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Software Releases: Mon 02 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:00 CDT

Sun 01 Aug 2004 Sat 31 Jul 2004 Fri 30 Jul 2004
Mule - Universal Message Objects 0.9.2 An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) server. 99
Classic Platinum 2.0.0 Mac OS 9 styled ShapeShifter theme. 98
iPodBackup 1.0.0 Backup home folder to an iPod. 97
KidzLog 1.1.1 weblog publishing tool for children 96
Xirc 0.8.0 Scriptable internet relay chat (IRC) application. 95
iStumbler Release 88.0.0 A free, open source tool for finding wireless networks and devices with your AirPort or Bluetooth equipped Macintosh. 94
X-Plane 7.60 RC-1 Take a leisurely jaunt in a Cessna 172 or get supersonic on a Mach-3 XB-70 Valkyrie. 93
Bandmates Free Loop Pack 3 1.0.0 free loop pack for GarageBand 92
CrozzWord 1.4.0 Java app to display/solve crossword puzzles & cryptics 91
hydraMUD MUD client 90
maintain1 6.02.0 simple interface for running lots of shell scripts 89
ImageroReader 1.45.0 A Java library for reading metadata and images. 88
WebCalendar 0.9.44 A multi-user Web-based calendar. 87
ButtonBuilderThemes 5.0.0 20 theme pack #5 86
Charms Screensaver 2.1.0 Custom screensaver. 85
Ukelele 1.0.3 Unicode keyboard layout editor. 84
LockOutX 4.5.6 Secure people from your Mac while away. 83
LockOut 4.5.6 simple yet option packed security tool 82
ACal Project 2.1.0 An easy-to-use Web-based event calendar. 81
DrPython 3.3.0 A powerful cross-platform IDE for Python. 80
DropDV 1.1.6 Edit MPEG with iMovie (convert to DV with audio) 79
Carracho Client 1.0.0b10r4 similar to Hotline with more features 78
Backdrop Folders 1.12.0 Finder addition & Expose companion 77
Net Monitor 3.7.9 graph network activity of local/remote computers 76
iPhoto 4.0.2 Provides notification when new versions of iPhoto are available and addresses minor issues with Smart Albums and European books. 75
LanOSD 1.0.0b2 on screen display notifications, across networks too 74
PFTrack 2.0.0 3D camera tracking & analysis environment 73
Apple iPhoto 4.0.2 image organizer; makes books, slide shows... 72
IFSLab 0.9.0 Create iterated function system fractals. 71
MacCAS 1.0.9 display conductive area patterns on 35mm film canisters 70
LimeWire 4.1.2 Gnutella network file searcher. 69
LimeWire 4.0.8 Gnutella peer-to-peer file sharing client 68
JobCapture 5.0.0 auto-time job jacket dialog appears when docs close 67
BiggerSQL 1.3.1 Postgresql database browser. 66
FreeDMG 0.3.0b disk image creation software 65
Puzzle 1.0.0 Clone of Apple`s original puzzle game. 64
Sketska 2.0.0 Vector drawing application based on SVG. 63
Centre 1.03.0 A student information system. 62
Web Help Desk 7.1.2 web-based help desk application 61
Timmy OTool 0.9.2 Graphical front-end for the command line OTool. 60
Amju Super Golf 1.1.0 3D golf action puzzle game. 59
OCSmart Hacks 1.0.0 bundle; improves other applications' services 58
Photos 4.1.0rc4 web-based database for managing digital photos 57
iSmileys 1.0.0 146 custom iChat smiley faces. 56
photos 4.1.0rc4 PHP/MySQL solution for storing photos. 55
Centre School Information System 1.0.3 Web-based student info app for public/private schools. 54
D-Vision 2.2.1 encode Divx 3, Divx 4, Xvid with Mencoder 53
Centre School Information System 1.03.0 student info system 52
