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VersionTracker Chrome 5.0.342.3 Browse the Web on the edge with this developer's build. 21
VersionTracker Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 beta 1.0.0 View e-mail and news the way you want it, with add-ons, intelligent junk controls and personalize...
VersionTracker Murder, She Wrote 1.0.0 Based on the TV show, join Jessica Fletcher to solve 5 murder mysteries.
MacUpdate Pure Vinyl Recorder 3.0.0pr5r Make high quality transcriptions of vinyl recordings. (Demo) 18
MacUpdate Thinking Home 2.2.2 X-10 home automation software. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Wizard Land 1.0.0 Match 3 skills to explore and exciting new world. (Demo) 16
MacUpdate VersionTracker PersonalBrain Organize web pages, notes, documents in a visual map. (Free) 15
MacUpdate VersionTracker Safari 4.0.5 Leopard and Tiger versions also available. (Free)
MacUpdate Arq 1.3.5 Backup files to Amazon S3. (Demo)
VersionTracker Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 beta 1 (lanikai) View e-mail and news the way you want it, with add-ons, intelligent junk controls and personalize...
VersionTracker PowerQuote 14.0.0 Estimating & management for printing companies.
VersionTracker iNever Forget 1.1.0 Secure password manager automates logins on sites and apps.
MacUpdate KrissX 1.0.0 Mixed puzzle and word game. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker SimpleImage 5.3.2 Media cataloging and viewing utility. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppTrasher 0.9.7 Uninstaller uses Levenshtein Distance algorithm. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Floola 5.5.0 Manage your iPod or your Motorola phone. (Free) 14
MacUpdate Devawriter Classical Sanskrit (Devanagari) input. (Free) 13
MacUpdate VersionTracker Fontcase 1.5.0 Powerful font management with an elegant workflow. (Shareware)
MacUpdate AutoSave4iWork 1.1.0 Automatically save documents in the background within iWork \ (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker GalleryExport for iPhoto 1.0.18 Export images to Gallery v1 and v2. (Demo) 12
MacUpdate VersionTracker jalada Children of Arisia 1.1.0 Futuristic real-time strategy game. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker jalada Comrade Stalin 1.2.1 Historical real-time strategy game. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker HDCleanUp 1.7.0 Performs a number of system maintenance tasks. (Demo)
VersionTracker AppleDownloads BirthdayScanner 2.4.3 Sync birthdays and anniversaries between Address Book and iCal. 11
VersionTracker Simple Comic 1.7.0b243 Specialized comic & manga image viewer.
VersionTracker SmartGit 1.5.0b2 Front-end for the Git version control system.
VersionTracker MacUpdate WriteIt! Rich text editor for writing essays, books or reports.
VersionTracker Xtorrent 2.0 (v108) Search, download, subscribe and share torrents.
MacUpdate BirthdayScannerX 2.4.3 Imports birthdays and other dates from Address Book to iCal. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker GarageSale 5.4.0b7 Create outstanding eBay auctions. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker ProPlanning 6.0.3 Project manager. (Commercial)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Syncro SVN Client 5.1.0 Multiplatform Subversion front-end. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Web Help Desk Help desk software for Mac OS X Server. (Free)
MacUpdate iNever Forget Password manager solution for Mac OSX. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Forms To Go 4.3.3 Create multi-language (PHP, ASP, Perl) scripts for HTML forms. (Shareware)
MacUpdate SmartGit 1.5 beta 2.0.0 Graphical front-end for the distributed version control system Git. (Demo) 10
MacUpdate VersionTracker Web Snapper 2.4.2 Safari plugin captures web pages as image/PDF file. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker FxFactory 2.1.4 Effects for Final Cut Pro/Motion/Final Cut Express/After Effects. (Demo) 9
MacUpdate VersionTracker JAlbum 8.7.1 Organize your digital images, make website albums. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Tags 2.0.2 Use tags to organize and retrieve all your files. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker mySlips 2.3.0 Outlining the easy way. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Clarus 1.5.2 Keep track of important pet paperwork. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker JIRA Client 2.1.2 Desktop front-end for JIRA issue tracker. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Metadata Hootenanny 1.6.0 Viewer/editor for metadata in QT movies. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Socialite 1.0.4 Stay in touch with the social networks and services that matter to you (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker iStopMotion 2.1.2 Create stop-motion animated movies. (Demo)
