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Software Releases: Fri 12 Aug 2005 Thu 11 Aug 2005 Wed 10 Aug 2005 Tue 09 Aug 2005

FuzzMeasure 1.3.2 Measure/graph frequency response of speakers and more. 22
Yahoo! Web Search 0.8.0 Search and display Yahoo! web results directly from Dashboard.
World Jamboree 2007 Countdown 1.0.0 Count down to the grant opening op the Scout World Jamboree of 2007 in England.
Wi-Fi Card by palmOne 1.2.0 Connect your Palm PDA anywhere you have Wi-Fi access.
VShell server for UNIX 2.3.6 A secure alternative to Telnet and FTP providing fine-tune controls over access and file transfer privileges.
Rock And Roll 1.0.0 Rock and roll your wheel through the levels and try not to let the dinosaurs get in your way.
PowerShot ImageBrowser 5.2.1 Updates ImageBrowser to add new features.
MeisterSinger Screensaver 1.0.0 A screensaver for MeisterSinger watches.
MCS-3000 Series USB 1.1.0 Driver and editing software for the MCS-3000 Series Media Command Stations with USB Interface.
Last Win 1.1.0 Counts how many days it has been since Alabama last beat Auburn in the Iron Bowl.
Hexley's Rock Paper Scissors Game 1.0.0 Play against Hexley, the Darwin-OS mascot, in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Google Maps Widget 2.1.0 View maps and satellite imagery of a given address using Google Maps technology through Dashboard.
GNU Pascal Xcode integration Kit 1.0.0 Lets you edit, compile, debug and profile Pascal software in Xcode.
Clan Lord 4.0.2 Immerse yourself in an online world of high fantasy role-playing.
CharacterPal 1.1.0 Helps you remember how to type any special character from the Dashboard.
BabelFish 1.2.0 Translates any web page to and from ten languages using AltaVista’s Babel Fish translator.
Alcohol Calculator 2.0.0 A widget which aids brewers in quickly determining the alcohol content of their fermentations.
Adobe Photoshop cs2 Breaking new ground as the benchmark of digital imaging excellence.
Adobe InDesign cs2 Combines extraordinary production power and creative freedom with innovative cross-media support.
Adobe InCopy cs2 A professional writing and editing program that integrates with Adobe InDesign CS2 software.
Adobe Illustrator cs2 Rediscover what you love about illustration. Now you can convert bitmap images to scalable, editable artwork in seconds.
Adobe GoLive cs2 Unlock the power of CSS and take your ideas to new places with powerful mobile authoring tools.
Actual ODBC Driver for Open Source Databases 1.11.0 Connect to MySQL and PostgreSQL databases from MS Excel X and FileMaker Pro.
Constrictor 3.0.0 Screenshot utility with border effects. 21
PDF2PSP 1.6.0 Convert PDF docs/printouts to JPEG images for Sony PSP.
Ultimate Pen 1.3.2 Draw anything on top of any application.
Iridium 1.0.0 White metal ThemeChanger theme.
California Coast Cams 1.2.0 Widget shows webcams from CA beaches and coasts.
SheerVideo Pro real-time lossless QuickTime video codec 19
File Buddy 8.1.7 extensive desktop & file/folder editing & task tool
MusicThing Widget 1.0.0 Gathers topical music content from around the world.
Disk Defrag 1.3.2r2 HFS+ file & fork defragmenting utility 18
Passgen 1.12.0 Widget generates random passwords.
MacSudoku 2.1.1 Generate Sudoku puzzles, solve them.
KnotPlot 12aug05 Simulate mathematical knots.
Circus Ponies NoteBook 2.0.0v232 Organize photos, email, documents & more.
TechTool Pro 4.0.5 hardware/software diagnostic tool
Live3DPoker 1.12.0 3D multiplayer online poker client 17
Circus Ponies NoteBook 2.0.0(v232) outlining & organizing software
Solutions 1.0.0 widget for all your chemical solutions
Mactracker 4.0.0b4 database of every Mac model
KnotPlot 05aug12 visualize mathematical knots in 3 or 4 dimensions
iRatchet 1.0.7 Invoicing and billing app.
iRatchet 1.07.0 invoicing and billing app 16
AirControl 0.7.9b iTunes remote control
4-Sight Fax 6.0.6 client/server network fax software
Ulysses 1.2.0 Creative writing text editor.
MacSudoku 2.1.0 Generate Sudoku puzzles, solve them.
Wave Editor 1.0.0rc5 document-based audio file editor 15
