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iVisit Multi-Party Video Conferencing 3.4.3 Mac & PC 8-way Conferencing & Collaboration 21
TarImporter 1.0.0 A Spotlight plug-in that allows you to quickly find in which tarballs your files reside.
STLEdit Version 2 2.0.0 A format independent, frame-rate independent document centric subtitling application developed for Mac OS X.
Maintain 7.5.0_pro Lets you click a button in a GUI and run a shell script in the terminal application.
Jungle Shopper 1.00.0 Amazon searching utility.
IP Binary Converter 1.0.0 Eaisly convert IP addresses to binary.
English-Spanish Dictionary 5.0.0 An application for Mac that combines all the necessary tools for students learning Spanish.
Emoticons 1.0.0 Seven emoticons icons for use in desktops and instant messengers.
Datum 14.99.0 Data management & back-up scheduling solution.
Jedit 1.25.0 Text editor.
Dockyard Manager 1.0.0 Create, rename, reorder, and delete docks, and more. 20
WidgDock 1.4.0 fully functional dock for Konfabulator 19
Dockyard Widget 1.0.0 switch between multiple Dock configurations
ESeller 3.4.0 EBay auction seller's filemaker 5.0 template
One Finger Snap 1.2.1 Brings up contextual menu when holding a click.
3D-Space VFS 1.4.2 Visual file system launcher with 3D drawers.
RocketRAID 2220 1.01.0 8 port SATA II RAID controller 17
Radar In Motion 1.2.0 widget grabs images from The Weather Channel
LimeWire 4.9.26 Gnutella peer-to-peer file sharing client
Chicken of the VNC 2.0.0b3 VNC client
TNG Calendar 1.1.0 Calendar widget with Star Trek Next Generation look. 16
Cryptix 0.6.0 Cryptography tool.
RapidWeaver Themes 22.0.0 themes from rapidweaverthemes.com 15
TableStyles and CellStyles 1.1.0pro for Adobe InDesign CS or CS-2
Xbox Browser 1.9.0 Burn backup Xbox games.
Metro professional audio, MIDI and video sequencer 14
HiddenMail 1.0.0 AppleScript application launches Mail in a hidden state.
BTGoogleMaps 2.2.0 Google Maps plugin for Address Book
Enigmatic Movements 2.0.2 Colored tiles strategy puzzle game.
TermineX 1.01.0 holiday date calculator for Germany, Austria & Luxembourg
HoneyBeez Screensaver 1.0.4 place honeybees on your screen
Technorati Tag Generator 0.3.0 Generate HTML code associated with Technorati Tags.
Bubblomania 1.2.0 Pop floating bubbles before they leave the screen.
iWatermark 3.0.1 Easily add watermarks to art, photos, etc. 13
iRecordMusic 1.4.0v42 Record Internet audio as MP3, MP4-AAC or AIFF.
iClip 3.7.0b5 Get past the limitations of a single Clipboard.
DashTunes 1.0.0 iTunes widget controller.
iRecordMusic 1.4.0(42) record net audio as mp3, aac, ogg, flac
Textpander 1.0.0 helps you type more efficiently & accurately
Witch 1.0.1 switch to different window from any app
File List 1.2.0 batch file renamer, playlist generator
Scisoft 2005.8.2 astronomical software collection 12
Footballz Screensaver 1.1.0 screensaver tribute to football
Widgetarium 1.0.0b8 IDE for developing Dashboard widgets
TaskTime3 3.5.2 project timing & invoicing
iClock 2.3.2 Customizable menubar clock and timer, and more.
SharedPlan Professional Edition 2.0.2 Plan successful projects. 11
Web Devil 6.1.0 Download entire public website directories.
Spotless 1.0.1 Enable/disable Spotlight auto-indexing.
3D-Space VFS 1.4.1 Visual file system launcher with 3D drawers.
books2burn 0.094.0 Turn text files into audio files. 10
Send SMS 1.1.0 Dashboard widget sends SMS text messages.
DropDMG 2.7.1 Quickly create .dmg archives.
