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ffmpegX 0.0.9t 0.0.9t A Mac OS X graphic user interface designed to easily operate more than 20 powerful UNIX open-source video and audio processing tools. 21
Spotlight Plug-in for NI LabVIEW 1.0.0 Install this Spotlight plug-in to include all NI LabVIEW files of type LLB and VI in your system searches.
Snippet Mind 1.0.0b1 A powerful easy-to-use journal application featuring iPod integration, Spotlight search, weblog and .Mac support.
QCake 0.5.7 Easy-to-use game development environment.
NI LabVIEW Automator Actions 1.0.0 A collection of six Automator Actions for NI LabVIEW.
Mobile High Speed 3G 4.20.0 Automatic set-up of mobile 3G UMTS, EDGE and GPRS internet connections.
Fortune-zh 0.1.0 Fortune-zh_osx brings Chinese Tang and Song dynasties poems to the old fortune game in Chinese.
FileMaker Server 8.0.0 High-performance server software for teams of FileMaker users that want to maximize performance and security.
DayLite v1.8.0 Grow your business with DayLite by adding clients and delivering on projects. DayLite is the easiest way to stay focused on what counts!
Bandmates Drummer - Rock Out Drums 1.0.0 An extremely versatile collection of acoustic groove rhythms that will rock out most any groove with style.
3D Mountain Waterfall 3.0.0 Takes you to a majestic mountain to experience of the beauty and power of a natural wonder.
Myth III: The Wolf Age Demo 1.3.1 Demo of the new version of the game
Little Gods 1.0.2 Re-invention of a classic arcade game. 20
iLounge Dashboard Widget 1.0.0 Access the iLounge. 19
MacHylafax 1.0.0 Send network faxes via HylaFAX server.
Hurricane Katrina News & Donate 1.0.0 Latest hurricane Katrina news, donate to the Red Cross.
LilyPond 2.7.8-1 Automated engraving system, formats music.
Ryan's Math Quiz 1.0.0 For grades 1-6. 18
Music Calculator 1.5.0 widget finds how long music will last given measure & tempo
The Missing Sync for hiptop 2.0.0 sync with the hiptop online Desktop Interface
Toast Titanium 7.0.0 CD & DVD burning solution 17
InterMapper Remote 4.3.3 remote view on your network's health
InterMapper 4.3.3 monitors servers, networks & AirPorts
Timbuktu Pro 8.5.0 remote control, file transfer and collaboration tool
SilverFast Ai (AGFA) 6.4.2r5 scanner software
SilverFast (Agfa) SnapScan 1236S 6.4.2r5 scanner software
SafarIcon 2.3.0 visual theme editor for Safari
IPNetTunerX 1.3.1 optimize any type of Internet connection 16
Mailings 1.4.4 batch HTML emailer
MXF Import Component 1.0.2 for Final Cut Pro 5
Jisho 1.2.1 Japanese English dictionary
iaxComm 1.0.0rc3 Softphone for the Asterisk PBX.
WorshipLeader 4.9.0 organize church worship teams & meetings 15
MegaTrack 1.4.1 tropical storm, hurricane tracking tool
SMS 1.4.0 widget to send SMS text messages
Downfall 2.5.1 3D falling blocks game similar to Tetris
DropCopy 0.5.3 Share files and folders between OS X machines.
Black 'n' Blue 1.0.2 alternative iTunes remote widget
NotePad 1.0.0 Notepad widget.
Direct Mail 1.5.4 Bulk emailer.
DynDNS Updater 1.1.3 Provides support for updating hosts and more. 14
Wormhole2 2.0.2 audio plugin (AU/VST), send audio over TCP/IP
Bookdog 2.1.0 manage Safari bookmarks with auto sort
DVD Imager 1.5.0 Create burnable DVD video disk images.
Beware of Molecules 3.3.2 Molecular weight calculator.
iStar 1.5.1 professional Karaoke using CD+G, LRC or .kar 13
iSticky 2.1.0fc6 send sticky notes to computers & cell phones over LAN or Net
JustRage RSS Reader & Search Widget 1.0.0 for JustRage.com
Computer Cuisine Deluxe 4.5.0 Organize your recipes, and much more.