Ray Gun Pro AU 3.1.0 noise reduction & audio restoration Audio Units plugin
Mulberry 4.0.2 scalable IMAP email client with SSL support
K3DSurf 0.5.2 generates 3D surfaces with mathematical formulas
macCompanion 5.0.8 Your guide to all things Macintosh E-zine. 14
Alchemist's Challenge 1.3.5 Collection of chemistry quizzes.
iRatchet 1.0.6 Invoicing and billing app. 12
Noble Ape Simulation 0.671.0 Biological simulationwith cognitive processes.
HostManager 0.82.0 Store details of hosting accounts for clients.
iRatchet 1.06.0 invoicing and billing app
TinyBooks 3.0.1 family & small business accounting & bookkeeping
DSound GT Player 2.5.0 turn your Mac into guitar multieffect processor
Xupport 3.0.0 Optimize your OS X installation, configure many hidden options. 11
Liberer 2.5.0 Utility to remove/add files from/to your system library.
mietzplayer 1.5.0 videoplayer plays two movies synchronously on two monitors 10
Httpd Info 1.3.1 displays web server information
iCal Calling iTunes! 4.0.0 Use iCal to notify iTunes when to play a song.
Mietzplayer 1.5.0 Plays two movies synchronously on two monitors.
GyazMail 1.3.2 Email client for OS X.
Neuratron PhotoScore Professional 4.0.0 music scanning app like OCR 9
Modal Eartrainer 1.6.0 ear trainer for modal harmony
Eat The Whistle 3.2.0 2d soccer game with a lot of options
Widget Maker 1.1.2 Create and manage widgets.
OverDose 1.0.5 Edit Apple Open Directory.
Kids GoGoGo 9.5.0 Prohibit access to adult/violent/hate web content.
Ear Trainer 1.6.0 Train your ear for music composition/improvisation.
CoverBuddy 1.2.0 Add album art to iTunes.
Shiira Browser Button Icon Set 1.0.0 Alternative to the standard Shiira buttons.
MachCMS 1.0.0 Easy to use website management.
FinKit Interest Tables 20050811.0.0 Update your FinKit X tables.
JallaJalla 1.0.0b synchronously play videos on two or more networked machines
EazyDraw 1.8.1 vector-based drawing app
QuoEdit 1.1.1b1 AppleScript- & WorldScript-savvy plain text editor 8
QuickErase 1.5.0 cd/dvd erase tool especially made for in the Finder toolbar
MacFamilyTree 4.1.5 genealogy software
FinKit X Interest Tables 050811 FinKit variable interest table files
DropGlot 2.0.1 run AppleGlot via drag-n-drop
myFMbutler PrinterSwitch 1.01.0 FileMaker 7 printer switching plug-in.
HostManager 0.8.0 Store details of hosting accounts for clients.
LaCie Ethernet Disk 1.3.0 USB Ethernet Disk mini driver. 7
Sudoku Companion 1.2.0 Japanese brainteaser game. (was Sudoku Board)
HTTPd Info 1.3.1 Displays info about a web server.
Simple Solitarus 1.2.0 solitaire card game 3
cb2Bib 0.4.5 Clipboard content pattern reader. 2
Version Cue 1.x Workspace Update 2.0.0 fixes security vulnerability
Cocoa NewsPost 1.5.5 newsgroup auto-poster
iVideo 3.0.1 Organize video clips.
Podcast AV 0.8.0 Add links & pictures to your Podcasts.
LinkAssistant 1.1.0 Website promotion application.
Awaken 2.0.2 Digital alarm clock ues iTunes for waking noise.
formZ 5.5.0 general purpose solid and surface modeler 1
Teacher's Favorite Hangman 4.4.0 practice spelling & learn definitions
DeBabelizer 6.0.0 batch optimizes images & video for viewing
AVplayer HD (was Neuromixer Single) 1.0.0 Advanced multimedia presentation tool


What Goes Up 2005-06-03 21:18:28
Yeah, there was a bit of downtime on a server and we missed probably half a day's worth of updates. Hardware was (finally!) swapped and we should be fine now. Now would probably be a good time to cry about costs and introduce an ad-heavy main page or link to our registration page and ask for funding; we don't work that way, though, so continue to enjoy getting more than what you paid for.
Now It's Just Getting Silly 2005-06-01 11:42:40
Not only did the feed traffic more than double from April to May (5249 to 13544 hits respectively), the main page traffic was relatively flat, making for what is now a 5:1 ratio. No, we won't be getting rid of the main page, but such a shift in readership in such a short period has been interesting to see.

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