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Software Releases: Mon 06 Dec 2004 updated 23:55:00 CST

Sun 05 Dec 2004 Sat 04 Dec 2004 Fri 03 Dec 2004
Rhiannon's Realm Celtic Mahjongg Solitaire 1.3.2 Save the Goddess and restore the seasons in this addictive puzzle game based on Mahjongg Solitaire with a Celtic Twist. 95
Finding Nemo Icons 1.0.0 Finding Nemo Icons. 94
Juristudents 1.0.3 Law school information management solution. 93
Boom 1.5.3 BOOM is an arcade game in the grand tradition. 92
Mozilla Camino 0.8.2 A simple, small and fast browser for Mac OS X. 91
Seashore 0.1.3 Image manipulator influenced by the GIMP. 90
MoniTOR 1.0.0 Test/adjust parameters of CRT/TFT monitors. 89
Atomic Beef 1.0.0 App/file menu item launcher. 88
GanttPV 0.3.0 Schedule your projects. 87
Dreamland Checker 1.0.0b1 Bub & Bob 2 level editor. 86
TAO 1.01.0ka information outliner/organizer 85
FOLD Control 1.1.0 controls Darwin (Unix) version of Folding@Home 84
Space Penetrators 1.4.0 2D old-school video game 83
SyBrowser 6.5.0 SQL table browser & generator for Sybase and other RDBMS 82
LapisPuzzle 0.9.1 A near clone of Street Puzzle Fighter. 81
CyTV 0.5.0 Network streaming for elgato EyeTV. 80
OpenSC 0.9.4 A general SmartCard library and applications with PKCS #15 support. 79
white_dune 0.28.0pl7 A graphical VRML97 editor, simple 3D modeller, and animation tool. 78
OLSR daemon 0.4.8 An implementation of the Optimized Link State Routing protocol (RFC3626). 77
Fugu SSH 1.1.1rc2 A Mac OS X SFTP, SCP, and SSH frontend. 76
HL7 Browser 0.8.5 A tool for working with HL7 records. 75
Rar Expander 0.5.0 An archive expansion program for .rar archives. 74
Test Factory 4.8.0 Student assessment tool. 73
Achilles 1.3.0 Create Weapon-Script Files for Call of Duty. 72
CheckMark Payroll Updater 6.5.2 Enhances many features. 71
PoddumFeeder 1.0.0 Subscribe/download podcasts. 70
WoW Status 1.1.0 Status alert for all World of Warcraft servers. 69
textSOAP 4.0.7 text filters to clean up text & email formatting 68
Lights Out 2.2.7 customize energy saver settings for individual apps 67
Super Dudester 1.0.0 Super Dudester is trapped in Dr. Doooom’s Bad Trip Machine! Only you can help him escape. 66
Intaglio 2.1.1 drawing & illustration app 65
My Money Minder 1.5.0 personal finance application 64
Fugu 1.1.1rc2 Cocoa frontend for OpenSSH's sftp/scp clients 63
Mr. Tides 2.1.6 displays tides, currents for locations worldwide 62
iFinance 1.1.4 financial management 61
Crm4Mac 1.1.0 integrates iCal, Address Book, Mail... 60
Skooby Renamer 0.9.5a4 file renaming utility with its own file browser 59
iClock 2.1.2 menu bar date/time/stocks/alarms/time zone 58
newslite 1.1.0 command line tool for yEnc binary news downloading & decoding 57
Design Intuition 1.4.0 cabinetry/woodworking 3D CAD software 56
Trade Strategist 1.0.0 stock market charting & strategy design 55
CheckMark Payroll 6.5.2 Payroll for small/medium businesses 54
EasyPhoto 1.3.1 crop, resize, print, & more for digital cameras 53
Photo to Movie 3.1.11 create movie by zooming/pan over images 52
Accessorizer 0.9.9p Objective-C and Java services, accessors... 51
Project Timer Pro 1.1.2 time tracking, accounting, invoice, billing 50
Flashmode 1.0.0 enables simultaneous typesetting as Textures did 49
Bryce-Zion-Capital Reef National Parks 2.8.0 topo maps with waypoints 48
CopyPaste + yType 2.5.0 multiple clipboard, type accelerator, inline calc 47
Easy Card 3.0.1 create & email or print personalized greeting cards 46
Everglades-Biscayne National Parks 2.8.0 topo maps with waypoints 45
KnowledgeMiner 5.0.9 Data mining tool for predictive modeling 44
Camino 0.8.2 web browser 43
Open-Xchange 0.7.5 groupware 42
Microspot DWG Viewer 1.6.0 view and print DWG files in 2D 41
Creative Manager Pro 7.4.0 design/ad agency, project management 40
The Test Factory 4.8.0 App to create multiple choice tests 39
Athenaeums 1.4.0 EIMS filter for archiving all logs 38
SharedPlan Project Management 1.6.7 project management tool 37
iMovie Lens Filter 1.0.0 plug-in emulates millions of lens filters 36
dotMac Menu 2.0.0 customizable menu extra for .mac experience 35
AFDragHandler 1.1.0 realbasic plugin for translucent drag/tracking... 34
Calillona 2.0.0b Desktop app to browse Amazon's catalog (USA, UK, Germany) 33
RSSOwl - rc1 RSS, RDF, Atom newsreader 32
TestTrack Pro 7.0.3 Developer bug tracking tool 31
D-Vision 3.0.0 encode Divx 3, Divx 4, Xvid with Mencoder 30
Slovar 1.3.0 Slovene-Dutch dictionary 29
ToyTracker 1.5.0 Track maintenance on cars and boats 28
iVideo 2.5.3 intuitive video organizer/player 27
GarageRemote 1.0.2d1 Control GarageBand transport via MIDI controller. 26
PhotoLine 32 11.04.0 Powerful image effects processor and transparent gif converter. 25
Konfabulator 1.8.2 Create desktop Widgets to do just about anything. 24
1001 1.0.0b20 Manage photos on your Flickr account. 23
ID Images Book 1.0.0 Create image catalogues in Adobe InDesign CS. 22
CoLocalizer Pro 1.1.1 Scientific calculator of colocalization coefficients. 21
CDpedia 1.0.6 CD management solution w/iTunes interface. 20
Jacket 0.5.6 iTunes plugin which displays image files you make. 19
VoodooPad Lite 2.0.0 Free version of a popular notepad. 18
CoMa 7.0.0 Fax, voice & answering machine system. 17
biOpen 1.4.0 Sequence analysis and structure visualizer. 16
PlayPod 0.2.0 RSS podcast client 15
VoodooPad 2.0.0 Notepad with many advanced features. 14
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 2.7.1 FileMaker Pro dialog plug-in. 13
OpenCT 0.6.2 A framework for smart card readers. 12
QuiKView 1.1.0 A simple, fast, and portable image viewer usable with only the keyboard. 11
Syntext Serna 2.1.0b A cross-platform WYSIWYG XML editor with XSL-on-the-fly rendering. 10
WinSwitch 3.0.0b Access Fast User Switching via slim menubar item. 9
DropDV 2.0.0 Convert MPEG video into DV streams. 8
Goldfish Aquarium 1.01.0 Stunning virtual fish tank. 7
Web Photos Pro 1.0.0b15a For photo bloggers and other photo power users. 6
Java Embedding Plugin 0.8.8 Allows browsers to use latest Java. 5
AudioFinder 3.4.3 Manage your audio sample library. 4
DrPython 3.7.3 A powerful cross-platform IDE for Python. 3
VTReader 1.4.0 Video text reader. 2
AppHack 1.0.0 Alter/replace/extract application property lists, icons. 1
Sun 05 Dec 2004 Sat 04 Dec 2004 Fri 03 Dec 2004


