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Software Releases: Tue 14 Dec 2004 updated 23:55:01 CST

Mon 13 Dec 2004 Sun 12 Dec 2004 Sat 11 Dec 2004
AutoAway 1.1.1 Alternate between AIM away messages. 90
Musicbed DV 1.0.1 Intuitive production music tool. 89
WoW Status 1.2.5 Status alert for all World of Warcraft servers. 88
Play 1.0.0 AppleScript shortcut to play music from iTunes. 87
Master Spell 5.0.3 Administer spelling drills. 86
AudioXplorer 1.2.0b1 sound analyzer: oscilloscope, spectrum, sonogram... 85
QuickLite 1.5.3 Cocoa wrapper for SQLite 3 84
Organise 1.1.0 customer and order management system (CRM) 83
Indigo 1.5.5 home automation control server integrates X10 devices 82
Ultimate Alarm Clock 1.4.7 alarm/reminder that runs in the background 81
CalculateSizeCM 1.3.0 CM to calculate total size of selected files/folders 80
LimeWire 4.2.6 Gnutella peer-to-peer file sharing client 79
Studio Organizer 9.0.0 Dance studio point-of-sale tool & organizer 78
Haxial Calculator 1.2 beta 1.0.0 An high precision mathematical expression evaluator. 77
SuperDesktop 1.1.0 create album cover based desktop pictures 76
iSVN 0.7.5 subversion client 75
Flashmode 1.2.1 enables simultaneous typesetting 74
Micrspot MacDraft - Quartz Edition 5.5.6 Powerful 2D design, drafting and technical illustration for CAD users of all levels. 73
Java Embedded Python 1.0.0 Embeds CPython in Java. 72
Berkeley DB XML 2.0.7 A native XML database with XQuery access. 71
DictEm 0.0.3 A dict client for GNU Emacs. 70
Alarm Clock Pro 7.0.0 MP3 alarm clock; iTunes, net streaming 69
PatternMaker 1.0.0 brings high quality PostScript patterns to InDesign 68
AbiWord 2.2.1 Opensource word processor. 67
SilverFast Ai (Microtek) 6.4.0r9 scanner software 66
Media Rage 1.5.0 organize & edit MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis audio files 65
SilverFast Ai (Polaroid) 6.4.0r9 scanner software 64
AbiWord 2.2.2 word processor that edits Word & WordPerfect files 63
Trapeze 1.2.2 convert PDF files to HTML, RTF, ASCII or plain text 62
OMA 2.0.4 photometric image processing & display 61
MacLoggerDX 4.0.4b6 Auto DX radio tuner. 60
FolderBrander 1.2.5 customize folder icons with ease 59
Stock Analysis and Selection Software 1.0.9 fundamental stock analysis & selection 58
BattleField 1942 Updater 1.6.1b Allows connecting to PC 1.6.1 servers. 57
Edo 1.0.6 Image compositing app. 56
Tigger 1.3.4 Scrolling ticker in the menubar. 55
QuickMail 3.5.1 QuickMail is an all-in-one e-mail package perfect for your business needs. 54
QuickMail Office 3.5.1 An all-in-one e-mail client / server package perfect for your business needs. 53
GarageSale 1.2.0 certified eBay client 52
LOOPS 2.0.0 iPod Xmas, Candle, Chicken, Fireplace, Aqua, Disco Savers... 51
iTunes Dupes Barrier 1.1.0 Search for duplicate songs in iTunes/iPod. 50
A-Dock 1.3.0b2 App switcher/launcher 49
Wine XT 2.0.7 wine cellar management & tasting notes 48
NetBarrier Config File 1.3.7 set of rules for importing into NetBarrier 47
Cocktail 3.5.0 general purpose system modify/repair utility 46
SharedPlan Project Management 1.6.9 Plan successful projects. 45
iSightWeb 1.1 beta Webcam driver. 44
Web Diary 2.0.0 Write diary entries with an image folder for each entry. 43
Revolver Mail 2005a8 email, organizer 42
Autographer 2.0.0 easily display images and photos on websites 41
iSightWeb 1.1.0b18 webcam app for iSight or any QT camera 40
Master Spell 5.0.2 spelling drills using recordings and TTS 39
Concierge 1.1.1 drawer-based bookmark assistant for Safari 38
DiskDriver 1.0.0 play streaming MP3s on your website 37
darcs 1.0.1 David's advanced revision control system. 36
HTML-Optimizer Pro 3.4.2 Reduces the size of HTML pages. 35
Web Site Maestro 3.4.2 Optimize and upload your webpages. 34
DropWaterMark 3.0.0 Watermark images easily. 33
Kerio MailServer 6.0.5 Powerful & secure internet mail server. 32
Cosmic Debris 1.4.0 Aurora event menu item monitorer. 31
Shortcut PhotoMagic 1.0.1 Edit, print and repair your digital photos. 30
BwanaDik 1.3.0 IP Address (WAN and LAN) menu item. 29
Snowflakes 1.1.0 Display snowflakes on your desktop. 28
A-Dock X 1.3 beta 2.0.0 Application switcher utility. 27
PlayPod 0.3.0 RSS podcast client. 26
X-MasTree 1.2.0 Floating Christmas tree for your desktop. 25
XCopy 1.0.0 Use SSH to transfer files between Mac/Unix. 24
Text Bucket 1.1.0 One key access to frequently used text. 23
Reconnector 2.6.1 Remote file server mounter/reconnector. 22
Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0.3 View PDF documents. 21
MacBusiness 3.0.1 Job & time tracker business app. 20
Notiser Lite 1.0.0 View/export Natara DayNotez Palm notes. 19
ShutterBug 0.991.0b Web photo album creator. 18
Mac Barcode Label 2.1.0 Print barcode labels. 17
DeckLink Updater 4.7.1 Adds DVCPRO HD. 16
TuneKeys 2.0.0 Control iTunes using hot keys. 15
1001 1.0.0b23 desktop Flickr client for photo sharing 14
Adobe Acrobat 6.0.3 create & edit PDF files 13
Blackmagic DeckLink 4.7.1 for all DeckLink video cards 12
Adobe Reader 6.0.3 view & print PDF files (was acrobat reader) 11
FullSync 0.8.0 A handy and powerful file synchronization and publishing tool. 10
Jiggler 1.2.0 Prevent screensaver and screen mode activation. 9
Impression 2.61.0 Data backup utility. 8
Tower Toppler, aka Nebulous 1.1.0 platform action game 7
FreeCell Solver 1.0.0rc5 Watch your Mac solve Freecell games 6
Snowman 0.2.1 Snowman for your desktop. 5
Mercury Messenger Service 1708 rc2 MSN Messenger client (was dMSN). 4
MacBusiness 3.01.0 project time tracker/invoicing for small biz 3
TftpServer 2.6.0 TFTP server utility 2
Hogwasher 4.2.0 Premier news and mail for the Macintosh 1
Mon 13 Dec 2004 Sun 12 Dec 2004 Sat 11 Dec 2004