Backdrop Folders 1.1.2 Finder addition uses Exposé for folder views. 51
Plasticom 1.0.1 plastic surgery simulation for pre-operative communication 50
RunManager 8.0.0a4 record keeper for runners/joggers 49
e-CryptIt Engine 8.1.2 REALbasic encryption, encoding, hashing... 48
Menu Calendar 2.5.0b1 menubar calendar; links iCal & addressbook 47
Chaos Antidote 1.0.0 keeps order on your hard drive 46
Mp3-Info CMM 1.3.1 Shows full MP3, AAC, AIFF & WAV info 45
MP3-Info CMM 1.3.1 Contextual menu displays MP3 info. 44
Ext2 Filesystem 1.3.0 Enables use of Linux Ext2 formatted hard disks. 43
Smile 2.6.4 IDE to develop user interfaces & automate tasks 42
BatchRenamer 0.80.0 file renaming & numbering w/regular expression 41
REX-3 1.0.0 Driver/iSync conduit for the Franklin REX PC Card. 40
MacDoppler Pro 2.6.0b6 Track satellites. 39
iTmsBackup Beta 0.8.1 A tool to backup purchases from iTunes Music Store. 38
Calendarclock 1.0.0b2 menu bar clock & calendar, supports iCal 37
ATI GET VRAM 0.56.0 Displays available VRAM. 36
Actual ODBC Driver for SQL Server 1.5.0 connect Excel & FileMaker to MS SQL Server & Sybase 35
CPUPowerUp 1.0.0b increases allocation for frontmost app 34
PhotoLine 32 10.52.0 image processing with vector & text layers 33
SolarSeek - (31) client for soulseek p2p network 32
CopyPaste-X 2.0.2 multiple clipboard editing, archiving & display 31
Konstruktor Pro 7.0.0 business management for freelancers & small businesses 30
AlchemyTV 2.1.2 driver & app for Alchemy TV Tuner card 29
iPod Music Liberator 2.0.0 copy music from your iPod to any computer 28
AlchemyTV DVR 2.1.2 Watch TV in full screen mode. 27
Mobile High Speed 3G 4.05.0 Achieve higher speeds on mobile GSM networks. 26
Tag 1.1.0 XHTML editor. 25
Mobile High Speed 2G 4.05.0 Achieve higher speeds on mobile GSM networks. 24
System Optimizer 4.5.3 Improves OSX system speed and stability. 23
maintain1 6.0.2 Performs prebinding, maintenance routines, much more. 22
Trustin Lee's String/Object Converter 1.0.1 A String and Object converter. 21
Quicksilver 1.0.0b27 launcher and personal data manager 20
Slipy 1.0.0 Create DVD disk images from existing OSX CD set. 19
TclAddressBook 1.1.0 Tcl Address Book command to manipulate data. 18
SBook5 5.1.0b2 AI-based personal info manager. 17
DoThisNow 1.3.0 Automate repetitive tasks. 16
CrystalMaker 6.3.7 Display and manipulate crystal structures. 15
Y!Status 1.2.1 AppleScript auto sets Yahoo! Messenger status. 14
sfind 0.93.0 The first portable POSIX.1-2001 compliant "find" implementation. 13
Web Confidential 3.7.5 Securely store data. 12
ATI GET VRAM 0.54.0 Show free VRAM. 11
Trapeze 1.1.0 convert PDF files to RTF, ASCII or plain text 10
QIF Master 4.51.0 adds categories to QIF, converts QFX/OFX to QIF... 9
RAR 3.40.0b3 Manage and control archive files. 8
ciTV 1.3.0 easy access to EyeTV recording files 7
Track Timer 3.0.0 script to schedule iTunes music playing 6
MacBusiness 2.9.0 project time tracker/invoicing for small biz 5
Luxer 3.0.5 Battle.net Spam and Warbot. 4
Script-Bundle 2.0.0 Fonts Script Bundle. 3
Script Timer 2.1.0 Schedule the execution of scripts. 2
Netflix Freak 1.2.4 Manage your Netflix account. 1
Sun 01 Aug 2004 Sat 31 Jul 2004 Fri 30 Jul 2004

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An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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