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Software Releases: Thu 16 Dec 2004 updated 23:55:00 CST

Wed 15 Dec 2004 Tue 14 Dec 2004 Mon 13 Dec 2004
fmeta 20041216.0.0 A tool that allows generic searches of files on a filesystem. 106
LexiCastle 1.02.0 Fun word search game where you link adjoining letter blocks to create words, score huge points, and build beautiful castles! 105
Drops Screen Saver 1.1.1 Screen saver that puts rain drops on your screen. 104
Second Life 1.5.9 virtual world game 103
Mail Avenger 0.5.5 A highly-configurable, MTA-independent, anti-spam SMTP daemon. 102
libphidgets 0.3.2 A user-space access library for the Phidget devices. 101
Halo: Combat Evolved 1.5.0 Join the battle. Live the epic adventure yourself. You are the last of your kind. Bred for combat, built for war. 100
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood 1.1.0 Take part in one of the oldest and still most popular stories of all. 99
Keyword Assistant 1.8.0 iPhoto keyword management plugin 98
Halo 1.5.0 epic adventure battle game 97
Jumble Helper 2.0.0 Instantly unscrambles jumbled words from 4 to 13 letters 96
magnetiX 1.0.1 Magnetic Scrolls text adventure interpreter. 95
FrenchTVNews 1.6.8 Watch French television news. 94
PowerCADD 6.2.0 Powerful, easy-to-use 2D CADD completely rewritten for OSX. Newest version is performance tuned for 10.3.7. 93
Classic Solitaire 2.0.3 Collection of 17 favourite Solitaire Games including Klondike, Freecell, Spider. 92
NetSolitaire 1.2.0 Solitaire with network play. (was Mother Solitaire) 91
MPFreaker 1.0.0b16 Adds relevant info/artwork to mp3 files. 90
iWork Network 1.2.3 Client/server time billing manager. 89
DVD Database 1.5.0 Organize your DVD collection. 88
Audiocorder 4.2.0 Turn your Mac into a sound recorder. 87
Audiocorder OSX 4.2.0 records audio manually & automatically 86
iWork Multi-User 1.2.3 time-billing/invoicing for multi-user environments 85
Macaroni 2.0.4 automated OS X system maintenance 84
DoubleCommand 1.5.3 remaps modifier keys 83
Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood 1.1.0 Robin Hood game 82
Emilia Pinball 0.3.1a port of Emilia Pinball game 81
Rise of Nations 1.0.0 historical strategy game 80
Dejal Simon 2.0.0b4 monitor your site for changes or failures 79
QT Detection Pack 10.3.7-6.5.2 QuickTime detection routines 78
Emilia Pinball 0.3.1 OS X port of Emilia Pinball. 77
Creative Project Manager 7.4.0 project management software 76
AutoAway 1.1.3 switches between AIM away messages for you 75
Rats! 1.5.1 A packrat parser generator. 74
Mobile High Speed 2G 4.10.0 Achieve higher speeds on mobile GSM networks. 73
Mobile High Speed 3G 4.10.0 Achieve higher speeds on mobile GSM networks. 72
Cabos 0.2.0 Gnutella file sharing program 71
ohphoneX 0.3.2 H.323 client for telephony & video conferencing 70
TaskTime3 3.2.0 Track time spent on client projects. 69
pdfLayerMaker 1.0.0 creates layers directly from within Adobe Acrobat 68
NetBarrier X3 10.3.5 software firewall for net security 67
Vampz Screensaver 1.1.1 Vampire Vixens hunt for fresh blood 66
ImageMagick 6.1.6-8 Convert, resize, redraw images via command line. 65
SilverFast (Agfa) SnapScan 1236S 6.4.0r9 scanner software 64
SilverFast Ai (Linotype) 6.24.0r9 scanner software 63
Videocue 1.0.3 make movies with a recording teleprompter 62
Fast DVD Copy 3.2.0 1 click disk-to-disk copying of DVD, PS2, CD & other discs 61
Yummy FTP 1.0.5 FTP, SFTP client with advanced features 60
Xam Questions Editor 1.0.0 store and organize exam questions 59
Xam Editor 1.0.0 create exam documents: define content and preferences 58
Xam 1.0.0 present a set of pre-saved questions as an exam or for practice 57
XamSuite: Xam Editor 1.0.0 create exam documents: define content and preferences 56
Multimap for Address Book 1.0.0 get maps from www.multimap.com for Address Book entries 55
Yazi 0.8.0b1 Asian character dictionary 54
XamSuite: Xam 1.0.0 present a set of pre-saved questions as an exam or for practice 53
XamSuite: Xam Questions Editor 1.0.0 store and organize exam questions 52
Charms Screensaver 2.1.3 drag-and-drop your own custom screensavers 51
Merger AU 1.0.0 Audio Unit plugin to merge two signals 50
XamSuite 1.0.0 Create exams for students. 49
ProjectForum 4.1.0b1 Web-based solution for project management. 48
CourseForum 4.1.0b1 Collaborative education software. 47
SuperDuper! 1.5.4(73) Advanced disk cloning/recovery utility. 46
XMenu 1.4.0 menu bar extension like classic Apple Menu 45
AquilaCalendarMB 1.32.0 menu bar calendar; notes, todo, alarms... 44
PhotoStickies 5.3.0 sticky-like image/webcam viewer, slideshow... 43
EasyFind 3.3.1 finds files, folders & contents without indexing 42
WordService 2.5.3 performs 34 operations on selected text 41
theConcept 1.1.2 Summarizes electronic documents automatically. 40
Wire Hang Redux 131204.0.0 See how high you can climb with your grapling hook in this addictive game of skill. 39
Underfire - Terminalhead - Apple Loops 1.0.0 A huge collection of grungy, inspirational dance samples! The finest FutureFunk collection. 38
DEVONthink Personal Edition 1.9.1 Info manager, database, notepad, outliner... 37
DEVONnote 1.6.1 note pad, bookmark manager and webcam browser 36
G-Force 2.7.2 Visual plug-in for iTunes and other players. 35
Frosted 2.1.1 frozen frosted frolics for family 34
NightLights 2.0.2 Blinking lights screensaver. 33
TypeRecorder 2.12.0 Saves every keystroke you make. 32
RPGMapMaker 4.2.0 draw maps with polygonal grids 31
DesktopPublisher Pro 2.2.2 desktop publisher 30
OpenOSX Office 1.5.1 affordable Office suite alternative 29
Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.0.0 traditional employee time clock 28
Amazing Slow Downer 2 Slow down music without changing the pitch. 27
REALVIZ ImageModeler 4.0.0 measure and create 3D scenes using photographs 26
LOOPS 2.0.3 iPod xmas, candle, chicken, fireplace... 25
Amazing Slow Downer 2.7.1 slow down music, no pitch change 24
Directory Synchronize 0.9.0beta3 Synchronize directories local or over the network 23
WordBeGone 1.1.7 build words with few moves as possible game 22
pdf-Office 3.0.0 create PDF forms easily from scratch 21
Concierge 1.1.2 drawer-based bookmark assistant for Safari 20
metisse 0.3.5 An experimental 3D X desktop 19
Samba 3.0.10 File/print server for SMB/CIFS clients. 18
EarthDesk 2.7.2 A dynamic world desktop picture. 17
Cheetah3D 2.0.0 3D modeler. 16
PhotoTunnel 2.0.0 Create 3D animated movies from iPhoto collection. 15
Concierge 1.0.1beta2 Build OS X system services. 14
Stock Investment Guide 1.5.6 Stock club analysis. 13
VueScan 8.1.15 scanner software for flatbed & film scanners 12
NCS MagiSign 1.5.3 sign production Adobe Illustrator plugin 11
Silent Sniper 1.23.0 auction searching, sniping, tracking 10
DiskCatalogMaker 3.5.0b6 catalogs removable media: CDs, disks, etc. 9
PresentArms 1.1.0 Play slideshows. 8
4D WebSTAR V 5.3.4 server software suite 7
Peek-a-Boo 2.2.0 prioritize, monitor cpu time for running processes 6
Harbinger 1.0.0 applescript script suite for Ircle 5
CornerClick 0.6.0 Assign actions to your screen corners. 4
BookKeeper 2.0.0b11 Create bibliographies and endnotes, format outlines. 3
Urwid 0.8.5 A text console UI library. 2
Sp@mX (SpamX) 3.0.6 Spam reporting software. 1
Wed 15 Dec 2004 Tue 14 Dec 2004 Mon 13 Dec 2004