Nikon Capture 4.3.1 for D series & Coolpix with ability to shoot NEF images
iAlert 6.1.0 Displays alerts for particular events. 9
SwitchDock 2.0.0 allows for multiple docks
MacENC 1.33.0 GPS charting and navigation
GameMaker 3.8.5 make your own adventure games
V-amplio Pro 1.1.0 editor for Behringer V-amp 2, V-amp Pro & V-ampire 8
Disk Base 1.2.0 simple app to organize CD/DVD collections
Commander II 2.1.0 new way of running UNIX shells
Amazing Slow Downer 2.7.8 slow down music, no pitch change
iFeedPod 1.0.0 Copy RSS feeds to your iPod.
Wirecast 2.1.0 Webcam webcasting solution with effects.
TAO 1.1.0b3 Information outliner. (was FO Outiner)
SlipBox 0.4.0 Notepad-like tool.
Playstation 3 Animated Desktop 1.0.0 Desktop picture.
MKVToolNix 1.55.0 Create/alter/inspect Matroska files.
FolderGlance 1.2.0 Contextuall menu plugin, view/open folder contents.
Iridium 1.4.0 White metal ShapeShifter/ThemeChanger theme.
Budget 4.5.6 Setup and stick with your financial budget plans.
fseventer 0.6.0 Determine which files change due to software installation, and more. 6
Practica Musica 4.569.0 Music theory and ear-training software.
pdf-Office 3.6.1 Create sophisticated pdf forms & documents.
acqlite 0.2.7 P2P app.
SoftRAID 3.2.1 High quality RAID software.
OpenWeb 3.0.0 Pre-packaged Mac webserver installation utilities.
MidiPipe 1.3.1 Modify MIDI messages in real-time.
GoodPage 1.2.0 HTML/CSS authoring.
Disctop Pro 2.2.2 displays inserted CD or DVD on your desktop 1
Canon PowerShot ImageBrowser 5.2.1 for their digital cameras
Blog.Mac 1.0.1 quickly publish blogs on your .Mac public web site
Veenix: Design & Type Tools 5.2.0 font & design tools
Veenix Font Tools 2.3.0 visual font management, viewing & printing system
Peek-a-Boo 2.3.5 prioritize & monitor CPU time for running processes
growliChat 0.99.0 displays notification when iChat buddy changes status
NoteAbilityPro 2.013.0 music notation with MIDI input & part extraction
Enigma 0.92.0 puzzle game inspired by Oxyd & Rock'n'Roll
Emailchemy 1.6.1 universal email import/export utility
1001 1.0.0b41 desktop Flickr client for photo sharing
nrg2iso 1.0.0 extract ISO 9660 files from Nero format 0
WebMail 3.1.0n2 web-based email solution
SurgeMail Mail Server 3.5.0b3 fast, easy to install mail server: IMAP, webmail & more
SoundLib 3.2.0 keyword searchable database of your sound library
Master Key 4.0.2 typing tutor, game, multi-user network
Dockyard 1.6.0 switch between multiple Dock configurations
KDE Launcher 2.1.2 use KDE & Apple's Aquafied X11 at the same time
archCalc 1.8.0 Calculator designed for use w/CAD, many functions.
maintain1 7.5.0_pro Performs prebinding, maintenance routines, much more.
SimplEquations 1.1.1 Solve linear equations with one unknown.
PDFKey Pro 1.2.5 Edit/print password-protected .pdf files.
EZ 7z 0.2.0 Easy way to use p7zip archiver.


What Goes Up 2005-06-03 21:18:28
Yeah, there was a bit of downtime on a server and we missed probably half a day's worth of updates. Hardware was (finally!) swapped and we should be fine now. Now would probably be a good time to cry about costs and introduce an ad-heavy main page or link to our registration page and ask for funding; we don't work that way, though, so continue to enjoy getting more than what you paid for.
Now It's Just Getting Silly 2005-06-01 11:42:40
Not only did the feed traffic more than double from April to May (5249 to 13544 hits respectively), the main page traffic was relatively flat, making for what is now a 5:1 ratio. No, we won't be getting rid of the main page, but such a shift in readership in such a short period has been interesting to see.

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