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Software Releases: Thu 26 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:00 CDT

Wed 25 Aug 2004 Tue 24 Aug 2004 Mon 23 Aug 2004
AcidSearch 0.21.0 Add search channels to Safari`s Google field. 76
AirPort 4.0.1 for Mac none This update is recommended for all customers with AirPort Express base stations. 75
LimeWire 4.1.5 Gnutella network file searcher (beta version). 74
TaskTime 2.1.0 Track time spent on client projects. 73
AudioTools Pro 5.0.0 Music production calculator tool. 72
DeskLapz 1.01.0 Live picture feed desktop picture tool. 71
TaskBar 2.0.0 REALbasic plugin control to create task bars 70
Web Photos Pro 1.0.0b11 for photo bloggers & photo power users 69
CrushFTP 3.5.1 FTP server: remote admin, virtual serving, zip on the fly 68
GPSBabel 1.2.3 Converts waypoints/tracks/routes from one format to another. 67
Sticky Windows 1.0.0b Extends the tab browsing experience to the Desktop. 66
AirPort 4.0.1 for Mac 4.0.1 This update is recommended for all customers with AirPort Express base stations. 65
Bollywood Dreams - Apple Loops 1.0.0 Superb collection of Bollywood inspired loops for GarageBand! 64
Cryptix 0.1.0e Cryptography tool. 63
Apple Airport Express 4.0.1 Recommended for AirPort Express users. 62
Apple AirPort Express Update 4.0.1 for AirPort Express device 61
TimeSlice 2.8.3 Record time tasks on your Macintosh. 60
MPlayer 2.0.0b8r2 Play 3ivx, DivX 3/4/5, and other video formats. 59
Hubi's iTunes Scripts 1.9.0 iTunes AppleScripts. 58
TimeSliceX 2.8.3 time & billing app for tracking time 57
DVDxDV 1.0931.0 extracts audio/video from DVDs to QuickTime 56
Sticky Windows 1.0 Beta Transforms your windows into tabs when you drag a window towards the edge of your screen. 55
Mozilla Camino 0.8.1 A simple, small and fast browser for Mac OS X. 54
Books 2.0.9rc7 Personal library management software 53
PithHelmet 2.0.1 Add basic but powerful content filtering to Safari. 52
Disk Velox 0.3.0 Simple RAM disk. 51
Veenix: Design Type Tools 1.3.0 Set of tools and utilities for graphic and web professionals. 50
Client 1.0.0 store your customers, invoices and all your products 49
SoundDog 1.0.0 audio file inspector 48
PreDView 1.1.0 preview available video and audio sources 47
LinkLines 1.1.0 Classic Lines arcade puzzle game. 46
FastAndSlow 1.0.0 Menubar item, adjust Powerbook/iBook CPU setting. 45
GrooveLoops 1.4.0 drum machine for drum patterns, loops, grooves 44
Creative Manager Pro 7.2.0 design/ad agency, project management 43
VueScan 8.0.14 scanner software for flatbed & film scanners 42
Stickler 0.9.0 Skinnable RSS newsfeed ticker. 41
DreamStreamX 0.74.0b Dreambox streaming/recording/remote tool. 40
MacLoggerDX 3.9.8b5 Auto DX radio tuner. 39
ProPresenter 082604 presentation software for church worship environments 38
CopyWrite 2.1.4 project management tool for writers of all kinds 37
Chicken of the VNC 2.0.0b2 VNC client 36
FastTrack Schedule 8.0.8 project scheduling software 35
IFSLab 0.9.3 Interactively generate beautiful IFS fractals 34
BackgroundSaver 1.3.1b use screen savers for the Finder background 33
Mondtag 0.8.0 A lunar calendar. 32
Monkeybread REALbasic plugin 4.2.0 8200 REALbasic functions 31
Make Symlink 1.1.0 make symbolic links using a contextual menu 30
mailgest 1.0.0 mailing list manager, in Filemaker Pro 29
ATI NVIDIA GET VRAM 0.62.0 Displays available VRAM. 28
Tunes Menu 1.3.0 Grabs purchase info for iTunes music. 27
Platypus Wiki 0.5.0 A semantic Wiki Wiki Web. 26
Alepin 3.1.1 Notepad and scrapbook. 25
RAR 3.40.0b5 Manage and control archive files. 24
GEDitCOM 3.7.0b3 Geneology software. 23
SWF, Lock & Load 1.102.0 Create Flash Preloaders in seconds. 22
InMath 1.5.0 Mathematical character plug-in for InDesign. 21
iBirthday 2.3.2 Birthday date notifier alarm. 20
Photo Mechanic 4.2.0 professional digital camera image browser 19
Audacity 1.2.2 audio editor with effects, mixing, & unlimited undo 18
Camino 0.8.1 web browser 17
iuPro 1.0.2 investment property analysis tools 16
GEDitCOM 3.70.0b3 genealogy: view & create standard .ged files 15
Birthday Reminder 1.2.1 birthday reminder from Address Book 14
Macromedia Contribute 3.0.0 Web content publishing tool 13
OmniWeb 5.0.1 web browser with many advanced features 12
M[osX]S 1.2.0 Xchat-Aqua Script for SysInfo 11
CrushFTP 3.5.0 FTP server: remote admin, virtual serving, zip on the fly 10
TinnitusTamerX 2.0.0 reduce or eliminate sounds for sufferers of Tinnitus 9
cscreen 1.3.0 command line app to switch screen resolution/depth 8
Nightie-Night 0.9.0 Sleep timer with volume fading on wake 7
PracBuilder 1.2.0 sports practice scheduler/builder 6
PithHelmet 2.0.0 Safari plugin adds content filtering and site preferences 5
Alepin 3.11.0 notepad/scrapbook with iPod export 4
Proteus 4.07.0 Chat with AIM, Jabber, Yahoo, ICQ, and more. 3
iBrowser 1.6.0b4 Fullscreen/desktop web browser. 2
GmailStatus 0.9.0 Menubar item displays number of unread Gmail. 1
Wed 25 Aug 2004 Tue 24 Aug 2004 Mon 23 Aug 2004

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A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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