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Software Releases: Thu 04 Aug 2005 Wed 03 Aug 2005 Tue 02 Aug 2005 Mon 01 Aug 2005

Thumbscrew 1.0.0b8 Drag & drop thumbnail creation tool.
SheerVideo Pro real-time lossless QuickTime video codec 21
Konfabulator 2.1.1 JavaScript runtime engine for running widget files
CatDV Pro 4.0.0 Clip logging and cataloging tool for video editors.
CatDV 4.0.0 Image media manager. (was CatDV Personal)
adnpc.net Widget 1.0.0 This widget read RSS informations about adnpc.net, a French Mac & PC news web site.
WebRankChecker 1.0.0 Check your ranking on French-speaking search engines.
Servoy Data Widget 1.1.0 Display data and use business logic of any Servoy solution in a Dashboard Widget.
Password Maker 1.0.0 Password Maker helps to create memorable passwords.
Figlet 1.0.0 A program for making large letters out of ordinary text.
Adobe Source Libraries 1.0.7 Development libraries.
Building 1.1.0 Dark Romantic interactive fiction 20
iStockDash 1.4.0 Allows you to view your iStockphoto statistics and account information, and search for images, right from the Dashboard.
Transmit Widget 1.2.0 Drag-and-drop items onto this handy widget to quickly FTP them via Transmit.
Losungen 2.0.0 Get your daily Bible verses in nine languages!
LiveCargo File Transfer 1.7.2 Sends a large file to someone by simply dragging-and-dropping from Finder to the Dashboard.
Classic Solitaire 2.0.9 A fun collection of 21 favourite Solitaire Games including Klondike, Freecell and Spider.
9Webcams 1.1.0 The widget displays 9 webcam images at the same time.
Get MacDesktops.com Images 1.0.0 Downloads images by selected category and image size from MacDesktops.com and imports to iPhoto. Use as desktop background.
FTP Suite for REALBasic 4.1.2 A collection of classes that allows REALbasic applications to implement the FTP protocol.
Emacs on Aqua 8.0.0-rc5 Cocoa port of GNU Emacs 20.7.
3D Falling Autumn Leaves 4.0.0 Watch as colorful 3D, animated, autumn-colored leaves gently fall against a backdrop.
IP 5.1.0 Displays your IP address.
Planet Thirteen Screensaver 2.01.0 alien on a strange planet 19
GPA Calculator 1.2.0 calculates overall & major-specific GPA
Comment Synch 1.4.2 Set/view/convert file comments in OS X or Classic format. 18
iBeat 1.0.0 metronome / tuner 17
Comment Synch 1.4.1 set, view, convert file comments in OS X or Classic format
Virex 7 DAT 050803 definition (DAT) & engine update for v7.x 16
Symantec NAV virus def aug 4 updated for NAV 9 or 10
Virex 7 Virus Definitions 8/03/05 Latest definitions for Virex 7.x.
Papyrus 11.20.0 Word processor with integrated speadsheet and more.
Norton AntiVirus X 9 Defs 8/04/05 Latest virus definitions update.
G4M Classic Doom Launcher 1.0.0 Launches Classic Doom for Doom 3.
Atlantis 1.4.0 Ball-matching game.
Kitty Katz Screensaver 1.01.0 curious cats for your mac
iPhoto2PBase 1.01.0 Plugin for direct upload to PBase from iPhoto.
Tiger Tamer 1.3.0 Hidden preference setter.
IconBuilder 8.0.0 Adobe Photoshop effects filter helps you create icons with ease.
Forms To Go 2.6.8 Create PHP, ASP, or Perl scripts for HTML forms. 15
iVerbum 1.1.1 fast index & search tool for text (RTF) databases
CurrenciesConverter 2.16.0 foreign exchange/precious metal rate...
MaxScreenSaver 1.0.3 real-time stock quotes and finacial news 14
Elements Widget 1.0.0 periodic table widget 13
Virtual FireworX Screensaver 1.3.0 3D particle fireworks
CDpedia 2.0.3 CD manager; net search, iTunes, iSight barcode integration
IconBuilder Pro 8.0.0 Photoshop plugin for creating Mac & Win icons 12