Wider Is Better 2004-11-08 20:07:28
Slightly tweaked the HTML to display the icons horizontally even when a long description would normally stack them vertically. In most cases, the should result in a more compact, readable page.
Support For Direct Links 2004-10-27 22:01:13
Since we sometimes have to go to developer sites to determine the correct name when there are duplicates, it makes sense that we now add that link to our database. A direct link should be obvious enough because the name itself will display as a link. In theory, we can make any piece of software a direct link, but it's still all manual and so the plan is to provide direct links only in special circumstances.
Better Duplicate Handling 2004-10-26 10:10:38
Sometimes the same piece of software gets announced on different sites with a different name. This usually occurs when there is a discrepancy in case (e.g., Objectscript vs. ObjectScript) or because some listing add an unnecessary token to denote Mac OS X software (e.g., AstroShareX vs. AstroShare or Apple iTunes vs. iTunes). From now on, they will be normalized and listed together under the actual name. This requires us to manually discover the duplicate and go to the software's site to get the actual information to make the correction. Because of that, there may be a delay in grouping duplicates, or we might miss a duplicate altogether. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you see duplicates that are not grouped together as they should be.
News Section Added 2004-10-22 15:52:54
MAT has been operating, aside from HTML tweaks, without much human involvement behind the scenes since April. Some new ideas are in the works that will change all that, and hopefully you'll find it's for the better. As a prelude to announcing those updates, we offer up this brand-spanking-new section on the page.

Built Using

An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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