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MacUpdate RegexToolbox 1.0.1 Regular expression parser/evaluator widget. (Free)
MacUpdate Conjure 2.4.1 Unlimited virtual desktop. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Wave Editor 1.3.3 Audio wave editor. (Demo) 18
MacUpdate Audio Unit Manager 2.0.4 Activate, deactivate, move and validate your Audio Units. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Zamby and the Mystical Crystals 1.10.0 Puzzle game set in an enchanted fantasy land. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Theseus and the Minotaur 1.03.0 Guide Theseus through 85 mind twisting labyrinths. (Shareware) 17
MacUpdate VersionTracker Sudoku Epic 4.32.0 Famous Japanese brain teaser game. (Shareware)
MacUpdate AppleDownloads VersionTracker Mahjong Epic 1.22.0 Play Mahjong solitaire, 100 unique boards. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Kakuro Epic 3.32.0 Logic puzzle game in same genre as Sudoku. (Shareware)
VersionTracker MacUpdate InstallBuilder 5.4.2 easy-to-use installer tool
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads TuneConnect 2.0.0 Remote control of iTunes over a network. (was TuneUp) (Free)
MacUpdate Paperclip 1.2.0 Menubar item attaches stickies to documents. (Shareware)
MacUpdate AppleDownloads xMetronome 2.1.0 Simple, and easy-to-use metronome. (Free) 16
MacUpdate mini$ 2.5.0 Miniature sized money manager. (Free) 15
MacUpdate VersionTracker Spectre 1.2.20 9-tool real-time audio analyzer. (Demo)
MacUpdate Picme 1.5.0b2 Easily change out images on a mobile phone. (Shareware)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads iPresent It 2.3.0 give presentations with your iPod
MacUpdate X Lossless Decoder 20080308.0.0 Decode/convert/play various lossless audio files. (Free) 14
MacUpdate Praat 5.0.11 Analyze/synthesize/manipulate speech. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Spyder 1.4.41 organize, browse, find new friends on MySpace 13
VersionTracker MacUpdate Net Monitor 4.4.1 graph & log network activity of local/remote computers
MacUpdate Colorspace 1.9.0 Color picker for web developers and designers. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Rainbow Web 2 1.0.0 Continue the quest in this sequel game. (Shareware)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Feeder 1.5.2 create, edit, publish RSS & iTunes podcast feeds
VersionTracker Dejal Narrator 2.0.0b4 read out stories in multiple voices
MacUpdate Narrator 2.0.0b4 Text-to-speech utility. (Shareware)
MacUpdate ViMate 1.4.0 Vi plugin for TextMate. (Free) 12
VersionTracker MacUpdate PixelToy 2.7.0 interactive lava lamp that can sync its display to audio
MacUpdate Pure Vinyl 2.1.0 Make high quality transcriptions of vinyl recordings. (Demo)
VersionTracker MacUpdate RBrowser 4.4.5 graphical FTP, SFTP, SSH client & sync engine
VersionTracker MacUpdate CrystalBall Lite 2.0.1 RPG dice roller & hierarchical note taker
VersionTracker MacUpdate Amazonas Sphere 1.0.1 automatic shopping list with auction character
MacUpdate MindNode 0.9.16 Mindmapping application. (Free)
MacUpdate Shared Picture Map for QuarkXPress 1.0.0b Allows Aperture/iPhoto to exchange images and layouts. (Free) 11
MacUpdate QuarkViewer for QuarkXPress 1.0.0b Export QuarkXPress layout pages for viewing in MS Silverlight player. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads FuzzMeasure Pro 3.0.2 acoustic measurement for rooms & speakers
MacUpdate SpotInside 0.9.1 Preview spotlight keywords in text documents. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Tidy Up! 1.3.4 locate duplicate files & tidy up your hard drive 10
VersionTracker MacUpdate SpiderFriend 0.17.0a cute utility for Facebook
VersionTracker MacUpdate Sizerox 1.2.7 resize, rename, crop, rotate, watermark images w/drag & drop
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Airfoil 3.1.1 send any audio to airport express, apple tv & other local macs/pc
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads iSale 5.1.0 eBay auctioning solution
MacUpdate PrintFinder 4.1.1 Print Finder windows. (Free)
MacUpdate Soundflower 1.3.1 Use AAC files with GarageBand, and more. (Free) 9
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads SQLGrinder 2.0.8 SQL database utility. (Demo)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Wiz Solitaire 1.30.0 collection of classic solitaire card games
VersionTracker MacUpdate PicTracker 2.1.3 picture viewer & image collection manager
VersionTracker Altiverb 6.1.3 convolution reverb audio plug-in
MacUpdate Norton AntiVirus X 9 Defs 03/05/08 Virus definitions for NAV 9 and 10. (Free) 8
MacUpdate VersionTracker LockDown 1.0.0 High strength data encryption. (Demo)
MacUpdate AKVIS ArtSuite 3.0.0 Collection of edge effects for decoration of photos. (Shareware)
VersionTracker SilverFast Ai (Microtek) 6.5.5r4b scanner software
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads File Carver 1.4.3 binary file editor to define & work with arbitrary file formats
MacUpdate VersionTracker TrailRunner 1.6.0v216 Route planning for hiking, biking, more. (Free)
MacUpdate AppleDownloads Spot 1.9.1 DXCluster client. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Photo Mechanic Quality digital camera image browser. (Demo)
MacUpdate SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0.18 RAW photo correction, free version available. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Battle for Wesnoth 1.4.0 Strategy game with fantasy theme. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker x264Encoder 0.8.1 QuickTime media compressor. (Free) 7
MacUpdate VersionTracker mp4vEncoder 0.8.1 QuickTime media compressor. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker mp4vDecoder 0.7.3 QuickTime decompressor component for MPEG-4 video. (Free)
MacUpdate iBiz Server/Client 3.1.10 Client/server time billing manager (was iWork Network). (Demo)
MacUpdate iBiz 3.1.10 Self-employed time billing manager (was iWork). (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker avc1Decoder 0.7.3 QuickTime decompressor component for H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video. (Free)
MacUpdate AppleDownloads Atomic Combat 1.0.0 Game in the spirit of Battleship. (Free)
MacUpdate SilverFast Ai STUDIO 6.5.5r4b Most popular version of the SilverFast scanner software. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Schnippselchen 2.5.1 Store and manage often used code snippets. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker CurrencyConverter 0.9.0 Widget calculates currency conversions. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Image Framer 2.0.0b5 Design frames for your photos and paintings. (Shareware) 5
VersionTracker MacUpdate NetNewsWire 3.1.4b5 RSS & Atom newsreader 3
VersionTracker MacUpdate Multibridge 6.6.4 bidirectional analog-digital video & audio converter 2
VersionTracker MacUpdate Intensity 1.8.4 driver for the hdmi capture card
VersionTracker MacUpdate Gutenprint 5.1.7 printer drivers for Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, PCL & more printers
VersionTracker MacUpdate DeckLink 6.6.4 for all DeckLink video cards
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Colibricks 1.6.1 Brick game with realistic physics and rotated bricks
VersionTracker MacUpdate Berkeley Madonna 8.3.21 differential equation solver
VersionTracker MacUpdate ohmiGene 2.10.0 genealogical data processing
AppleDownloads iPhone sdk With this software you can develop applications that run on iPhone and iPod touch. 0
AppleDownloads MacUpdate Web Image Collector 2.4.0 The perfect tool for downloading thousands of images from web sites, membership sites, and TGP sites.
AppleDownloads Punakea 0.4.0b Tag your files and bookmarks.
AppleDownloads MacUpdate Optimism 1.0.5 Health diary software to help identify the triggers of your depression and develop strategies for maintaining good mental health.
AppleDownloads MacUpdate Newsgroup Image Collector 1.9.0 Newsgroup Image Collector is the perfect tool for collecting images from Usenet newsgroups.
AppleDownloads Harvest: Massive Encounter 1.0.0 An award winning arcade strategy game. Easy to learn, impossible to master.
AppleDownloads MacUpdate DX7 Librarian 2.1.2 For managing voice data for DX7 synthesizer.
AppleDownloads DVD or CD Sharing Update 1.0 for windows This update installs software that enables remote disc sharing, system software restoration, and wireless migration with MacBook Air.
AppleDownloads Another Mine 0.9.0 Minesweeper clone for Mac OS X.

