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Software Releases: Mon 23 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:00 CDT

Sun 22 Aug 2004 Sat 21 Aug 2004 Fri 20 Aug 2004
PhotoReviewer 1.3.0 Sort incoming digital photos. 111
Sawmill 7.0.3 Hierarchical web server log analyzer. 110
Photon 1.0.4 Manage Moveable Type & TypePad blogs. 109
xPad 1.1.0 Notebook/scrapbook supports drag & drop. 108
Alepin 3.1.0 notepad/scrapbook with iPod export 107
iClock 2.0.0b17 menu bar date/time/stocks/alarms/time zone 106
MacaRa Modem Magic 5.8.0 3rd party modem drivers 105
Mac OS X Server Admin Tools 10.3.5 none The 10.3.5 Admin Tools Update installs updated versions of the Mac OS X Server 10.3 administration software. 104
Photon 1.0.0 Upload your photos from iPhoto to your weblog 103
RunManager 8.0.0a9 record keeper for runners/joggers 102
Panther Cache Cleaner 2.4.2 auto system maintenance/optimize 101
Keyword Page Creator 1.1.0 Make keyword optimized web pages 100
CD-SW Composer 0.7.2 Basic HTML Creator for Mac OS X. 99
Flesh 0.92.0 document readability calculator 98
TrainingLog 2.0.0b11 athletic training session log 97
Midifork 2.0.3 An unusual MIDI controller which supports a variety of output options. 96
Chimera 1.09.0 A 3D engine, provided as screensaver and executable for Mac OS X with a lot of optional scenes. 95
Betty’s Beer Bar 1.3.1 Help the sexy Betty leave her workplace and buy her own island in the caribbean! 94
Nanosaur II: Hatchling 1.0.7 A continuation of the original Nanosaur storyline, yet this time you get to fly a pteradactyl. 93
iAssist - 1-014 Internet server manager 92
SpellingChecker 1.0.3 REALbasic spelling check plugin 91
SyncUp 1.1.0 utility to perform synchronizing backups 90
Convertigo 1.0.0 Access to common units conversions. 89
DX ToolBox 2.2.0 Internet geomagnetic & solar searcher. 88
Peep 1.1.0 open any file & displays contents as raw data or text 87
Mac Messenger 3.4.0 MSN chat client. 86
OurTunes 1.3.1 Java-based system for sharing iTunes music. 85
freePhotoConverter 3.5.0 Compress the size of JPEG photos. 84
Weather Watch 1.1.0 View weather forecasts for the USA. 83
syncup 1.1.0 File/folder synchronization tool. 82
TruEdit 3.1.1 InDesign & InCopy folder-based editorial workflow 81
PodGourmet 1.0.0 Recipes on your iPod. 80
RadicalSqueeze 2.0.1 Compress files using .zip/.tar/.gzip formats. 79
sterMachine 1.2.4 Run Cronjobs when you want. 78
3D-Finder 1.0.0b1 launcher, finder featuring interactive 3D landscapes 77
PictureSwitch 1.0.0 change your desktop picture from a system-wide menu 76
Forms To Go 2.5.7 custom PHP, ASP, Perl scripts for HTML forms 75
Photosphere 1.2.0 Image browser and cataloging application. 74
FormsToGo 2.5.7 Create PHP, ASP, or Perl scripts for HTML forms. 73
JigSaw 1.5.6 Join segmented files. 72
Streamline Media Server 1.0.0-Alph5 A streaming media server. 71
VPN Tracker 3.0.1 encrypted network connections with IPsec 70
YAiC 2.0.0 unobtrusive iTunes controller 69
JobCapture 5.01.0 auto-time job jacket dialog appears when docs close 68
convmv 1.08.0 A tool to convert filenames from one encoding to another. 67
KiBizSystem 3.5.0 business management & accounting for small business 66
CPUPowerUp 1 Allocate more power to frontmost app. 65
CPUPowerUp 1.0.0b2 increases allocation for frontmost app 64
Diatoms Screen Saver 1.1.0 screen saver based on a fast fourier transform 63
FmPro Migrator 2.19.0 migrates FileMaker to most databases 62
Troi File Plug-in 3.0.1 adds file manipulation functions to FileMaker 61
Acquisition 111.8.0 peer to peer file sharing client 60
FXWitz SWF Editor 2.0.0 build animated Flash photo gallery with thumbnails 59
iuPro 1.0.1 Property analysis & management tool. 58
cmdClock 0.2.0b A discreet command-line tool. 57
