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Software Releases: Sun 01 Aug 2004 updated 23:55:00 CDT

Sat 31 Jul 2004 Fri 30 Jul 2004 Thu 29 Jul 2004
starQuiz Reader 2.6.0 Distribute quizzes created with full version of starQuiz. 55
Internet Connection Keeper 2.2.0 Keeps your dial-up connection alive. 54
PowerController 1.1.0 Schedule events to wake your Mac/perform tasks. 53
Quicksilver B27 Application launcher and much more. 52
starQuiz NetClient 2.6.0 Give starQuizzes over a network. 51
Tactile Interrogator Graphical command shell designed for power users. 50
SerieFoot 1.0.0 Stores soccer match results/computes rankings. 49
Sambucus 2.3.5 multi-tasking time-management software 48
youPod 1.0.2 iPod sync for Address Book, bookmarks, iCal, Keychain 47
MKVToolNix 0.9.4 tools to parse, extract & create Matroska files 46
Blosxom.PHP 1.0.0RC1 A port of Blosxom to PHP. 45
SDE for IntelliJ IDEA 1.2.0 A UML modeling plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. 44
Mod UT 2k4 Installer 4.0.0 install UT 2k4 mods in ZIP or UMOD form 43
Sawmill 7.0.0 server log analysis tool with configurable GUI 42
Hammerfall DSP 1.5.0c driver for the audio interface 41
iRooster 1.1.6 alarm clock uses iTunes playlist for alarms 40
GamesGrid Backgammon 1.1.0 backgammon game with net play 39
Reunion Planner 6.1.0 plan/coordinate family, class & other reunions 38
QuickMenu 1.1.0 add more than 50 useful functions to the menu bar 37
SuperBladePro 1.4.0 surface & texture generator plugin for Photoshop 36
Search Lyrictracker 1.0.2 get lyrics of current song in iTunes 35
Carracho Client 1.0.0b10r3 similar to Hotline with more features 34
starQuiz 2.6.0 give quizzes in labs, print quizzes, make web pages 33
Carracho Server 1.0.0b10r3 similar to Hotline with more features 32
IR Utilities 1.5.4 for IR hex codes for Philips Pronto remotes 31
Speed Freak 2.2.0 accelerates performance of frontmost application 30
Blosxom.PHP 1.0.0rc1 the Zen of blogging in PHP 29
Quizland 1.0.2 trivia game to test your knowledge 28
About This Particular Macintosh 10.08.0 Mac content ezine. 27
Kairon 3.03.0 Astrological package. 26
XnView 1.68.0 Utility for viewing/converting graphic files.graphic files. 25
Namely 1.1.0 Launch apps by name. 24
Quizland 1.0.1 Test your knowledge in this Q&A game. 23
Folder Contents CM 1.0.7 Show folder contents using hierarchical contextual menus. 22
HourWorld Live Deskpicture 3.0.0b15 Dynamic Earth desktop picture. 21
Address-O-Matic 1.0.0b5 Share Address Book contents over a network. 20
EasyWMA 2.1.1 Convert .wma files to .mp3 audio files. 19
Address-O-Matic 1.0.0d5 share Address Book via Rendezvous 18
Multitap Delay AU 1.0.2 multitap delay plugin 17
DockBlock 1.0.6 Dock disabler, OS 9 style app menu, iTunes info in menu bar 16
Phaser AU 1.1.0 AudioUnit plugin: phaser effect 15
Ping Pong Delay AU 2.0.3 AudioUnit format plugin 14
System Optimizer 4.5.2 improve system speed and stability 13
iStumbler 88.0.0 find AirPort networks & discover Bluetooth devices 12
Live Deskpicture 3.0.0b15 Earth desktop updates as the world turns 11
X-Plane 7.60.0b1 flight simulator with accurate flight models 10
CalWidget 1.0.0 An HTML-based calendar widget. 9
Blueproxy 1.0.0 A Bluetooth RFCOMM to TCP proxy server. 8
distcc 2.17.0 A fast and simple distributed C/C++/ObjC compiler. 7
Plasticom 1.0.0 plastic surgery simulation for pre-operative communication 6
Joy Of Hex 1.5.2 old style board-based strategy game 5
nStream 1.4.0b6 Xinet WebNative upload/download file transfer 4
CCN 2.3.0 calendar, notes, reminders & timers; all integrated 3
FO 0.9.0z information outliner/organizer 2
Kid Pix Deluxe 3X 1.0.0 kids' artwork program with iLife integration 1
Sat 31 Jul 2004 Fri 30 Jul 2004 Thu 29 Jul 2004

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A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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