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MacUpdate VersionTracker 3D Beers of the World Screen Saver 1.1.0 Celebrate Oktoberfest on your desktop all year round. (Shareware)
MacUpdate AppleDownloads VersionTracker YummySoup! 1.6.4 Recipe management and sharing application. (Shareware) 21
MacUpdate AppleDownloads VersionTracker Knapsack 1.0.0 Plan, organize, and relive your travel adventures. (Shareware) 20
VersionTracker MacUpdate Aperture to Archive 1.1.2 aperture plugin creates image archives in different formats 19
VersionTracker MacUpdate ÜberUpload for Aperture 2.0.1 easily upload images from Aperture to a variety of remote servers
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Tangle 1.1.1 Puzzle-based game of intersecting lines. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker EasyListening 1.0.1 Really simple song transfers between iTunes and Sony Ericsson phones. (Demo) 18
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads MyTunesRSS 3.1.7 listen to your music on any device with a browser 17
MacUpdate iChatUSBCam 2.2.4 Use a USB camera with iChat AV. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads TransformMovie 1.1.0 Batch rotate & resize movies. (Demo)
MacUpdate CuteClips 3.0.0b13 Clip manager. (Shareware)
VersionTracker iUSBCam 2.2.4 use your USB webcam with iChat 16
VersionTracker CuteClips 3.0 beta13 multiple clipboard app: simple, yet powerful
VersionTracker VersionTracker Pro 4.5.1b4 desktop app finds, downloads, installs software updates
VersionTracker MacUpdate HoudahSpot 2.1.1 Spotlight front-end for Leopard 15
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Civilization IV 2.13.0 strategy game
VersionTracker MacUpdate Aperture to Picasa Web Albums 1.3.2 allows easy upload of images to google's picasa
MacUpdate Pocket Universe 0.5.2 Widget displays view of the sky from where you are. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker MemoryMiner 1.85.0 Organize and share digital media. (Demo) 14
MacUpdate AppleDownloads FreeWRL 1.20.2 Open source VRML and X3D browser. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Bracketeer 2.6.6 Merge photos taken at different exposures to a composite image. (Shareware)
VersionTracker X Lossless Decoder 2008313.0.0 decode/convert/play various 'lossless' audio files
VersionTracker MacUpdate MountnuoM 1.1.0 just another GUI for diskutil to mount / unmount volumes
VersionTracker Elastic Window 1.4.0 proportionally resize window controls for REALbasic 13
MacUpdate Virtual e-Cover Creator 2.6.0 Create professional virtual covers for your software products. (Demo)
MacUpdate X Lossless Decoder 20080313.0.0 Decode/convert/play various lossless audio files. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads RoadMovie 1.0.0 movies subtitled, batch encoded, uploaded ready for a portable device
MacUpdate Bling! It 1.0.5 Transforms ordinary product shots into extraordinary ones. (Demo)
MacUpdate Scene Detector 1.1.0 Finds scenes and adds markers in Final Cut. (Shareware) 12
MacUpdate Isolator 1.4.0b9 Menubar application hides cluttered desktop. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate MorphX 2.9.4 creates morphing transitions between images
VersionTracker MacUpdate Mail Unread Menu 3.0.1 displays Apple Mail's unread count in menu bar
VersionTracker Isolator 1.4.0beta9 darkens the desktop & icons to help you focus
VersionTracker BatchOutput PPT 1.1.0 automate printing and PDF output from PowerPoint
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Kinemac 1.6.1 Real time 3D animation app. (Demo) 11
MacUpdate VersionTracker RapidoSerial 2.0.1 Organize your software licenses. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Pleinpot 1.9.2 Add sound & captions to VR video files. (Shareware)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Get Backup 1.6.0 backup utility that helps to automate backup process 10
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads gSync 1.4.0 Sync iCal data with Google Calendar. (Demo)
MacUpdate AppleDownloads Coccinella 0.96.6 Whiteboard/text chat, and more. (Free)
VersionTracker AppleDownloads Keynote Themes FX 3.0.0 motion themes for apple keynote 9
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads TimeLog 4.3.1 Track project hours w/iCal integration. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker EvoCam 3.6.2 Webcam app, edit captions and record video from iSight. (Shareware)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Vvidget 10.5.2 framework to report data in visual formats
VersionTracker MacUpdate FinLease 1.8.0 advanced equipment lease calculator
VersionTracker Domainer 1.6.0 track, manage & discover profitable domain names
VersionTracker MacUpdate DIFfersifier 3.3.1 convert HyperCard stacks to different database formats
MacUpdate AppleDownloads RAGE Domainer 1.6.0 Track and manage all your domain names. (Shareware)
MacUpdate MediaWiki 1.12.0rc1 Collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia. (Free)
MacUpdate Praat 5.0.12 Analyze/synthesize/manipulate speech. (Free) 8
MacUpdate VersionTracker MarketBuddy 1.1.1 Reduce the effort required to market any product or service. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker ColorSchemer Studio 1.5.5 Color matching solution. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads ReelBean 3.4.0 Media converter/player. (Demo)
MacUpdate MacLoggerDX 4.3.4b5 Auto DX radio tuner. (Shareware)
MacUpdate All2MP3 1.01.0 Convert APE, MPC, FLAC, WV, AIFF, WAV music files to MP3. (Free)
MacUpdate W├Ârterbuch Deutsch-Englisch 20080312.0.0 Extends Apple Dictionary with a German-English dictionary. (Free) 7
MacUpdate VersionTracker Widget Maker 1.3.4 Create and manage widgets. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Thesaurus Deutsch 20080312.0.0 Extend Apple Dictionary with German thesaurus. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Code Collector Pro 1.2.0 Store code snippets with ease. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Code Collector 1.2.0 Store code snippets with ease. (Free)
MacUpdate Aevum Obscurum 2.6.15 Free online turn-based strategy game. (Shareware)
VersionTracker Sony Ericsson w910i iSync plugin 1.0.1 iSync plugin for the sony ericsson w910i.
MacUpdate VersionTracker SWF2Saver Pro 2.005.0 Convert your Flash content into standalone screensavers. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Osk 4.21.4 Create family trees with personal details. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker ForgEdit 1.0.0 Text editor for programmers. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Art Files 1.3.0 Collect Illustrator files for printers. (Demo)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Sketsa 5.1.2 vector drawing app based on SVG 2
VersionTracker MacUpdate Quickie Web Albums 4.3.7 custom web photo album creator
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Escape The Museum 1.0.0 help Susan find her daughter and escape the museum
VersionTracker MacUpdate Aether 1.0.1 amateur ham radio logging & rig control
VersionTracker MacUpdate Riveal 7.1.0 extracts sounds, movies & pictures from Myst-series games 1
VersionTracker Froq 2.0.0 easily browse oracle, mysql, postgresql, sql and sqlite databases 0
AppleDownloads YouSendIt Plug-in for Apple Aperture 2.0.0 Send files directly from Aperture.
AppleDownloads MacUpdate Pagico Organizer Software Designed For Home Business, Freelancers, Educators and Students.
AppleDownloads MacUpdate MonsterText 1.0.2 A free text editor built in Cocoa.
AppleDownloads MacUpdate VersionTracker A2 Flash Php Photo Gallery 1.0.0 Design and create fully-featured Php Flash photo-gallery.
MacUpdate VersionTracker AmazonWatcher 0.3.3 Watch hot items and price drops on (Free)

