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VersionTracker MacUpdate ResizeIt 3.1.1 Convert multiple images' size and format. 22
MacUpdate PamFax 1.0.0 Send and receive faxes (integrated with Skype). (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker fp 4.1.0 Xcode C++ implements unlimited length integers and more. (Free) 21
MacUpdate VersionTracker backuplist+ 7.0.2 File copy and backup application. (Free)
MacUpdate Address Book Server 20100304.0.0 Host your own Address Book Server on your network. (Shareware) 19
MacUpdate Babble 0.9.3 Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube client. (Free)
MacUpdate FCS Maintenance Pack 1.2.2 Keep your Final Cut Studio machine running at optimal performance. (Demo)
MacUpdate Xtorrent 2.0.0v107 BitTorrent client. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker myClippings 1.5.0 Clipboard manager. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker x264Encoder 1.2.2 QuickTime media compressor. (Free)
VersionTracker Overture 4.1.0p23 Music notation software. 17
VersionTracker PageMapper 1.0.0 Creates impositions of supplied PDF files, using Adobe InDesign templates.
VersionTracker Score Writer 4.1.0p23 Music notation software for newbies.
VersionTracker ScreenSteps 2.8.0b14 Turn screen captures into visual documentation.
VersionTracker Xtorrent 2.0 (v106) Search, Download, Subscribe, Share
MacUpdate VersionTracker Budget Workbook 1.6.0 Track your expenses. (Shareware) 16
MacUpdate VersionTracker TabletDraw 1.8.7 Designed for a tablet, natural and precise control. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker BOINC 6.10.36 Donate your idle computer time to research (SETI@home, Folding, etc.). (Free) 15
MacUpdate VersionTracker VueScan 8.6.18 Software for scanners. (Demo)
MacUpdate Xsong 0.2.0 Songwriting organizer and visual editor. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Contactizer Pro 3.8.6 Manage, share meetings, projects, contacts, tasks & more. (Demo)
MacUpdate Xtorrent 2.0.0v106 BitTorrent client. (Demo)
MacUpdate Cuba Letra 1.3.0 Word game with a Latin American theme. (Free)
MacUpdate Devawriter Classical Sanskrit (Devanagari) input. (Free)
MacUpdate Score Writer 4.10.0p23 Music notation software. (Updater)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Meerkat 1.5.1 SSH tunnel manager. (Demo) 14
VersionTracker MacUpdate FrostWire 4.20.3 Share files on the Gnutella and BitTorrent networks. 13
VersionTracker PamFax Send and receive faxes without hardware. Fax software service.
VersionTracker MacUpdate Quotient 1.5.3 Determine the quotient and repetend in any integer division calculation.
VersionTracker MacUpdate flickery 1.8.0 Flickr desktop client to upload & manage photos.
VersionTracker MacUpdate ProfitTrain 2.0.3 Simple service & invoice tracking. 12
VersionTracker phpMyAdmin 3.3.0rc3 Admin MySQL over the web.
MacUpdate LilyPond 2.13.15-1 Automated engraving system, formats music. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Fruix 1.0.1 Fruit sorting action puzzle game. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker GearTrain 1.0.3 Calculates angular velocity of final driven gear in a gear chain. (Free)
MacUpdate phpMyAdmin 3.3.0-rc3 MySQL administration via the web. (Free)
MacUpdate Stone Hill Invoicer 1.4.1 Create and keep track of invoices with a minimum of fuss. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Layers 1.2.5 Capture every item on your screen as a Photoshop layered image. (Demo) 11
MacUpdate VersionTracker PhotoZoom Professional 3.0.8 Enlarge images with minimal quality loss. (Demo)
MacUpdate xampp 1.7.3-beta1 Complete Web server solution. (Free)
MacUpdate MacSolitaire 2.1.0 Classic Solitaire game. (Free) 10
VersionTracker MacUpdate Movie Outline 3.1.1 Plan a cinematic story from scene to scene and professionally format and present your screenplay.
