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Software Releases: Sat 06 Aug 2004 updated 08 00 30 CST

Fri 05 Aug 2004 Thu 04 Aug 2004 Wed 03 Aug 2004
uEdit 2.0.0b A editor with features for easier and quicker editing and run it with different commands. 88
Dark Side of the Groove - Neil Conti feat. Brian Eno - Apple Loops 1.0.0 The long-awaited sequel from Neil Conti to his legendary ’Funky drums from Hell’. 87
King’s Corner 1.0.1 Play a rare and unique solitaire breed with style and class. 86
Navicat (MySQL GUI for Mac OS X) 5.2.0 The most popular MySQL GUI for your database administration and development. 85
ExpansionPack for GarageBand 1.0.0 A diverse collection of 92 brand new Instruments for GarageBand! 84
Synchronize! Pro 3.4.3 Make a bootable backup of your OS X system. 83
iPoker 3.2.4 Play virtually all Poker card games. 82
Fink 0.7.0 CVS_SNAP-20040807 A source-retrieving package manager for Mac OS X. 81
SuperDuper! 1.3.0(68.1) backup, clone, restore & more 80
MacLoggerDX 3.9.7 Auto DX radio tuner. 79
TransJ 0.1.2 A multilingual desktop translation tool. 78
YourSQL 1.7.0b6 open source app to develop MySQL databases 77
FeedTicker 1.0.0 RSS newsreader, scrolls entries across your desktop. 76
SolarSeek 50.0.0 client for soulseek p2p network 75
Quicken 2005.0.0 Adds many improvements. 74
WebWizard 0.95.0 magic the gathering game 73
Xam Questions Editor 1.0.0b1 store and organize exam questions 72
Xam Editor 1.0.0b1 create exam documents: define content and preferences 71
Xam 1.0.0b1 present a set of pre-saved questions as an exam or for practice 70
DynaStrip Automation 4.2.1 Page pairing imposition solution 69
DynaStrip Fusion 4.2.1 versioning imposition solution 68
Dockyard 1.0.0 switch between multiple Dock configurations 67
white_dune 0.27.0beta178 A graphical VRML97 editor and animation tool. 66
X-Plane 7.60 Release-Candidate-2 A highly comprehensive flight sim featuring a realistic flight model. 65
ackerTodo 1.54.0 A todo list manager. 64
CocoaZip 1.1.0 The free zip solution for all flavors of OSX and includes gzip, tar, and compress functions. 63
BrickShooter for Mac 1.4.0 A challenging puzzle game for strategists who like to take their own sweet time. 62
Slipy 1.2.0 Create DVD disk images from existing OSX CD set. 61
Steel 1.0.0 Categorize/encrypt textual information. 60
Virtual ][ 3.0.0 Apple II, Apple II+ and Apple IIe emulator 59
iChatUSBCam 2.0.0 use a USB webcam with iChat AV 58
Apple CHUD Tools 4.0.0b5 Computer Hardware Understanding Development 57
NewsYouCanUse 2.7.0 menubar RSS newsreader 56
Fax Status 0.2.0 adds status indicator for Panther's fax software 55
SuperDuper! 1.3.0(68) Advanced disk cloning/recovery utility. 54
KIT 1.0.1 keep your stuff in one place, organize it, find it again 53
Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7.3 Enhanced Mozilla email client 52
King's Corner 1.0.1 unique solitaire game 51
eBay Auction Sniper & Auto Search Bid 2.7.0 eBay tools 50
EventScript 1.0.0 trigger scripts from any FileMaker 7 calculation dialog box 49
Folder Icon 1.9.2 Create custom OS X folder icons. 48
Warrior Kings 1.0.3 Medieval strategy game 47
Harmony Assistant 9.0.2 complete arranger and score editor 46
Melody Assistant 7.0.2 write & compose music, midi, karaoke 45
GraphPaper 1.0.0 Create custom graph paper. 44
iMailist 2.0.0 Send HTML-formatted mail to mail lists. 43
KaraTunes 1.0.0 Create & manage lyrics collections. 42
HimmelBar 1.4.1 quickly find & launch apps from the menu bar 41
Yellow Button 2.0.8 Access your apps/docs/folders in one intuitive place. 40
Asterisk Assistants Pre-release GUI-based Setup Assistants for basic configuration of Asterisk. 39
Emacs/Carbon aqua build of Emacs text editor 38
FitInXT 2.1.0 Quark Xtensions: simplifying copyfitting rules 37
AudioFinder 3.3.4 get control over your audio sample collection 36
eOrdering Professional 2.5.0 e-commerce shopping cart 35
RPGMapMaker 3.5.3 draw maps with polygonal grids 34
JobDirector 1.1.0 bridges the gap between design and production 33
OSXcenter 1.0.1 quick access to Mac links in the menu bar 32
HTML Converter 0.1.0 GUI for text-HTML command-line tools 31
AquaTkbibtex 10.0.0 launcher for tkbibtex (LaTex bibliography tool) 30
RepliDot 1.1.0 copydot scanning software for Adobe Photoshop 29
JobXPort 1.1.0 Quark XTensions for design aspects of a publication 28
terminalChat.widget 0.1.0 Konfabulator widget to use Shell on the Desktop 27
eOrdering Complete 2.5.0 shopping cart & online store 26
eOrdering Gold 2.5.0 multi-option e-commerce shopping cart 25
DynaStrip 4.2.1 imposition software 24
MPEG Streamclip 1.0.2 convert mpeg & transport streams 23
iTunes Catalog 1.7.0b1 Create web catalogs of iTunes libraries. 22
Blackmagic DeckLink 4.4.1 for all DeckLink video cards 21
Countdown 1.3.1 countdown timer in the menu bar 20
PhoneDirector 1.0.1 phonebook, sms, calendar...for Nokia 6230 19
NewNOTEPAD Pro 2.1.1 enhanced Note Pad 18
ScummVM 0.6.1b helps play games by LucasArts & others 17
X-Plane 7.60.0rc2 flight simulator with accurate flight models 16
Apple Xcode 1.5.0 Development Environment 15
Jon's Phone Tool 2.0.5 Bluetooth phone dialer. 14
WaveWindow 3.0.0 Software oscilloscope. 13
Thunderbird 0.7.3 Email client redesigned from Mozilla mail. 12
iData Pro 2.0.2 Information tracking & storage. 11
Jotz 1.3.01 Simple, elegant note pad. 10
XPostFacto 3.0.0b8 helps install OS X on some unsupported Macs 9
Invoice Biz 1.9.0 Invoice & billing solution. 8
Elections and Government 1.0.0 Learn about U.S. Elections and Government 7
SpamStrainer 1.0.0 Marks email as spam if sender isn`t recognized (was SpamBouncer). 6
iRecordMusic 1.3.0v28 Record Internet audio as MP3, MP4-AAC or AIFF. 5
plist Class for REALbasic 1.2.0 stores your app's preferences 4
compsort 1.0.0 Compare molecules to determine most similar conformations 3
Keyword Assistant 1.7.2 iPhoto keyword management plug-in. 2
Luck of the Draw 1.0.0b5 Have one or more entries drawn at random. 1
Fri 05 Aug 2004 Thu 04 Aug 2004 Wed 03 Aug 2004

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A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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