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Software Releases: Tue 31 Aug 2004 updated 23:59:59 CDT

Mon 30 Aug 2004 Sun 29 Aug 2004 Sat 28 Aug 2004
Apple AirPort Extreme Driver 3.4.3 for OS X 10.3 - use Software Update 100
Shade 7 designer LE 7.1.3 The intuitive and fun 3D graphics suite for creative designers and new 3D users. 99
Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Unrentide 1.64.0b2 Delve further into the Forgotten Realms with with this exciting expansion pack. 98
Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark 1.64.0b2 The subterranean Underdark, one of the most awe-inspiring worlds in the history of D&D awaits you in this expansion. 97
AirPort Card Update 2004-08-31 Improves reliability in mixed 802.11b/802.11g environs. 96
QuickLite 1.5.0b1 cocoa wrapper for SQLite 95
Neko Widget 1.0.0 Neko cat widget for Konfabulator 94
MusicMagic Mixer 1.1.2b4 Manage your digital music library. 93
iLingo 1.0.0 Equips iPod-toting travelers with over 450 translations of essential words and phrases per language. 92
QuickLite 1.5 beta 1.0.0 A Cocoa wrapper for SQLite, the embeddable SQL database engine. 91
Dominions II: The Ascension Wars 2.13.0 An epic turn-based fantasy strategy game unlike any other fantasy strategy title that you’ve ever played. 90
Revolution 2.5.0 The user-centric development tool for every major platform, easy to use and packed with features. 89
wnews 0.7.0 A console-centric RSS news reader. 88
Nmap 3.70.0 A network exploration tool and security/port scanner 87
Avenir 1.2.0 Tools for writers. 86
PulpFiction Lite 1.0.2 RSS/Atom feed reader. 85
MidiFork 2.5.0 unusual MIDI controller, for IAC or external devices 84
PulpFiction 1.0.2 RSS/Atom newsfeed reader 83
Simodifier 3.0.0v character editor for The Sims 82
Ampede 1.0.2 use PDF/Illustrator drawings in Final Cut Pro 81
Adobe InCopy 3.0.1 publishing tool (use built-in update manager) 80
PhotoKit SHARPENER 1.2.2 Produces the optimum sharpness on any image. 79
IFSLab 0.9.5 Create iterated function system fractals. 78
iView MediaPro 2.6.0 Media file organizer. 77
DrPython 3.4.3 A powerful cross-platform IDE for Python. 76
Freefall 1.0.0 Satellite discovery and exploration application. 75
ConverTable Planets 1.7.0 Teaching tool for unit conversions and gravity. 74
Neverwinter Nights Updater 1.6.4b2 Adds new game resources. 73
TinyBooks 2.0.5 family & small business accounting & bookkeeping 72
Neverwinter Nights 1.64.0b2 Dungeons & Dragons-like RPG 71
EyeTV 1.6.0 TiVo-like TV recorders 70
fennel DVDManager 1.0.0 Manage your DVD collection. 69
CD Jacquet 1.5.3 make attractive CD cover from iTunes tracks selection 68
Fax Status 0.3.1 adds menu bar status item for Panther's fax software 67
DeepVacuum 1.2.0 wget download/mirroring utility for ftp, http 66
Planet Thirteen Screensaver 1.0.5 Screen Saver with Interactive Mode. 65
ImagePort 1.3.2 Place layered Photoshop files into QuarkXPress. 64
EyeTV Updater 1.6.0 Improves iSight compatibility and more. 63
Assignment Planner 1.0.0b track homework assignments for all of your classes 62
Printer Setup Repair 4.1.4 repair Printer Setup Utility & CUPS problems 61
kTunes 1.0.0d67 Rip, mix, play & burn CD+G disks. 60
iPaste 1.1.0b keep frequently used items a click away 59
ALAP ImagePort 1.3.2 multi-layered Photoshop files in Quark 58
kTunes 1.0.0d7 rip and play CD+G karaoke discs on your Mac 57
Tsunami 1.6.0 software synthesizer 56
Client 1.1.1 store your customers, invoices and all your products 55
