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Software Releases: Mon 30 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:00 CDT

Sun 29 Aug 2004 Sat 28 Aug 2004 Fri 27 Aug 2004
File RoundUp 2.2.1 Catalog and search files quickly. 91
Lazy8 Ledger 2.20.0 Accounting software for business or personal needs. 90
aMSN 0.93.0 MSN Messenger clone 89
BitWise Chat 1.0.3a2 encrypted cross-platform P2P IM/file sharing 88
JUCE 1.3.0 A complete class library for developing graphical/audio applications. 87
cb2Bib 0.2.3 A bibliographic reference extracting tool. 86
Fax Status 0.3.0 Displays fax activity. 85
Web Photos Pro 1.0.0b12 for photo bloggers & photo power users 84
Hijack iTunes 1.9.0 automate Audio Hijack / iTunes interaction 83
The AlphaWipe-collection 1.0.0 versatile wipe effect tool for Final Cut Pro/Express 82
AudioRack 1.1.0 audio player for broadcast/webstreaming 81
Hijack iTunes 2.0.0b1 Automates Audio Hijack Pro & iTunes. 80
Bitwise Chat 1.0.3a2 Full-featured secure chat app. 79
phpMyVisites 1.2 stable A Web traffic analyzer with very detailed reports and advanced graphics. 78
ACal Project 2.2.0 An easy-to-use Web-based event calendar. 77
MUMenu 2.1.1 Menu Item displays latest MacUpdate releases in pull down menu. 76
iDo Script Scheduler 1.6.0b17 run scripts at specified times 75
Kick-off! 1.7.0b17 Automatic solution for restarting crashed USB Macs 74
ACal Calendar 2.2.0 web based event calendar 73
PowerKey Pro 4.3.0b17 programmable power strip 72
CallVantage Dialer 1.2.1 Automates process of dialing numbers via CallVantage. 71
ATI NVIDIA GET VRAM 0.71.0 Displays available VRAM. 70
NewsFire 0.1.0 rss news reader 69
ViewIt 2.5.2 image viewer, slide show, image organizer 68
TOKI LineTest 4.1.0 linetest for animation movies and cartoons 67
Net Stakeout 1.0.0b15 Get notified when web page content changes. 66
Tex-Edit Plus 4.8.0 scriptable text editor with many features 65
JasperAssistant 1.3.3 Visual report designer for JasperReports. 64
Macabinet 1.7.2 themeable drawer for storing files 63
KTunes 1.0.0d6 Rip, mix, play & burn CD+G disks. 62
Mail Archiver 1.2.0b3 archive, clean & browse your email 61
kTunes 1.0.0d6 rip and play CD+G karaoke discs 60
Manuscript 1.5.3 specialized word processor for authors 59
GLUON DocuSlim EV 3.14.0 Quark/Photoshop auto crop, resize... 58
Romanian Keyboards 2.1.0 keyboards for Romanian 57
NetShred 3.5.1 Delete your browser cache, cookie, history, and more. 56
ShredIt 5.5.1 erase files, disk free space, hard drives & more 55
PhoneAgent 1.2.0 Sony Ericsson T610, T616, T630, Z600, K700i phonebook, SMS, MMS... 54
NetShred 3.6.1 securely delete browser cache, history, email... 53
TaskTime 2.1.3 Track time spent on client projects. 52
TexShop 1.35.0 TeX previewer, TeXLive-teTeX avail as alt download 51
viJournal 1.4.0 personal journal with blogging support 50
TeXShop 1.3.5 TeX front end. 49
iStopMotion 1.5.0b7 Create stop-motion animated movies. 48
Fidget Menu 1.2.0b8 Add apps, documents & web links to a menu. 47
Cocoa NewsPost 1.1.0 Usenet auto-posting application. 46
Business Card Composer 2.3.0 create and print business cards 45
Boinx iStopMotion 1.5.0b7 stop motion animation & time-lapse 44
VLC module for Romeo 1.0.0 43
Sample Manager 1.4.0 batch audio processor 42
iTreo 1.3.0 access Treo 600, Zire photos on your Mac 41
iNetCourier 1.0.0 Web browser FTP client. 40
FileMaker Pro Server 7.0.0v1a Server edition of FileMaker Pro 39
iGetter 2.0.0 download manager and accelerator 38
BBEdit 8.0.0 popular HTML & text editing tool 37
TypeTrainer4Mac 1.3.0 easy to use typing tutor for 7 keyboard layouts 36
MediaEdit 1.7.0fc3 movie editing environment 35
IP Scanner 1.1.1 displays all machines, users & IPs on a local network 34
white_dune 0.27.0beta188 A graphical VRML97 editor and animation tool. 33
Open-Xchange 0.7.0 A groupware for sharing items with other users. 32
Elmer 5.5.1 sample tests help prepare for written ham radio exams 31
OSX SkyFighters 1945 0.52.0 WWII flight sim: network play & builder 30
GRASS GIS 040830 geographic resources analysis support system 29
iEvents 2.1.0 Create website calendars. 28
Press Release Tracker 1.2.0 tracks distribution of your press releases 27
Zoe 0.6.0 browser based email client 26
Augustus Loop 1.1.0 Audio Unit looping device 25
BiokularPrimer LE 1.0.0 calculator to design primers for PCR 24
e-mageSync 1.0.0d23 Create a dynamic website for photographers. 23
loopBlock 0.1.0b IP address blocker using /etc/hosts file. 22
Youpi Optimizer 1.7.0 Delete resources for extra HD space. 21
athenaCL 1.2.2 pitch set tool & algorithmic composition in Csound 20
MacMemoriesManager 2.15.0 amateur radio memories manager 19
SM2DGraphView 1.3.0 framework for adding graphs to apps 18
Battle For Wesnoth 0.8.3 fantasy strategy game 17
KDX 1.52.0 Hotline-like client/server system with encryption 16
DataViz Documents To Go 7.002.0 Use Word, Excel files on a Palm 15
System Optimizer 4.5.4 Improves OSX system speed and stability. 14
chartConstructor 2.0.0b1 Gantt and PERT chart creator 13
MediaMaid FM 6.0.0b8 media asset management for FileMaker 12
loopBlock 1.0.0b Domain or IP address blocking 11
Quick Calendar 2.1.3 Simple app for browsing the months of the year 10
SmartRooms 11.0.0 Medical practice management software 9
ConvertImages 4.2.1 Convert most images to JPEGs. 8
RealPlayer 10.0.1 Alpha (Linux/Unix/Solaris Plays streaming audio and video over the Internet 7
JXM 1.2.0 Control program for the XMPCR. 6
MacBusiness 2.94.0 Job & time tracker business app. 5
Unison 1.5.0 Usenet newsreader handles messages, files, & media. 4
Vocal Lab 2.0.2 Learn to sing on key. 3
FastScripts 2.0.6 Menu item quickly runs AppleScripts. 2
ATI NVIDIA GET VRAM 0.701.0 Displays available VRAM. 1
Sun 29 Aug 2004 Sat 28 Aug 2004 Fri 27 Aug 2004

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A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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