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Software Releases: Fri 13 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:00 CDT

Thu 12 Aug 2004 Wed 11 Aug 2004 Tue 10 Aug 2004
Peak 4.1.2 The world’s most popular stereo audio editing, processing, and mastering application. 60
Elections and Government 1.2.0 Educational tool for 2004 elections with quizzes, etc. 59
TimeSlice 2.8.2 Record time tasks on your Macintosh. 58
AcidSearch 0.2.0 Add search channels to Safari`s Google field. 57
TimeSliceX 2.8.2 time & billing app for tracking time 56
Elections & Government 1.2.0 learn about U.S. electoral process 55
LimeWire 4.1.4 Gnutella network file searcher (beta version). 54
xNumberLines 1.0.0 visually display solutions for algebraic inequalities 53
Grace 5.1.16 Advanced 2D plotting tool for scientific data. 52
Modeler 3.5.0 A professional interactive 3D modeling application that makes it simple to create and render your model and view the results. 51
Boris Continuum Complete 3.0.1 effects for most AV apps 50
Finder Refresher 1.0.0 Updates Finder windows. 49
WebLight 4.0.0 website html & link checker 48
MrMesh3D 2.1.0 create 3d terrain models from quoted plans 47
Desktop Transporter 1.0.4 remote desktop app 46
SessionLog 5.7.4 Music studio helper. 45
Apple Safari 1.0.3 web browser for OS X 10.2.8 44
SerialMailer 2.5.1 sends personalized email newsletters 43
SessionLog 5.7.5 track recording studio session time, titles... 42
Booxter 1.5.2 manage the books in your book collection or library 41
MenuCalendarClock 1.0.0b1 menubar calendar & clock; links iCal & AddressBook 40
Budget 4.4.2 financial utility helps manage monthly bills 39
Blue Crab 3.4.3 download complete websites for offline browsing 38
SwapMenu 1.0.0 status menu which displays swap file size 37
Launch Items 1.7.2 open files with customized apps from CM 36
GrooveLoops 1.2.0 drum machine for drum patterns, loops, grooves 35
On-Target Reports 4.0.3 report writing for SQL data sources 34
CocoaBooklet 1.3.0 create booklets out of PDF files 33
MultiAd Creator Pro 7.0.0 Create professional advertisements. 32
iPod Updater 2004-08-12 The iPod Updater 2004-08-06 supports all models of iPod and iPod mini, including the new Click Wheel iPod. 31
Tux Paint 0.9.12 A drawing program designed for young children (kids ages 3 and up). 30
Batz! 2.0.0 Go batty with Batz on your Macs! 29
Backdrop Folders 1.2.0 Finder addition & Expose companion 28
white_dune 0.27.0beta184 A graphical VRML97 editor and animation tool. 27
TransJ 0.1.5 A multilingual desktop translation tool. 26
FotoTrafiX 1.2.0 Import, edit and transmit images quickly. 25
Microsoft IntelliPoint Driver 5.1.0 Optical mouse driver. 24
Microsoft IntelliType Pro 5.1.0 Drivers for Natural & Internet keyboards. 23
Microsoft IntelliPoint 5.1.0 IntelliMouse driver 22
Microsoft IntelliType 5.1.0 for wireless, natural, multimedia, office keyboards 21
GolfCard 4.0.3 Golf scorecard keeper. 20
MemoBlock 4.2.2 Feature laden notepad with an auto-save feature. 19
Apple iPod Updater 3.0.2 for all iPods & mini 18
Pipmak 0.2.0 cross-platform panoramic adventure game engine 17
homeAudit 2.0.1 home contents inventory system 16
DKW1800-Series Complete 1.0.0 Digital charts of Dutch coastal waters for MacGPS Pro 15
QPict 6.1.1 media asset management: view, search, process, organize 14
QPict Media Organizer 6.1.1 Slideshow and graphics browser program. 13
Bosco's Screen Share 1.0.0b3 Share your desktop with friends. 12
SMS Sender Pro 3.0.0 Send SMS text messages from Mac to mobile. 11
CD Jacquet 1.3.0 CD cover art maker. 10
MacBusiness 2.92.0 Job & time tracker business app. 9
Apple iPod Updater 2004-08-12 Update for all iPod models. 8
iData Pro 2.0.3 Information tracking & storage. 7
Apple iPod Updater 2004-08-06 for all iPods & mini 6
MacWise 10.7.05 Allows a Mac to be used as a terminal, various protocols. 5
Membrane Button 1.1.5 Emulate the appearance of membrane-style buttons. 4
Batz! Screensaver 2.0.0 Let bats fly around on your screen. 3
Color Inspector 1.0.0 Color browsing application. 2
Analyzer 4.0.0b FileMaker development tool for analyzing and fixing problems. 1
Thu 12 Aug 2004 Wed 11 Aug 2004 Tue 10 Aug 2004

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An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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