MacDialer 1.6.9 Dial phone numbers from your Mac. 56
Parnian for Freehand 3.0.0 Allows publishing in Arabic/Farsi. 55
Membrane Button 1.2.0 Emulate the appearance of membrane-style buttons. 54
Calillona 1.6.1 search Amazon US, UK, Germany, Japan from Sherlock 53
Parnian 3.0.0 for Arabic/Farsi page layout under Freehand 52
sterMachine 1.2.3 Run Cronjobs when you want. 51
AnomicHTTPProxy 0.25.0 A caching + scraping proxy and distributed search engine. 50
Agenda 3.1.1 Virtual greeter & scheduler. 49
Cocoa NewsPost 1.0.0b7 Usenet auto-posting application. 48
iClip - 3.2 2.0.0 multiple clipboard / scrapbook 47
UnCoverIt 2.1.0b4 create disk labels for data, audio, MP3 CDs & more 46
Graphviz 1.13 (v16) Graph layout solution. 45
Nanosaur 2: Hatchling 1.0.7 3D virtual dinosaur game. 44
iClip 3.2.0b2 Get past the limitations of a single Clipboard. 43
Graphviz - (v16) automated graph layout software 42
Nanosaur 2 Hatchling 1.0.7 flying action-adventure game 41
DTP Multicalc 1.2.0 Calculates picas, points, inches and cms/mms 40
Sketska 2.1.0b1 Vector drawing application based on SVG. 39
BlogWave Studio 1.1.4 desktop blogging for .Mac subscribers 38
DesktopSweeper 1.1.0 control whether or not desktop icons are displayed 37
BlogWave Studio for .Mac 1.1.4 Blog app for .Mac homepage services. 36
Butler 4.0.0b18 Hot key, menu, and keyword launcher. 35
E-cognito 1.5.0 Text-to-ASCII translator, specifically for encoding email links 34
Finder Window Manager 1.9.4 create Finder window sets & more 33
Name those Files! 2.0.2 rename groups of files 32
MMInputFamily 0.6.6 digital tv pci & usb drivers (incl. satellite,HDTV,etc) 31
JES Deinterlacer 2.6.3 QuickTime deinterlacer. 30
PithHelmet 2.0.0b45 Add basic but powerful content filtering to Safari. 29
DVD Cache 0.976.0 Keep track of your DVD collection. 28
MacLoggerDX 3.9.8b4 Auto DX radio tuner. 27
KeyContacts Conduit 0.3.4 Sync Entourage address data with KeyContacts. 26
SimMon 2.4.0 A cross platform Java and Web based system monitoring tool. 25
CD Jacquet 1.5.1 CD cover art maker. 24
DeepVacuum 1.1.0 File download utility based on wget. 23
pro Fit 6.0.0b7 Data analysis and plotting software. 22
ViewIt 2.5.1 Nice and easy image browser. 21
iMailist 2.0.6 Send HTML-formatted mail to mail lists. 20
ToDo X to iPod Notes 1.0.0 Copy ToDo X notes to an iPod. 19
MacTarot 0.70.0 18
WebServerX Kit 0.2.0 Easy way to install latest versions Apache/PHP/MySQL. 17
Rot13 1.0.0 Convert text using ROT-13. 16
MultiPage 2.0.0 Creates and exports pages and pdf files inside Adobe Illustrator 15
TeXMaker 1.11.0 integrated enviroment for LaTeX documents 14
pro Fit 6.0.0B7 data/function analysis, plotting & curve fit graphing 13
Yellow Button 2.1.3 Dock addition: app/document launcher 12
Patent Grabber 3.1.0b1 auto-download info about U.S. patents 11
WebAlbum 2.1.1 create html album pages from folder of images 10
Virex 7.5.0 virus protection utility 9
Virex X (.Mac edition) 7.5.0 virus protection (for .Mac subscribers only) 8
Fink 0.7.0 CVS_SNAP-20040823 A source-retrieving package manager for Mac OS X. 7
Java Serialization to XML 2.2.3 JSX serializes all Java objects to XML in one line, with no mappings or setup. 6
WinSwitch 1.5.0 An enhanced replacement for Apple's Fast User Switching menu. 5
Platypus 2.5.0 create Mac OS X applications from scripts 4
Blocks 1.0.0 Tetris clone 3
Gmsh 1.55.0 A 3D finite element mesh generator with built-in CAD engine and post-processor. 2
StudioCzar Pro 1.5.0 project expense tracking & management 1
Sun 22 Aug 2004 Sat 21 Aug 2004 Fri 20 Aug 2004

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A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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