Wider Is Better 2004-11-08 20:07:28
Slightly tweaked the HTML to display the icons horizontally even when a long description would normally stack them vertically. In most cases, the should result in a more compact, readable page.
Support For Direct Links 2004-10-27 22:01:13
Since we sometimes have to go to developer sites to determine the correct name when there are duplicates, it makes sense that we now add that link to our database. A direct link should be obvious enough because the name itself will display as a link. In theory, we can make any piece of software a direct link, but it's still all manual and so the plan is to provide direct links only in special circumstances.
Better Duplicate Handling 2004-10-26 10:10:38
Sometimes the same piece of software gets announced on different sites with a different name. This usually occurs when there is a discrepancy in case (e.g., Objectscript vs. ObjectScript) or because some listing add an unnecessary token to denote Mac OS X software (e.g., AstroShareX vs. AstroShare or Apple iTunes vs. iTunes). From now on, they will be normalized and listed together under the actual name. This requires us to manually discover the duplicate and go to the software's site to get the actual information to make the correction. Because of that, there may be a delay in grouping duplicates, or we might miss a duplicate altogether. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you see duplicates that are not grouped together as they should be.
News Section Added 2004-10-22 15:52:54
MAT has been operating, aside from HTML tweaks, without much human involvement behind the scenes since April. Some new ideas are in the works that will change all that, and hopefully you'll find it's for the better. As a prelude to announcing those updates, we offer up this brand-spanking-new section on the page.

Built Using

An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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