News archive

Who Watches the Watchmen? 2008-02-01 19:48:11
Taking a break from all the bad news recently, we roll out a new site feature: a watch list! With a little JavaScript and cookies we've again added a little smarts to the main page, now allowing you to give special attention to certain announcements. Just put your mouse in the Watch List box and enter in the text to match any part of a new release name, version, or description. Since it's all done on your computer, there's no need to register an account with us, give us your email, pay us large sums of money, or anything! As with all interface changes, we're likely to tweak this a bit initially, so please leave feedback if you have any suggestions.
Should Softpedia Go? 2008-01-21 15:14:39
You know what we just said about the Kewlbox/Blockdot deception? How amazed would you be to find out that Wondershare is now doing the same sort of thing under the name Aimersoft? We're completely dumbfounded by the recent flood of garbage releases that have come in via Softpedia. We are at the point where we no longer consider them a worthwhile site to aggregate. Would anybody even miss them if they were gone? Please leave feedback if you have anything good or bad to say on the issue, because the next crapware incident from them is likely to be their last.
The Misses Keep Coming 2008-01-18 00:18:50
This year is really starting off with a bad software company bonanza. Remember Kewlbox, the packager of Flash games that change your Mac's system settings and track you online, from our report about six months ago? It appears they've returned as Blockdot. We would have completely missed their name change, too, if they hadn't been up to their old malware-esque tricks again. Here's a key tip to any software company trying to re-brand a bad image: stop screwing over your users. Shame on SeaWorld, Panasonic, and many other big companies that commission operations like Kewlbox/Blockdot to produce adware that is so shoddy.
Wondershare Crapware 2008-01-17 09:53:39
If you've felt you've been dumped on the last couple days by another bad company, then you're not alone. Wondershare seems to think it's OK to release what is essentially the same software over and over, but apparently feel it is worth charging another $30 because they went through the arduous task of changing "iPhone" to "iPod" in the name, and dozens of other similar variations. We're not having it, though, since all it does is clog up the tubes of our Internets. In general, we see this as an advancement of the terrible marketing technique that brought us the excessive announcements for the likes of Lite, Standard, Pro, etc. versions of one piece of software. We're so tired of it that we're just going to consider them all to be duplicates. I don't know about you, but we're certainly feeling cleaner already!

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