Virtual Volume Browser 1.5.3 REAlbasic volume library. 54
Antispam X3 1.0.0 Filter spam from Apple Mail and Entourage. 53
DiskGuard X3 1.0.0 Password protect internal & removable media. 52
MacFamilyTree 4.0.5 Genealogy application. 51
MapSpinner 1.0.0b2 Image map creator. 50
404 NA iconSet 1.0.0 Cute and crazy icon set. 49
Java Serialization to XML JSX serializes all Java objects to XML in one line, with no mappings or setup. 48
PLAY 2.5.1 configures recordings for lectures & broadcast them 47
Skype Uses P2P for voice transmission. 46
McSerialNumber 3.1.6 Registration database. 45
Batch Image Process 1.0.0 Convert image formats, create thumbnails. 44
You Control: iTunes 1.2.3 access iTunes library & controls from menu bar 43
SkalMac Tuner 1.0.0 guitar tuner 42
MacGPS Pro 5.2.1 connect your GPS to a Mac 41
SEEdit 2.0.0fc2 XHTML editor 40
Download Accelerator Plus 2.0.0 download manager 39
PLAY 2.5.0 configures recordings for lectures & broadcast them 38
Directors NoteBook SA 1.6.0e TV commercial director notebook 37
BiokularPLM 1.0.0 database for the molecular biology laboratory 36
Batch Process Images 1.0.0 batch convert image formats & create thumbnails 35
Word Translator 5.0.0b2 Dictionary/translation tool, more than 12 languages. 34
US Constitution and Government Quizzer 6.0.1 Educational flashcard tutorial. 33
WSL-Amazon 1.0.0 REALbasic Amazon.com web services library. 32
LicenseLock Server 1.0.1 Application protection software. 31
QuickMail Pro 3.5.0b1 Intuitive email client. 30
You Control: iTunes 1.0.0 Control iTunes from your menu bar. 29
Pixellate Transitions 1.0.0 iMovie pixel effect plug-in. 28
MacTarot 0.95.0 Virtual tarot card reader. 27
CGM DVE Complete 2.4.1 Professional Final Cut Pro/Express plugins. 26
JXMLPad 2.5.0 A swing based component for editing easily XML/XHTML documents. 25
ActionItems 2.07.0 Turns notes into actionable items that can be assigned, prioritized, reviewed and tracked for progress and completion. 24
ZOE 0.6.0 Browser-based email client. 23
Equinox 5.1.0 Powerful astronomy program. 22
TeXShop 1.35.0 A TeX editor and previewer for Mac OS X. 21
SEEdit 2.0.0 fc2 XHTML editor. 20
Checkers Challenge 1.0.0 Checkers board game. 19
Jiggler 1.1.0 Prevent screensaver and screen mode activation. 18
4D 2004.0.0 4th Dimension relational database system 17
CE QuickMail Pro 3.5.0b1 client component for the email system 16
TimeBox 5.4.3 web-enabled time management app 15
US Constitution & Government Quizzer 6.0.1 civics quizzer 14
Barcode Automator 3.0.0 barcode generation/automation 13
Patent Grabber 3.2.1b1 auto-download info about U.S. patents 12
Passenger 3.1.0a3 Server password generator. 11
AudioRack 1.1.0r1 Audio player for live-assist/automated radio. 10
FontFX7 1.3.0 Create graphic files from font definitions, and more. 9
Mesh 1.12.0 measures distortion between two discrete surfaces 8
PhotoKit Sharpener 1.2.2 Photoshop plug-in, complete sharpening workflow 7
Site Studio 1.1.1 web site creator 6
PDF Browser Plugin 2.1.0 displays PDFs in web browsers 5
SonicMood 2.0.2 Plays smooth melodies while you work. 4
Westlund Piano Method Flash Cards 1.0.0b1 Music note naming instruction and drill 3
MegaTrack 1.0.0 An Atlantic tropical storm tracker. 2
Ovolab Phlink 1.5.0 Ovolab Telephone Adapter caller ID system. 1
Mon 30 Aug 2004 Sun 29 Aug 2004 Sat 28 Aug 2004

Built Using

An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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