Wider Is Better 2004-11-08 20:07:28
Slightly tweaked the HTML to display the icons horizontally even when a long description would normally stack them vertically. In most cases, the should result in a more compact, readable page.
Support For Direct Links 2004-10-27 22:01:13
Since we sometimes have to go to developer sites to determine the correct name when there are duplicates, it makes sense that we now add that link to our database. A direct link should be obvious enough because the name itself will display as a link. In theory, we can make any piece of software a direct link, but it's still all manual and so the plan is to provide direct links only in special circumstances.
Better Duplicate Handling 2004-10-26 10:10:38
Sometimes the same piece of software gets announced on different sites with a different name. This usually occurs when there is a discrepancy in case (e.g., Objectscript vs. ObjectScript) or because some listing add an unnecessary token to denote Mac OS X software (e.g., AstroShareX vs. AstroShare or Apple iTunes vs. iTunes). From now on, they will be normalized and listed together under the actual name. This requires us to manually discover the duplicate and go to the software's site to get the actual information to make the correction. Because of that, there may be a delay in grouping duplicates, or we might miss a duplicate altogether. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you see duplicates that are not grouped together as they should be.
News Section Added 2004-10-22 15:52:54
MAT has been operating, aside from HTML tweaks, without much human involvement behind the scenes since April. Some new ideas are in the works that will change all that, and hopefully you'll find it's for the better. As a prelude to announcing those updates, we offer up this brand-spanking-new section on the page.

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An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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