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Software Releases: Thu 11 Aug 2005 Wed 10 Aug 2005 Tue 09 Aug 2005 Mon 08 Aug 2005

php framework 0.0.1 php4 extensions bundles for Darwin 7-8 ppc. PHP is a modular application allowing the addition (or not) of some extensions. 21
WordPerfect Spotlight Plug-in 1.0.1 Enables indexing of WordPerfect files, including contents and metadata.
Sinbad 1.0 beta 2.0.0 Search song lyrics, country facts, books, song albums, Amazon’s items, encyclopedia, dictionary from this application.
M-Audio Drivers list Driver updates for various M-Audio products.
LotsaSnow 1.0.0 A falling snow screensaver.
LotsaEscher 1.0.0 A screensaver featuring Escher’s “Print Gallery” drawing.
Logitech Control Center 1.50.0 Driver software for Logitech’s USB pointing devices and keyboards.
FireWire WebCam Driver 1.1.0 Gain access to a wide array of FireWire web cameras.
DJ Status 1.8.2 PHP script for managing DJs on a Shoutcast-powered internet radio station.
Blue Clouds Mac Screensaver 1.0.0 Cool clouds drift across a light blue sky.
Apple Hardware Vol. 3 1.0.0 Including icons of Apple’s Cinema Display, iBook G4 and iMac G5 rendered in a bright and clear style.
Adobe Illustrator Save as JPEG 0.5.3 beta 1.5.0 Exports Illustrator documents as JPEG files.
ATI Radeon Universal ROM Update August 2005.0.0 All Macintosh graphics cards require a valid and complete firmware. This update applies many fixes.
3D Dancing Skeleton 4.0.0 Watch colorful animated 3D skeleton dance while bones, skulls, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and more.
!PIX Screen Capture Converter 2.11.0 Converts Mac OS X Tiger captured PNG to eight formats at one time.
Site Soap 1.2.0 Optimize wasted space in your website coding & imagery.
WidgDock 1.3.0 fully functional dock for Konfabulator 19
JiWire 2.0.0 widget wi-fi hotspot locator
Passgen 1.10.0 Widget generates random passwords.
Xbox Browser 1.7.0 Burn backup Xbox games.
Pause 1.6.0 advanced sleep timer 18
StyleGrid 7.7.0 REALbasic plugin creates styled spreadsheet controls 17
ShakesPeer 0.8.0 DC++ compatible Direct Connect client
GarageSale 1.8.0b3 eBay auction listing client
CocoaFIBS 0.5.0 client for the First Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS)
iLocalize 3.0.0 quickly localize your OS X apps 16
Virex 7 DAT 050810 definition (DAT) & engine update for v7.x
Symantec NAV virus def aug 11 updated for NAV 9 or 10
Smart Paste CS+CS2 3.0.6 smart copy text from Word to InDesign
SMS 1.0.0 widget to send SMS text messages
PowerBook G4 Graphics Update 1.0.0 for 1.67GHz models
GraphClick 2.6.1b2 retrieve data points from the image of a graph or a movie
DVD Database 1.6.1 DVD collection database software
ATI RADEON ROM Update aug 2005 for Mac OS X 10.3.6 only
iWatermark 3.0.0b2 protect your art & photos with watermark signature or logo 14
Widgetarium 1.0.0b7 IDE for developing Dashboard widgets
PSPWare 2.1.2 sync music, movies, photos & backup to/from Sony PSP
RegExplorer 1.0.2 programmer's utility to create and test regular expressions
Bookdog 2.0.10 manage Safari bookmarks with auto sort 13
SuperBrain Widget 1.5.0 Brain teaser game.
the ONION 1.0.0 Displays headlines from the RSS feeds from the ONION website.
WeatherUK 1.1.0 WeatherUK displays the UK Meterological Office 5 day forecast for any one of 180 locations around the UK.
Verizon VZMinutes 0.0.1 Tracks your Verizon Wireless account minutes.
Sticky Spawn 1.1.0 With Sticky Spawn on your Dashboard, a new sticky note is just a click away.
Stickies Red 1.0.0 Who needs purple? Stickies Red replaces the useless purple sticky note color in the default Stickies widget with red.
Somatic 0.5.0 SomaFM now playing widget.
Racer 0.5.3 beta 1.5.0 A free cross-platform car simulation project using professional car physics papers to achieve a realistic feeling.
Population Counter 2.0.0 This widget simply calculates the Earth’s population.
Late Show Top Ten List 1.3.0 Displays “The Late Show with David Letterman” Top Ten List from its archive.
Koders 1.0.0 Search through millions of lines of open source code on koders.com.
Green Thumb 1.1.0 The name says it all! Spend time in the garden! Get or search for tips and information about gardening directly in your Dashboard.