News archive

Who Watches the Watchmen? 2008-02-01 19:48:11
Taking a break from all the bad news recently, we roll out a new site feature: a watch list! With a little JavaScript and cookies we've again added a little smarts to the main page, now allowing you to give special attention to certain announcements. Just put your mouse in the Watch List box and enter in the text to match any part of a new release name, version, or description. Since it's all done on your computer, there's no need to register an account with us, give us your email, pay us large sums of money, or anything! As with all interface changes, we're likely to tweak this a bit initially, so please leave feedback if you have any suggestions.
Should Softpedia Go? 2008-01-21 15:14:39
You know what we just said about the Kewlbox/Blockdot deception? How amazed would you be to find out that Wondershare is now doing the same sort of thing under the name Aimersoft? We're completely dumbfounded by the recent flood of garbage releases that have come in via Softpedia. We are at the point where we no longer consider them a worthwhile site to aggregate. Would anybody even miss them if they were gone? Please leave feedback if you have anything good or bad to say on the issue, because the next crapware incident from them is likely to be their last.
The Misses Keep Coming 2008-01-18 00:18:50
This year is really starting off with a bad software company bonanza. Remember Kewlbox, the packager of Flash games that change your Mac's system settings and track you online, from our report about six months ago? It appears they've returned as Blockdot. We would have completely missed their name change, too, if they hadn't been up to their old malware-esque tricks again. Here's a key tip to any software company trying to re-brand a bad image: stop screwing over your users. Shame on SeaWorld, Panasonic, and many other big companies that commission operations like Kewlbox/Blockdot to produce adware that is so shoddy.
Wondershare Crapware 2008-01-17 09:53:39
If you've felt you've been dumped on the last couple days by another bad company, then you're not alone. Wondershare seems to think it's OK to release what is essentially the same software over and over, but apparently feel it is worth charging another $30 because they went through the arduous task of changing "iPhone" to "iPod" in the name, and dozens of other similar variations. We're not having it, though, since all it does is clog up the tubes of our Internets. In general, we see this as an advancement of the terrible marketing technique that brought us the excessive announcements for the likes of Lite, Standard, Pro, etc. versions of one piece of software. We're so tired of it that we're just going to consider them all to be duplicates. I don't know about you, but we're certainly feeling cleaner already!

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