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Software Releases: Sun 08 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:00 CDT

Sat 07 Aug 2004 Fri 06 Aug 2004 Thu 05 Aug 2004
Tactile Interrogator Graphical command shell designed for power users. 49
gCount 0.4.0 Menubar item to check Gmail. 48
AnomicHTTPProxy 0.23.0 A caching + scraping proxy and distributed search engine. 47
Numerology 1.4.1 Modular Midi sequencing tool. 46
Gish 1.2.0 Not your average hero. 45
Jomic 0.9.1 A viewer for comic book archives. 44
Cyberduck 2.3.3 An SFTP/FTP browser. 43
DrPython 3.3.2 A powerful cross-platform IDE for Python. 42
jDip 1.6.7 A mapper and adjudicator for Diplomacy-type games. 41
Asterisk Assistants 1.0.0 GUI-based Setup Assistants for basic configuration of Asterisk. 40
Web Remote for iTunes 0.1.6b browser-based iTunes remote 39
CompanyMOVE ShowPlanner 1.0.5 film production scheduling 38
Macabinet 1.6.1 themeable drawer for storing files 37
Wired Server 1.2.2 Hotline-like client/server system with encryption 36
REplay PLAYer 3.0.0 generative sound file shredder 35
Wired Client 1.2.2 Hotline-like client/server system with encryption 34
FFT Analyzer 1 view audio input signals in a frequency display 33
iSee 3.0.0b2 display & print previews of pictures selected in the Finder 32
HyperNext Player 1.3.0 runs stacks built by HyperNext 31
HyperNext Standard 1.3.0 visual software creation for beginners 30
HyperNext Enterprise 1.3.0 visual software and plugin develpment 29
Bare Feet 1.5.0 proxy testing agent with list capabilities 28
KaraTunes 1.1.0 use with iTunes to build & manage your lyrics collection 27
MathMagic Pro for InDesign 4.3.1 Equation editor for Adobe InDesign. 26
MathMagic Pro for Quark 4.3.1 Equation editor for QuarkXPress. 25
MathMagic Personal Edition 4.3.1 Equation editor for QuarkXPress. 24
Gradekeeper 5.6.2 gradebook tracks students, assignments, score 23
Wired Server 1.2.1 BBS style server for chat, messaging & transfers. 22
Wired Client 1.2.1 BBS style client for chat, messaging & transfers. 21
Yellow Button 2.1.0 Access your apps/docs/folders in one intuitive place. 20
GradeKeeper 5.6.2 Track your students progress. 19
Epson Perfection Drivers 2.32.0A 1670, 2400, 3170, 3200, and 4870 scanner drivers. 18
httpmail plugin 1.39.0 Allows OS X Mail.app to retrieve Hotmail email. 17
TypeIt4Me 2.0.0b6 text macro shortcut tool like AutoCorrect feature 16
Epson Perfection 2.32.0A drivers for 1670, 2400, 3170, 3200, 4870 series 15
Wired Server 1.2.0 BBS style server for chat, messaging & transfers. 14
uEdit 2.0.0 Simple plain text editor. 13
Wired Client 1.2.0 BBS style client for chat, messaging & transfers. 12
Memorust 2.0.0 Build vocabulary in any language. 11
OSX SkyFighters 1945 0.51.0 WWII flight sim: network play & builder 10
Samba 3.0.6rc2 implementation of CIFS/SMB networking 9
MathMagic Personal Edition 4.31.0 math equation editor 8
LivingTime 2.0.4 personal memory manager, to record the events of your life 7
FRS Test Printing System 1.5.0 aids in creating & printing tests, quizzes 6
TAO 1.0.0b2 information outliner/organizer 5
Chinese Rewriter 2.2.0 tool to convert texts between traditional/simplified Chinese 4
TwilightBrush 3.5.2 advanced photo editing & painting program 3
X-Plane 7.61.0 flight simulator with accurate flight models 2
Find Duplicate Music Files 0.0.9g Finds music files that are likely to contain the same music. 1

Built Using

An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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