 Provides info about your OpenGL accelerator. (Free)
MacUpdate PowerRenamer 3.1.4 Change names of selected items in Finder. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker ProfitTrain 2.0.4 Track billable hours and create invoices (formerly Billable). (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Squirrel 0.8.2b8 Simple way to track and plan finances. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Sublime 1.7.0 Edit, spot, and render subtitles for DVD authoring. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker TAO 1.83.0b Information outliner (was FO Outiner). (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker TreeView 4.5.0 REALbasic control plugin to create tree views. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker VelaClock 2.2.3 Dashboard world clock widget. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker VelaClock Deluxe 2.2.3 Dashboard world clock widget. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker MagicPrefs 1.8.0 Adds functions and options to the Apple Magic Mouse. (Free) 21
MacUpdate VersionTracker Vendetta Online 1.8.118 Massive multi-player spaceship game. (Demo)
VersionTracker Rucksack 1.0.0 Open, create and convert archives easy as pie. 19
MacUpdate Easy Translator 4.3.5 Employs Internet translation engines. (Shareware) 18
MacUpdate VersionTracker Gracion Enclose 1.1.1 Send files to any recipient without email-attachment limitations. (Demo)
MacUpdate Smultron 3.7.0a1 Text editor with easy document selection. (Free) 17
MacUpdate ArceMux 3.2.0b Install ArcEmu server for World of Warcraft. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads CoachStat Baseball 1.6.3 Baseball stats program, perfect for Little League and schools. (Updater)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Eddy Timer 1.6.0 Timer and stop-watch utility. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Finanze 0.4.5 Controls all movements of credit cards, current accounts, bank deposit (Free)
MacUpdate FoxTrot Search Server 2.6.0b1 Enhances your file sharing or file server. (Demo)
MacUpdate MouseWizard 6.0.1 Get more from your Magic Mouse or trackpad. (Shareware)
MacUpdate NZBVortex 0.5.0 Lightweight Usenet NZB download client. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Phone Amego 1.1.13 Provides Address Book to Google Voice and Bluetooth phone integration. (Demo)
MacUpdate Photo to Movie Create a movie by zooming/panning over a photo. (Shareware)
MacUpdate PicoLib 3.0.4 Database for organizing one or more libraries. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Poker Copilot 2.33.0 Poker hand history analysis for Full Tilt and Poker Stars. (Demo)
MacUpdate PowerQuote Printshop job estimation software. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Pronto Patent 1.2.0 Downloads patent document images from USPTO. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker RGB MusicLab 32.0.0 Converts RGB value of image to music. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Rucksack 1.0.1 Open, create, and convert archives. (Shareware)
MacUpdate SBArt4 4.2.0b1 Computer-generated images by artificial selection. (Free)
MacUpdate SEEdit Mini 2010.03.00 (135) Stripped down version of XHTML/CSS RSS editor. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Sente 6.1.3 Academic reference manager and bibliography software. (Demo)
MacUpdate TAMS Analyzer 3.70.0b5hs Qualitative/ethnographic text/rtf extractor. (Free)
MacUpdate Tomcat 6.0.26 Java servlet internet server. (Free)
MacUpdate UltraMixer Pro 2.4.0 DJ mixing software. (Free)
MacUpdate Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos 1.2.4e Lush 3D real-time strategy war game with online play. (Updater)
MacUpdate Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne 1.2.4e Expansion pack for WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos. (Updater)
MacUpdate iTunes controller 2 v1.6.2 Adds iTunes controls to the menu bar. (Demo)
VersionTracker ClickToFlash 1.6.0b8 Prevents Flash assets from loading in Safari unless you click on them. 14
VersionTracker MacUpdate LimeWire 5.5.6 Search for and download files on the Gnutella network.
VersionTracker Smultron 3.7.1 Easy-to-use, powerful programmer's text editor.
VersionTracker MacUpdate TrailRunner 3.0.0v511 Plan sports routes; works w/Nike, Apple, iPod, Google Earth.
VersionTracker MacUpdate VueScan 8.6.20 High-quality scanner driver with support for several manufacturers.
VersionTracker MacUpdate Aurora 4.0.13 Alarm clock plays iTunes playlists or EyeTV channels. 12
VersionTracker MacUpdate OfficePool 2010 1.4.0 NCAA college basketball pool manager.
VersionTracker MacUpdate OpenGL Extensions Viewer 3.19.0 Displays OpenGL accelerator info.
VersionTracker Pod to Mac 3.219.0 Copy and transfer music & playlists from any iPod or iPhone to iTunes.
VersionTracker SEEdit Maxi 2010.03.00 XHTML, HTML and CSS editor & syntax checker.
VersionTracker MacUpdate viJournal 2.3.5 Personal journal with blogging and video support.
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppStore Sales 2.3.4 Dev tool to monitor your App Store sales.
VersionTracker AuctionSieve 2.1.0 Find bargains on eBay (use auto update).
VersionTracker MacUpdate FoxTrot 2.6.0b1 Advanced find-by-content for your personal data.
VersionTracker FoxTrot Professional Search & Server 2.6.0b1 Networkable document indexing and retrieval solution.
VersionTracker GlobalClockz 1.4.1 Run multiple real-time clocks in different time zones.
VersionTracker MacUpdate GrandPerspective 1.3.1 Graphically displays disk usage.
VersionTracker OverSite Web site wireframe & interaction design tool.
VersionTracker MacUpdate PDF OCR 1.5.2 Convert PDFs to text via OCR.
VersionTracker MacUpdate QuickNote 1.1.1 Combined notepad and clipboard manager.
VersionTracker MacUpdate Safari Cookies 1.3.8 Create a whitelist of your favorite cookies & more.
VersionTracker Skyscraper 2.0.0a6 First-person 3D virtual skyscraper simulator.
VersionTracker SmileLab 3.5.2 (build 609) Data visualization and automation software.
VersionTracker MacUpdate SwitchDock 3.1.9 Allows for multiple docks.
VersionTracker MacUpdate SwitchResX 4.1.2 Custom resolutions, desktop icon position saving & more.
VersionTracker Vault 1.2.4 Securely manage user id, password, serial number, credit card info.
VersionTracker Zfone 0.9.263 Secure VoIP phone client, like PGPfone.