HostManager 0.95.0 Store details of hosting accounts for clients. 12
File Juicer 3.9.1 extract images, video, audio & text from files & folders
CustomHTMLExport 0.5.1 custom exporter for iPhoto 5 11
24U FM Template 2.1.1 template project for building FileMaker 7 plug-ins
WordOMatic 1.1.4 Word search/puzzle game.
EasyWMA 2.4.0 Convert .wma files to .mp3 audio files.
Forty-Two DVD-VX Plus 2.5.4 Easy to use DVD to AVI transcoder. 10
Podcast AV 0.8.6 Add links & pictures to your Podcasts.
FeedMe 0.7.1 Manage collection of RSS feeds. (was Relatively Simple Syndication)
iPSP 2.5.3 Use Sony Playstation Portable as multimedia player.
Icon2Image 1.0.6 Convert file, folder and disk icons into images.
Synk 5.1.3 backup & synchronization utility
BetterSearch 1.9.0 enhance FireFox with thumbnails & utility links
Now Up-to-Date & Contact 5.0.3 PIM; schedule, calendar, contacts 9
Troi URL Plug-in 1.8.0b FileMaker Pro forms plug-in.
easy beat 2.2.1 music composition, scoring & MIDI authoring
Navicat 6.0.7 MySQL GUI admin client
EasyBatchPhoto 1.7.0 batch image processing & watermarks
iSend 2.1.0 Widget sends text messages to cellphone.
Green 1.0.0 Random green panorama screensaver.
Espionage 5.0.1 simple & fun cipher encrypting tool
DiskCatalogMaker 3.5.5b4 catalogs removable media: CDs, disks, etc.
DeckLink 5.0.1 for all DeckLink video cards
appHop 0.91.0 Wrapper around Spotlight, limits searches to applications.
TrialSmart 1.0.6 for law firms to review, analyze, present legal transcripts
SqliteQuery 0.5.1 create, maintain SQLite databases. Execute SQL statements.
SQLTunes 0.013.0 send iTunes library data or playlists to MySQL
Mobile High Speed 3G 4.20.0h auto setup of 3g umts, edge, gprs connections
Mobile High Speed 2G 4.20.0h gprs/hscsd/gsm connection setup wizard
MacTF 1.1.0 connects to Topfield PVRs
FormMate 1.3.2 fill out pdf files by computer
E-Mail Commander 1.0.2 bulk email app for newsletters with variables
Vinyl 1.7.1 Audio plugin simulates vinyl sounds.
FolderGlance 1.5.0 Contextual menu plugin, view/open folder contents.
Apple Safari 2.0.1/1.3.1 Web browser from Apple.
Victor 2.0.0 Adds additional security on your computer. 7
Saft 8.1.3 Kiosk/full-screen plugin for Safari.
Easy Beat 2.2.1 Create your own music using QTMA.
All Around the Wall 1.0.0 3D puzzle game widget.
ViewIt 2.9.6 Nice and easy image browser.
FlickrExport for iPhoto 1.3.0b4 iPhoto plugin allows direct export to www.flickr.com.
Catalog 1.2.0 Catalog, browse, and search your volumes.
ZeboPhoto 1.7.0 View, transform, and print images. 6
Wcalc 2.0.0 Calculator with standard functions and constants.
BolinOS 4.5.3 Manage complex portals.
SafariBlock 1.13.0 Adds ad-blocking capability to Safari. 1
Galacticaa 2.1.0 Widget displays info about upcoming Battlestar Galactica episodes.
ClickTime 3.8.0 Web-based time tracking with desktop client
ControllerMate 3.3.1 map joystick buttons to keyboard functions 0
Troi URL Plug-in 1.8.0b Fill in Internet forms from FileMaker Pro 7


What Goes Up 2005-06-03 21:18:28
Yeah, there was a bit of downtime on a server and we missed probably half a day's worth of updates. Hardware was (finally!) swapped and we should be fine now. Now would probably be a good time to cry about costs and introduce an ad-heavy main page or link to our registration page and ask for funding; we don't work that way, though, so continue to enjoy getting more than what you paid for.

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