Gangland 1.0.0 All wannabe mobster bosses can look forward to a unique experience.
ErrorCodes 1.0.0 Cocoa app and Perl script to get textual descriptions from OSErr codes and vice versa.
Easy eBay 0.1.0 Quick and easy eBay searches from your Dashboard.
Easy Currency 1.1.0 A currency converter with 60 currencies.
DeepRSS Widget 1.0.0 Widget for reading news at Deep Apple site — the major Russian news site for Mac users.
DD Poker 2 2.0.0 No Limit Texas Hold’em poker software. Practice. Play online over LAN/Internet. Analyze play with stats and calculator tool.
Classic Memory 1.1.0 A game of memory in ‘classic’ OS 9 style.
Calorie Counter 2.0.0 A quick way to calculate your calories burned via your age, gender, weight and height.
FlySketch 1.5.2 Screen capture tool with workflow actions. 12
English-Italian Dictionary 8.0.0 A complete English-Italian dictionary.
HyperNext Player 2.1.0 runs stacks built by HyperNext
HyperNext Bundle 2.1.0 visual software creation for beginners
PhotoPresenter 2.1.0b Slideshow viewer for your iPhoto library.
3D-Space VFS 1.4.0 launcher/dock with Finder features & navigation
DropGlot 2.0.0 Run AppleGlot with a single Drag-n-Drop.
MimMac 1.6.0 File backup and complete system cloner. 11
Sinbad 1.0.0b2 targeted web searches from your desktop 10
Recipe Hits for iPods 1.0.0 over 100 of Kraft's best recipes for your iPod
KTA Tennis 1.1.0 simple, fun tennis game
iSpeak 1.0.0 widget vocalizes text into speach 9
Papyrus 11.2.0 word-processor with spreadsheet & relational database
ATI RADEON Updater 08/05 Fixes OS X problems.
Nicecast 1.8.1 Stream MP3s over the Internet.
Apple XSKey updater USB firmware update.
Airfoil 1.0.6 Send audio from any app to an AirPort Express.
SimpleChord 3.1.3 Quick chord reference for musicians.
Apple Uncompressed 422 1.2.0 Apple Shake 3.5 patch.
ChessPuzzle 3.0.0 puzzle solving game with over 6,000 puzzles
Mt. Erebus Volcano Observatory Eruption News 2.0.0 Widget displays entries from Mt. Erebus Volcano Observatory Eruption Log.
MLayout 2.1.1 Page layout tool with Quartz PDF rendering.
eBook Library 3.0.0 read eBook & other text files using speed reading 8
QtiPlot 0.66.0 graphing & analysis software for scientists & engineers
Cheetah3D 2.3.2 3D modeling, rendering, animation
iEye Captain 0823 Adds 30 new features to EyeTV.
The Goalkeeper 1.1.9 Create and play your own goalkeeper.
MacFamilyTree 4.1.4 Genealogy application.
HippoDraw 1.15.1 Data analysis environment.
Amnesty Screen Saver 1.0.0 Makes Dashboard widgets bounce around your screen.
Cheetah3D 2.3.1 Cocoa based 3D modeling, rendering and animation. 7
QtiPlot 0.6.6 Graphing and analysis software for scientists and engineers. 6
MacMemoriesManager 3.0.0 Amateur radio memory manager.
iPhoto Extractor 2.0.0b11 extract iPhoto library photos to import later 5
iData 2.1.0b5 freeform database application
MacMemoriesManager 2.30.0 amateur radio memories manager
Bibble 4.3.0 process raw photos from professional digital SLRs
Duplicate Annihilator 1.1.2 detect and remove/mark duplicates in iPhoto
iEye Captain Swiss army knife for your EyeTV 4
iSend 1.0.0 widget sends text messages
FastClock 1.0.0 fastclock for model railroaders
iShout 1.0.1 Record Shoutcast internet radio streams. 2
iRatchet 1.0.5 Invoicing and billing app.
Drop PSPREZ 0.8.1 GUI companion for the commandline tools PSPREZ.
ChessPuzzle 2.1.1 Widget has thousands of chess puzzles.


What Goes Up 2005-06-03 21:18:28
Yeah, there was a bit of downtime on a server and we missed probably half a day's worth of updates. Hardware was (finally!) swapped and we should be fine now. Now would probably be a good time to cry about costs and introduce an ad-heavy main page or link to our registration page and ask for funding; we don't work that way, though, so continue to enjoy getting more than what you paid for.
Now It's Just Getting Silly 2005-06-01 11:42:40
Not only did the feed traffic more than double from April to May (5249 to 13544 hits respectively), the main page traffic was relatively flat, making for what is now a 5:1 ratio. No, we won't be getting rid of the main page, but such a shift in readership in such a short period has been interesting to see.

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