Software Releases: Fri 12 Mar 2010 Thu 11 Mar 2010 Wed 10 Mar 2010 Tue 09 Mar 2010   MAT RSS

VersionTracker phpMyAdmin 3.3.1rc1 Admin MySQL over the web. 23
AppleDownloads VersionTracker MacUpdate Caffeine 1.1.1 Menu bar item to temporarily disable sleep and screen savers.
AppleDownloads Easy Translator 4.3.4 A handy translation tool for your daily multilingual needs, supports 53 languages.
AppleDownloads MacUpdate Ignis Fatui 1.2.0 A calming screensaver of drifting ethereal lights.
AppleDownloads MacUpdate OptimUSB 1.6.0 Optimize your USB devices, deleting temporary files.
AppleDownloads MacUpdate Phoenix Project Manager Save time in your project’s schedule as well as your own.
AppleDownloads Piranesi 2010 pro 3D Painting software that turns 3D models into works of art.
AppleDownloads Social Media Icon Badges 1.0.0 A set of 28 colorful hand embroidered social media icon badges.
AppleDownloads StatPlus:mac 5.8.0 Statistical analysis on a Mac made easy with StatPlus:mac and Microsoft Excel. Perform statistical analysis on a Mac in the familiar environment.
AppleDownloads VersionTracker TAMS Analyzer 3.70.0b5 Integrated qualitative research transcription, coding, analysis, and reporting program
AppleDownloads VersionTracker MacUpdate Things 1.3.0 Task management has never been this easy.
AppleDownloads Vampire Hunter Kit 1.0.0 A collection of items and goods for warding off vampires.
AppleDownloads WhoPaste 4.5.0 Instant contacts for Address Book, Daylite, Entourage, or Google.
AppleDownloads X-Poly 1.0.0 Virtual analog synthesizer Plugin for Logic, Cubase, Garage Band and Live. Supplied in VST and Audio Unit formats.
AppleDownloads iWeb Theme "Melt" 1.0.0 Lush and eye catching colors, endless and transforming backgrounds, and more.

News archive

When Good Feeds Do Bad Things 2010-02-27 23:48:39
You might notice things have gotten strange from time to time in the last week or so. The VersionTracker feed seems to frequently revert back to August 2009 for some strange reason. There's nothing we can do about that, but MacUpdate is also having problems at the same time that we can tackle. Currently, their detailed listing of Bean is not valid XML, and that makes the parser fail on all new releases until the erroneous item drops off the list. It has happened before with BashFlash last week, but we wrote it off as an isolated incident. Now, to keep the Mac software updates timely and reduce the chance that more items are lost, we're going in to manually correct/add the bad listings. They'll be coming out in the Subsume feed until the MacUpdate feed gets fixed.

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