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Software Releases: Wed 18 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:01 CDT

Tue 17 Aug 2004 Mon 16 Aug 2004 Sun 15 Aug 2004
Cocoa NewsPost 1.0.0 Usenet auto poster with many features. 79
GRID2 2.0.0 Intuitive QuickTime video playback instrument with MIDI support. 78
QuickTunes 1.0.2 Display currrent iTunes song on screen. 77
Plain Clip 1.0.5 Removes text formatting from clipboard contents. 76
MacGDE 1.7.0 Nucleic/amino acid sequence alignment and analysis. 75
Live Deskpicture 3.0.0b17 Earth desktop updates as the world turns 74
DrPython 3.3.7 A powerful cross-platform IDE for Python. 73
C Cod 0.1.39 A C scripting language and CGI interface. 72
BB 0.3.0 Small, simple webcam viewer 71
SoundConverter 20040818.0.0 batch audio format converter 70
Gold Strike 1.0.1 The super-charged version of CleverMedia’s wildly popular Gold Strike game. 69
Logitech Control Center 1.3.0 for their USB mice & keyboards 68
HP Scanjet 4570c/5500c 7.1.9 scanner driver for 4570c/5500c series 67
Coda Finale 2005.0.0 music notation: create, edit, print sheet music 66
syncMacs! 0.01.0b(r) synchronize your macs via internet 65
ImageJ 1.33.0j Java app for image processing/analysis. 64
PopChart/OptiMap/Highwire 6.0.483 Deliver charts/graphs from any database via the web. 63
IPNetMonitorX 1.5.0c7 Tools help monitor your internet connection. 62
ImageBuddy 3.1.2 Digital image layout app, Classic version available. 61
PodUtil 2.5.0 iPod music and contact manager. 60
Second Life 1.4.11b Expansive online society, lived in/built by its participants. 59
RPGMapMaker 3.5.4 draw maps with polygonal grids 58
Second Life 1.4.11 virtual world game 57
PopChart, OptiMap, Highwire 6.0.483 charting/graphing & html to pdf 56
GoGrinder 0.95.0 A Java application for practicing Go problems. 55
Vidvox Grid 2.0.0 Intuitive video instrument. 54
TimeControl 2.0.2 REALbasic time control plug-in. 53
CueMaker 1.0.0 Burn .bin files. 52
SystemSound Extension 4.0.0 Play your favorite System 7 sounds. 51
C-JDBC 1.0.1 A database cluster middleware that allows any Java application to transparently access a cluster of databases through JDBC. 50
Clan Lord v351 Online RPG game. 49
syncIt! 0.01.0b synchronize your macs via internet 48
Clan Lord 3.5.1 massive multiplayer online fantasy rpg 47
JigSaw 1.5.5 file segment joining utility 46
Extensis Portfolio 7.0.1 client/server digital asset management 45
PrintCapture 4.01.0 tracks and controls printing for billing and analysis 44
Canvastic 1.0.0 Student-focused graphics/text publishing tool. 43
Cocoa NewsPost 1.0.0b1 Usenet auto-posting application. 42
Forms To Go 2.5.6 custom PHP, ASP, Perl scripts for HTML forms 41
Backup Simplicity 1.1.4 automatic daily bootable backups 40
Mozilla 1.8.0a3 Mozilla.org's next generation Web browser 39
AquilaCalendarMB 1.28.0 menu bar calendar; notes, alarms... 38
FormsToGo 2.5.6 Creates form-to-email PHP, ASP, or Perl. 37
SMS Sender Pro 3.2.0 Send SMS text messages from Mac to mobile. 36
SafariSpeed 1.0.2 Removes page loading delay. 35
SpectrumSCM 2.0.5 The first truly integrated, platform independent SCM system. 34
Thucydides 1.0.0 presents your Safari history as a searchable, sortable table 33
Drive Vaccine 1.0.0 Rollback workstations to desired configuration. 32
TransJ 0.1.8 A multilingual desktop translation tool. 31
PithHelmet 2.0.0b43 Add basic but powerful content filtering to Safari. 30
RSSOwl 0.82.0b Java newsreader for RSS feeds. 29
Sync Entourage-Address Book 1.3.5 Sync Address Book with Entourage. (Jaguar) 28
Sync Entourage-Address Book 2.5.3 Sync Address Book with Entourage (Panther). 27
MacTheRipper 2.0.1 DVD ripper. 26
Mergemill 3.8.0 create html pages from databases using templates 25
VPN Tracker 3.0.0 encrypted network connections with IPsec 24
Clean Text 3.4.1 strip text formatting, remove empty lines, more 23
RadioLover 1.3 (v60) Save streaming audio to MP3 format. 22
Knowbody Label It 3.1.3 print imagenames on images in InDesign docs 21
Euro 1.0.0a checks if your Euro banknote is valid 20
Xaes 0.5.0 Cocoa implementation for Aes crypto algorithm under GNU GPL 19
Whatis Command Finder 1.1.1 gui unix commands 18
RadioLover - (60) record iTunes & net radio as MP3 files 17
Iconizer Pro 2.1.3 Build 32-bit icons from pictures. 16
SafariSpeed 1.0.1 Removes page loading delay. 15
MacFamilyTree 4.0.1 Genealogy application. 14
Chicken of the VNC 2.0.0b1 Fast VNC client. 13
TriTag 0.7.5 Generate MP3 filenames. 12
Capacity Meter 0.31.0 Check on batteries. 11
Mac Barcode Label 2.0.6 Print barcode labels. 10
iPod It 2.4.0 Copy Entourage & other info to your iPod. 9
distributed.net Client 2.9008.493 for RC5-72 encryption contest 8
ImageMagick 6.0.5 Unix tools to read, write, manipulate images 7
A Better Finder Rename 6.5.0 rename multiple files in the Finder 6
Christmas Avalanche 1.1.0 Destroy an approaching avalanche. 5
iHook 1.0.3 Graphical frontend for any commandline executable. 4
Sync Entourage-Address Book (Jaguar) 1.3.5 syncs both apps 3
Sync Entourage-Address Book (Panther) 2.5.3 syncs both apps 2
Sync Entourage-iCal 1.0.10 syncs both apps 1
Tue 17 Aug 2004 Mon 16 Aug 2004 Sun 15 Aug 2004

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An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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