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Software Releases: Thu 19 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:00 CDT

Wed 18 Aug 2004 Tue 17 Aug 2004 Mon 16 Aug 2004
Thucydides none Creates a Safari history searchable/sortable table. 86
Logitech Control Center 1.30.0 Driver software for Logitech’s USB pointing devices and keyboards. 85
Finale 2005.0.0 Providing more intuitive interaction for unsurpassable results in creating, customizing and sharing printed music. 84
HP ScanJet 4570c/5500c Scanner 7.1.9 This is the full software installation for HP Photo and Imaging for the HP scanjet 4570c/5500c series of scanners. 83
webPhoto 1.2.0 Java app places iPhoto library online. 82
FontFX7 1.2.0 fancy title graphics made easy 81
iPodBackup 1.1.0b4 backup your home folder to your iPod 80
iuPro 1.0.0 investment property analysis tools 79
OO Script Frameworks none php bundle and perl bundle. ( Apache Apple/opendarwin natif 1.3 DSO ) 78
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 2.7.0 This FileMaker plug-in displays almost arbitrary dialog box, combining text fields, passwords, pop-up menus, and more. 77
Spamfire 1.6.2 spam protection and revenge 76
upCast 5.2.1 Word/RTF to XML converter written in Java 75
iPick 1.2.1 gives the HTML hex value for multiple colors 74
downCast 1.5.3 XML to Word/RTF converter written in Java 73
iTaf 1.1.0 Wake up with iTunes. 72
Sunbird 0.2.0a standalone calendar based on Mozilla Calendar, similar to iCal 71
Class View 1.0.0 hierarchical class browser for REALbasic 70
terminalChat.widget 0.3.0 Konfabulator widget to use Shell on the Desktop 69
iClock 2.0.0b16 menu bar date/time/stocks/alarms/time zone 68
Safari Enhancer 2.5.2 enhances the functionality of Safari 67
DreamStreamX 0.73.0b Dreambox streaming/recording/remote tool. 66
MacDoppler Pro 2.6.0b8 Track satellites. 65
MidiFork 2.0.3 unusual MIDI controller, for IAC or external devices 64
INXS Swapper 9.0.0r383 Take a sneak peak at the band and listen to some of their greatest hits while solving puzzles. 63
PSU Blast Image Config 2.0.0b17 admin tool: restore system disk images 62
Investor/RT 7.3.5 Online investment solution. 61
BloodSpotz Screensaver 1.0.0 Bloody up your Mac. 60
BloodSpotz Screensaver 1.0.4 Bloody up your Mac. 59
MenuCalendarClock 1.0.0 menubar calendar & clock 58
ProgBar 0.1.0 display progress bar for user feedback when AppleScript is running 57
Cryptix 0.1.0d Cryptography tool. 56
qmptombox 1.00.0 Converts CE Software's QuickMail Pro files to mbox. 55
Sente 1.2.1 Keep up with biomedical research literature. 54
VisualPulse 4.0.0c Auto reports network devices, TCP ports, and more. 53
MacLoggerDX 3.9.8b2 Auto DX radio tuner. 52
iTuning 3.0.0 iTunes transparent floating info window. 51
Y!Status 2.0.0 AppleScript auto sets Yahoo! Messenger status. 50
CallVantage Dialer 1.0.0 Automates process of dialing numbers via CallVantage. 49
Syntext Serna 2.0.0b3 A cross-platform WYSIWYG XML editor with XSL-on-the-fly rendering. 48
iPod-Linux Installer 0.2.0 Install Linux on your iPod. 47
GL Golf 1.32.0 3D golfing game 46
CloudsForever 1.1.0 screensaver of clouds 45
OD4Contact 1.2.0 contacts, tasks manager for small business, advanced PIM 44
Illumination 1.0.0 Index/search any volume. 43
Cocoa NewsPost 1.0.0b4 Usenet auto-posting application. 42
Simple Rotate 1.4.0 iMovie plug-in for rotating clips. 41
simple rotate 1.4.0 iMovie plug-in crops & rotates your clips 40
Metadot Portal Server 6.2.0b7 Point-and-click Web portal software. 39
SharedPlan 1.4.1 manage projects, progress, create reports 38
Barcode 1.0.1 check your Barcodes, verify if they are real or fake via numbers 37
QuoEdit 1.0.9b7 Plain text editor. 36
Workspace 1.2.3 ecommerce for webshop, store, shopping cart 35
Now Up-to-Date & Contact 4.5.3 PIM; schedule, calendar, contacts 34
SessionLog 5.7.7 track recording studio session time, titles... 33
iChatUSBCam 2.0.1 use a USB webcam with iChat AV 32
Folder Contents CM 1.0.8 contextual menu shows folder contents 31
Powerlogix G3 Temp V061 Displays Powerlogix CPU temp in Dock. 30
Jini 0.0.6 A lightweight command-line Java IRC client. 29
BuddyPop 2.1.0 quick access to AddressBook, Bluetooth dialing, caller ID... 28
Passenger 3.0.0 Server account creation & password generation tool 27
File Buddy 8.0.0 extensive desktop & file/folder editing & task tool 26
MUMenu 2.0.0 Free Menu extra displays latest MacUpdate releases in pull down menu. 25
Quick Calendar 2.1.1 simple app for browsing the months of the year 24
VocMac v521 dictionary for linguists & computer geeks 23
SharedMemory 0.3.0 system for sharing knowledge 22
PocketMac GoBetween 1.1.0 sync Entourage to any iSync device 21
Data Display Debugger 3.3.9 graphical front end for GDB, Perl or Python debugging 20
CD Jacquet 1.5.0 CD cover art maker. 19
Tailer+ 1.2.2 Display system log files. 18
Cheetah3D 1.8.0 3D modeler. 17
GRID 2.0.0 Real-time video playback utlity, VJ instrument 16
PostgreSQL with Management Tools 7.4.2 simple unified installer 15
nik Color Efex Pro! 2.0.0 photographic filters for Photoshop 14
Spongefork 3.0.1 Creative softsynth & sample processing app 13
SonicMood 2.0.0 Plays smooth melodies while you work. 12
PithHelmet 2.0.0b44 Add basic but powerful content filtering to Safari. 11
iPick 1.2.0 Convert colors to HTML Hex values. 10
VocMac 2004 0521 Computer jargon dictionary in French, German & English. 9
DDD for Mac OS 3.3.9 Graphical front-end for command-line debuggers. 8
Shrook 2.12.0 RSS newsreader. 7
Stabilizer 0.2.3 A system for quickly stabilizing buggy GUI applications. 6
Xi-FreshSnow C 1.0.0 White plastic ShapeShifter theme. 5
Xi-FreshSnow M 1.0.0 White plastic ShapeShifter theme. 4
Zend Studio 3.5.1 PHP development environment. 3
Spamfire 1.6.1 Fight spam with this email filter app. 2
State Capital Quizzer 1.0.0 Tool for studying or memorizing state capitals. 1
Wed 18 Aug 2004 Tue 17 Aug 2004 Mon 16 Aug 2004

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A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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