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Software Releases: Tue 03 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:01 CDT

Mon 02 Aug 2004 Sun 01 Aug 2004 Sat 31 Jul 2004
SimplyProjects 1.4.1 Development management system. 93
FaceIt 1.0.25 Matching puzzle game with funny people faces. 92
Eqium 2.0.0 Highly configurable EQ. 11 Filter types. Unlimited Bands. 91
Forum Faces 1.0.0 Icon Set of Forum Personalities. 90
ChatBarrierX3 Mac OS X v10.2.3 (Jaguar) or later Intego ChatBarrier works in conjunction with Apple’s iChat instant messaging software to provide two-way, real-time encryption of text chats. Intego ChatBarrier is easy to use, transparent, and inviolable, using military-grade 512-bit encryption that no one can break. 89
Gish 1.0.0 Gish isn’t your average hero, in fact he’s not your average anything.. see Gish is a ball of tar. 88
Andromeda Online 1.0.0 A strategic starship battle game. 87
The Battle for Wesnoth 0.8.1 A turn-based fantasy strategy game. 86
FutureBASIC 4.0.0 BASIC programming language/development environment 85
Knowbody Label It 3.1.2 print imagenames on images in InDesign docs 84
Web Remote for iTunes 0.1.2b browser-based iTunes remote control 83
PCGen 5.7.3 D20 RPG character generator 82
FormsToGo 2.5.3 Creates form-to-email PHP, ASP, or Perl. 81
Smile 2.6.5 Scriptable AppleScript editor/PDF generator/GUI builder. 80
Forms To Go 2.5.3 custom PHP, ASP, Perl scripts for HTML forms 79
MyTime 1.0.0 time management application 78
Redland RDF Library Language Bindings Language bindings for Redland RDF libraries. 77
Renamer4Mac 2.5.0 renames files in batches to a preset pattern 76
Silmar 2.0.8b A random dungeon game featuring pixel-based movement (vs. tile-based). 75
Inspector 1.2.2 Full-featured audio analysis with a twist. 74
ByteController 0.8.0 Menubar item to control iTunes. 73
Macintosh Explorer Aqua 1.3.0 new aqua look for Macintosh Explorer 72
202 Hack 1.01.0 convert MIDI files to Roland MC-202 sequences 71
Miniaturizer 1.2.0 tool/database for managing gaming miniature stats 70
LANsurveyor 8.1.0 Network mapping tool. 69
Morse Mania OSX 2.7.0 morse code tutor helps to read & write morse code 68
BIAS Peak DV 4.12.0 Digital audio editor. 67
BIAS Peak 4.12.0 Professional audio editing program. 66
Morse Mania 2.7.0 Learn Morse Code on your Macintosh. 65
Powerlogix G3 Temp V060 Displays Powerlogix CPU temp in Dock. 64
EntourageTicker 1.2.0 Konfabulator widget: shows new mail 63
BIAS SoundSoap 1.1.2 audio noise reduction removes hiss & more 62
BIAS Peak DV 4.1.2 audio editing/processing/mastering 61
BIAS Peak 4.1.2 Digital audio editing software 60
BIAS Peak LE 4.1.2 MP3 encoding, recording, looping, editing, DSP 59
ConvertImages 4.2.0 convert images between resolution & format 58
InTips 1.0.0 provides on-screen tips within Adobe InDesign 57
Testimony 1.2.0 Comic Book Database offline indexing tool 56
Keyword Assistant 1.7.0 iPhoto keyword management plug-in. 55
Morph Age 2.1.0 Warp & deform your images. 54
WebsiteStatus 1.0.1 Monitor a list of websites. 53
FileMaker Work Requests 1.0.0 streamlines work order process 52
Java Desktop Rolemaster Character Generator 0.92.0 A character generator for the Rolemaster FRP roleplaying game. 51
Modul8 1.0.2 real time video mixing and compositing for vj and live video 50
iList Studio 2.0.0 database tool with Microsoft Office support 49
GL Golf 1.31.0 3D golfing game 48
Agenda 3.1.0 Virtual greeter & scheduler. 47
Norton AntiVirus X 8 Defs 08/01 Latest virus definitions update. 46
Virex Virus 6 Definitions 08/01/04 - Virus defs for Virex 5.9.0 6.x. 45
Norton AntiVirus X 7.0.2 Defs 08/01 Latest virus definitions update. 44
StudioCzar Pro 1.02.0 project expense tracking & management 43
IPNetSentryX 1.2.0c6 Firewall watches for suspicious behavior 42
Simodifier 2.5.0 Character editor for The Sims. 41
teleMeter 2.06.0 for telenet - pandora users in Belgium 40
Mantaray 0.9.3 beta A platform-independent, serverless messaging layer. 39
Fast DVD Copy 2.5.0 disk-to-disk DVD copy with 1 click 38
FolderBrander 1.1.0 customize folder icons with ease 37
Tcl/TkAqua 8.4.7 Tcl scripting language binary. 36
2get 1.9.7 Opennap peer-to-peer client. 35
Soft wipes transitions 1.0.0 advanced iMovie wipe transitions 34
Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.4.7 portable scripting environment & native GUI 33
Bandmates Free Loop Pack 3 1.1.0 free loop pack for GarageBand 32
Cacophony 1.3.1 sound editor supporting 20 file formats & multi-track files 31
Yellow Button 2.0.7 Dock addition: app/document launcher 30
K.I.T. 1.0.0 keep your stuff in one place, organize it, find it again 29
RAR 3.40.0b4 Manage and control archive files. 28
Show\Hide Files 1.0.0 Show/hide hidden system files. 27
KIT 1.0.0 Store files, text & images. 26
RealPlayer 10.0 (Linux/Unix/Solaris Plays streaming audio and video over the Internet 25
SQLEditor Cocoa 1.0.0b5 create designs for SQL databases 24
CleanArchiver 2.2.1 make archives without .DS_Store 23
IFSLab 0.9.1 Create iterated function system fractals. 22
BookWorm 5.5.8 Word processor created for writing character stories. 21
SQLEditor 1.0.0CB5 Create SQL databases graphically. 20
iTunes Music Alarm Clock 4.0.0 Use iTunes as an alarm clock. 19
PostgreSQLX 0.1.0 Setup a PostgreSQL server. 18
PithHelmet 2.0.0b41 Add basic but powerful content filtering to Safari. 17
VueScan 8.0.11 Scanning software for many scanners. 16
soft wipe transitions 1.0.0 Wipe iMovie transition plug-in. 15
SleepLess 1.5.1 Prevent your Mac from going to sleep. 14
Pluggo 3.2.1 VST audio plug-ins for music and sound production 13
iClock 2.0.0b15 menu bar date/time/stocks/alarms/time zone 12
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 3.0.1 Typing tutor. 11
Navicat 5.2.0 Graphically manage MySQL databases (MySQL Studio). 10
Max/MSP 4.5.1 Real-time audio development environment. 9
MacXM 1.33.0 Controller app for XMPCR satellite radio. 8
WebGlimpse 2.12.0 Adds search capabilities to WWW site automatically and easily. 7
Regress Plus 2.5.2 State-of-the-art tool for mathematical modeling. 6
Confluence 1.1.2 wiki, knowledge management tool 5
Intuition 1.1.0a cross-platform archive, presentation, study tool, web browser 4
JIRA 2.6.1 Professional bug and issue tracker 3
WebHome 2.0.0 All-in-one package runs personal or small-business websites 2
Dolce Music Flash Cards 1.7.1 Flash cards aid reading music notation. 1
Mon 02 Aug 2004 Sun 01 Aug 2004 Sat 31 Jul 2004

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A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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