IPNetTunerX 1.3.0 optimize any type of Internet connection
EasyRetirement 1.1.0 see how much you need to save for retirement goals
The Sims 2 1.0.0rev a life/character simulation game
SharedPlan Project Management 1.9.6 planning tool 11
Synergy 2.1.0 iTunes menubar control, hotkeys, cover art downloads
SilverFast Ai (Canon) 2700F/2710 6.4.2r2 Scanner software
SilverFast (Agfa) SnapScan 1236S 6.4.2r2 scanner software
Scisoft 2005.8.1 astronomical software collection 10
FTP Suite for REALbasic 4.1.2 add FTP service to REALbasic apps 9
Cepstral Voices 3.3.2 text-to-speech (TTS) voices
iPartition 1.1.2 disk partitioning without initializing/reformatting
WidgDock 1.1.4 fully functional dock for Konfabulator
ProofMaster 2.07.0 proofing RIP for large format inkjet printers
GUidMachine 4.0.4 4X16 step sequencer combined with a sample player.
Sony Ericsson PC Card Modem Script 1.3.1 (HS)CSD / (E)GPRS up to 247 kbps 8
AudioFinder 3.8.0 organize your audio sample collection
ControllerMate 3.1.0 Use joystick, gamepad, trackball in place of keyboard.
Jedit 1.23.0b Text editor. 7
SheerVideo Pro 2.3.6 QuickTime video codec.
Maui Real Estate Widget 1.0.0 Widget searches Maui real estate listings.
Knox 1.0.3 Secure backup solution.
Kids GoGoGo 9.4.0 Prohibit access to adult/violent/hate web content.
FutureDecks Lite 1.0.0 DJ song mixing solution.
WidgetTerm 0.06.0 Terminal widget. 6
SimpsonBot 0.9.0 Widget displays random quotes from the Simpsons.
ProVoc 2.3.0 Learn foreign language vocabulary.
GUidMachine 4.0.0 4X16 step sequencer combined with a sample player.
Evil Monkey Widget 1.1.0 Displays random quote from Family Guy.
Cabos 0.4.4 Gnutella filesharing app.
Transmit 3.2.1 FTP / SFTP client with many advanced features 2
SheerVideo Pro real-time lossless QuickTime video codec
EyeRecord 2.0.1 control EyeTV and program EyeTV recordings
BibDesk 1.1.4 BibTeX bibliography database manager
AudioBaZe 2.0.0b11 audio file database
Phoenix Slides 1.2.0 full-screen slideshow program/image browser 1
GPSBabel 1.2.6 converts GPS waypoints, tracks & routes between formats
iTMS RSS 1.2.0 gathers/displays feeds from iTunes Music Store
Visage 2.2.0 run screensaver as desktop; custom login screen & system alerts
RapidWeaver Themes 20.0.0 themes from rapidweaverthemes.com
RAFN OS 1.2.0 many apps In one GUI
LinkLines 1.1.6 classic Lines arcade puzzle game
DashSaver 1.0.0 cisplays the Dashboard as a screensaver
BT CAM Upload Starter 1.0.0 Starts FTP upload of BT CAM images automatically
PlayLyrix 0.90.0 Search for lyrics, create playlists in iTunes 0


What Goes Up 2005-06-03 21:18:28
Yeah, there was a bit of downtime on a server and we missed probably half a day's worth of updates. Hardware was (finally!) swapped and we should be fine now. Now would probably be a good time to cry about costs and introduce an ad-heavy main page or link to our registration page and ask for funding; we don't work that way, though, so continue to enjoy getting more than what you paid for.
Now It's Just Getting Silly 2005-06-01 11:42:40
Not only did the feed traffic more than double from April to May (5249 to 13544 hits respectively), the main page traffic was relatively flat, making for what is now a 5:1 ratio. No, we won't be getting rid of the main page, but such a shift in readership in such a short period has been interesting to see.

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A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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