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Software Releases: Sun 22 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:01 CDT

Sat 21 Aug 2004 Fri 20 Aug 2004 Thu 19 Aug 2004
FreeDMG 0.4.1 Drag and drop disk image creation. 34
My Calendar 11.0.0 calendar creator; notes, banners, graphics... 33
FreeDMG 0.4.0b1 Drag and drop disk image creation software 32
GrooveLoops 1.3.0 drum machine for drum patterns, loops, grooves 31
Illumination 1.0.1 Index/search any volume. 30
M[osX]S 1.1.0 Xchat-Aqua Script for SysInfo 29
CalamarBilling 0.4.0 project time billing filemaker database 28
browserTunes 0.1.8b browser-based iTunes remote control 27
freePhotoConverter 3.0.1 Compress the size of JPEG photos. 26
LogTen 2.0.2 Professional logbook solution for pilots. 25
The Fontz 3.7.2 Font browser, organizer, and text styler. 24
BookmarkCheck 2.0.1 Checks validity of your Safari bookmarks. 23
freePhotoConverter 3.0.0 shrink any image file size for email 22
compsortall 1.01.0 compare molecules to determine most similar conformations 21
Cookie Dog 2.0.2 Selectively delete cookies. 20
MediaEdit 1.7.0fc2 Add stunning transitions and effects to your movies. 19
Asterisk FWD Assistant 1.0.0 Setup assistant to add FWD accounts to Asterisk 18
Xaes 0.6.0 Cocoa GPL implementation of AES crypto algorithm 17
Asterisk New Extension Assistant 1.0.0 Setup assistant adds phones, extensions to Asterisk 16
SoraTile 2.4.8 application switcher & useful menu 15
Quick Calendar 2.1.2 simple app for browsing the months of the year 14
Patent Grabber 3.0.0beta Download US patent information. 13
Jacksum 1.5.0 A checksum/CRC/hash utility written entirely in Java. 12
Keep-It-Up 3.3.0 Monitors applications to make sure they are still running. 11
SerieFoot 1.0.1 Stores soccer match results/computes rankings. 10
Split&Concat 2.2.1 Splits large files for upload. 9
Print Documents CM 1.0.9 Print documents using a contextual menu. 8
FoldingObserver 1.1.0 Monitor progress of your Folding@Home network. 7
PhotoExpress 1.2.2 Edit, convert, share digital images. 6
MacHacha 2.0.0b1 Split and join multiple file formats. 5
WebServerX Kit 0.1.0 Easy way to install latest versions Apache/PHP/MySQL. 4
PictureSnooperPE 0.9.3b find & download Usenet binaries 3
SQ905 3b2 For cheap cameras with the sq905 chip. 2
TAO 1.0.0b4 Information outliner (was FO Outiner). 1

Built Using

An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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