MacUpdate AppStore Sales 2.3.3 Monitor purchased applications in AppStore. (Shareware) 8
MacUpdate Guess The Phrase 1.21.0 Link letters into words to reveal parts of the hidden phrase. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Jewel Twist 1.17.0 Match-3 game with over 100 unique levels. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Mahjong Epic 1.45.0 Play Mahjong solitaire, 100 unique boards. (Shareware)
MacUpdate PTGui 8.3.7 Panoramic photo stitching software, Pro version available. (Demo)
MacUpdate Rental Property Tracker Plus 1.10.1 Track your rental property business. (Demo)
MacUpdate SuperSync 3.5.1 Access your music library anywhere, anytime. (Demo)
MacUpdate ZippyRippy 1.1.0 Rip DVD media for display on personal devices. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Aquamacs 2.0.0preview5 Emacs editor with aqua GUI (formerly Aquamacs Emacs). (Free)
MacUpdate DNS Enabler 4.0.4 Set up a DNS with one click. (Commercial)
MacUpdate DVD Cache 1.5.9 Catalog your DVD, music, book, and video game collections. (Shareware)
MacUpdate GrandReporter 1.1.5 Web search utility. (Demo)
MacUpdate OfficePool 2010 1.3.0 Automates NCAA basketball pools. (Shareware)
MacUpdate OverSite 3.1.8 Create wireframe mockups of webpages, apps or architectural plans. (Shareware)
MacUpdate PhoneDisk 1.003.0 Mount your iPhone or iPod Touch as a real Mac OS X disk. (Free)
MacUpdate RAW Developer 1.8.9 Powerful RAW image conversion application. (Demo)
MacUpdate iTunes controller 2 v1.6.0 Adds iTunes controls to the menu bar. (Demo)
MacUpdate nessViewer 2.3.3 Media-control software which displays photos, video, PDF (Demo)
MacUpdate Arq 1.3.3 Backup files to Amazon S3. (Demo)
MacUpdate Firewall Builder 4.0 beta 2704.0.0 Firewall configuration and management system. (Demo)
MacUpdate Marine Saver 1.1.0 Screensaver showcases a diving tour. (Free)
MacUpdate Web Site Maestro 7.7.1 Optimize and upload your webpages. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Warranty Hero 1.5.2 Track warranties of purchased items. (Demo)
MacUpdate ClickTime 6.33.0 Web-based time tracking service with desktop client. (Demo) 7
MacUpdate VersionTracker TimeTable 1.9.1 Track time, event & project planning and billing in iCal. (Demo)
MacUpdate Warranty Hero 1.5.1 Track warranties of purchased items. (Demo)
MacUpdate Chronicle 3.211.0 Keep track of when to pay bills and more. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Web Snapper 2.4.1 Safari plugin captures web pages as image/PDF file. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Xtorrent 2.0.0v108 BitTorrent client. (Shareware) 6
MacUpdate Path Finder 5.6.3 Powerful, award-winning Finder alternative. (Shareware)
MacUpdate AppleDownloads GraphicConverter 6.7.0 Graphics editing program and much more. (Shareware) 5
MacUpdate Cashculator 1.1.3 Personal finance management application. (Shareware)
MacUpdate LaTeXiT 2.1.1 Quickly typeset LaTeX equations. (Free) 3
MacUpdate FlexCal 1.14.0 Get to-dos into your calendar/mail to-do list quickly (was FlexTD). (Free)
MacUpdate Synergy 4.4.0 Adds iTunes controls to your menubar. (Shareware)
MacUpdate PhotoTiles 1.1.2 Create a tiled image of many images. (Demo) 2
MacUpdate SEEdit Pro 3.2.0 XHTML/CSS RSS editor. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Vinoteka 1.6.2 Wine cellar management. (Shareware)

Software Releases: Wed 10 Mar 2010 Tue 09 Mar 2010 Mon 08 Mar 2010 Sun 07 Mar 2010   MAT RSS

MacUpdate Memory Clinic 1.0.0m Brain train in this hidden object memory game. (Demo) 23

News archive

When Good Feeds Do Bad Things 2010-02-27 23:48:39
You might notice things have gotten strange from time to time in the last week or so. The VersionTracker feed seems to frequently revert back to August 2009 for some strange reason. There's nothing we can do about that, but MacUpdate is also having problems at the same time that we can tackle. Currently, their detailed listing of Bean is not valid XML, and that makes the parser fail on all new releases until the erroneous item drops off the list. It has happened before with BashFlash last week, but we wrote it off as an isolated incident. Now, to keep the Mac software updates timely and reduce the chance that more items are lost, we're going in to manually correct/add the bad listings. They'll be coming out in the Subsume feed until the MacUpdate feed gets fixed.

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An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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