VersionTracker MyFourWalls 1.0.0b5 3D interior home designer.
MacUpdate VersionTracker LicenseKeeper 1.5.5 License manager to store both serial numbers and license files. (Demo)
MacUpdate MyFourWalls 1.0.0 Public Beta 5.0.0 Furnishing planner. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker iconXprit 2.1.3 Contextual menu for adding color/icons to Finder items. (Shareware)
MacUpdate FaboGallery 1.0.1 Add Facebook photos to your Rapidweaver. (Demo)
VersionTracker Zinc 3.0.19 Build & deploy desktop apps with Adobe Flash and Flex. 9
VersionTracker MacUpdate iPoste 0.6.5 Use help for French postal service.
MacUpdate VersionTracker FlickrExport for Aperture 3.1.1 Export photos from Aperture directly to (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker FlickrExport for iPhoto 3.1.1 Export photos from iPhoto directly to (Shareware)
MacUpdate MediaCentral 2.8.5 Media organizer and viewer. (Demo)
MacUpdate SafariTabs 0.7.2 Extend Safari tab features. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Soxy 1.1.1 Improves workflow for users with different versions of the same app. (Demo)
MacUpdate Zinc Builder 3.0.19 Use Flash to build desktop apps. (Updater)
MacUpdate VersionTracker iBarcoder 2.9.9 Versatile barcode creator. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker JollysFastVNC 1.08.0 Fast VNC client. (Shareware) 8
MacUpdate MAME_Tunes 4.0.2 Front-end application for MAME OS X/MacMAME/SDLMAME. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Default Folder 4.3.6 Enhances Open and Save dialog boxes. (Shareware) 7
MacUpdate VersionTracker Flux 2.47.25 Advanced XHTML and CSS web design software. (Shareware)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Eudora 8.0.0b9 Email client based on Thunderbird. 6
VersionTracker MacUpdate ImageIngester 3.4.10 Transfer images from camera with backup & verification.
VersionTracker MacUpdate Virtuoso 6.1.0 Provide the innovative access to your data.
MacUpdate VersionTracker Tiptoe 1.0.0 Erases privacy information from a range of Mac apps. (Shareware) 4
MacUpdate Web Site Maestro 7.7.0 Optimize and upload your webpages. (Shareware)
VersionTracker Caedium Professional 2.1.0 Create geometry, simulate fluid flow, and view results in 3D and 2D. 3
VersionTracker Get Songs from iPOD 1.0.0 Copy songs from your iPOD to your computer.
VersionTracker Movie2Browse 1.5.0 Drag/drop movie files, catalog them, split them, extract audio, export movies as AVI, FLV, WMV.
VersionTracker myDiskBackup 1.3.0 Backup folders and files to your myDisk account.
MacUpdate VersionTracker Cryptix 0.83.0b Cryptography tool. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker CrushSync 1.6.0 Backup files to a remote location, or locally. (Shareware) 1
MacUpdate VersionTracker Marketplace 1.2.6 Craigslist with a great looking interface. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Photon Star 1.0.1 Quickly rate photos in iPhoto. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Super Ping Pro 1.0.0 Network utility pings servers. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Renoise 2.5.0 Audio editor/sequencer. (Demo)

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When Good Feeds Do Bad Things 2010-02-27 23:48:39
You might notice things have gotten strange from time to time in the last week or so. The VersionTracker feed seems to frequently revert back to August 2009 for some strange reason. There's nothing we can do about that, but MacUpdate is also having problems at the same time that we can tackle. Currently, their detailed listing of Bean is not valid XML, and that makes the parser fail on all new releases until the erroneous item drops off the list. It has happened before with BashFlash last week, but we wrote it off as an isolated incident. Now, to keep the Mac software updates timely and reduce the chance that more items are lost, we're going in to manually correct/add the bad listings. They'll be coming out in the Subsume feed until the MacUpdate feed gets fixed.

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