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Softpedia Zip Quick Look Plugin 0.1.0 Zip Quick Look Plugin - Allows you to see the contents of a zipped folder wih one look by hitting the spacebar
VersionTracker MacUpdate Photonator 0.95.0 image organizer with direct support for panoramas & HDR
VersionTracker Boris RED 4.2.0 nonlinear video plugin for 3D compositing & title effects
MacUpdate Qouija 1.1.0 Realtime divination tool. (Free) 21
VersionTracker Softpedia proNotes 1.0.0 organize, find important information
VersionTracker Stone Works 2007.11.28 17 stone design apps in one bundle
VersionTracker SigMaker 3.0.0 turn pictures into font characters
VersionTracker Global Warmth 2.3.0 monitor global weather in 5 different ways
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads A Very 3D Christmas 1.2.0 3D cartoonish Santa screen saver. (Shareware)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Webjimbo 2.0.5 web interface for Yojimbo 20
VersionTracker MacUpdate Sophie rc7 create robust, elegant rich-media
VersionTracker MacUpdate OSS 3D 2.3.0b5 real-time audio enhancement for iTunes, other apps
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Avernum 5 1.0.1 classic fantasy role-playing game
MacUpdate VersionTracker MacDust 2.47.0 Empty caches, empty logs, and more. (Shareware) 19
MacUpdate VersionTracker D2X-XL 1.11.59 OpenGL version of Descent 2 space shooter game. (Free)
Softpedia Set EXIF Data 1.8.0 Set EXIF Data sets, not edits, most wanted EXIF data in an image.
VersionTracker MacUpdate Splunk 3.1.3 search tool indexes all log files to solve critical problems
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Nanosaur 2 2.0.6 flying action-adventure game
Softpedia InterMapper Remote 4.6.5b6 InterMapper Remote provides a remote view on your network 18
Softpedia mnoGoSearch 3.3.6 mnoGoSearch is a full-featured web search engine software for intranet and internet servers
MacUpdate GoneFishing 1.1.1 Fishing assistance program for World of Warcraft. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate TinyCal 1.0.1 menubar calendar with google calendar integration
VersionTracker MacUpdate DropImageURL 1.0.5 create full page images of urls
Softpedia Digmia Enterprise SSH 1.0.0z DSSH was written as a direct replacement for OpenSSH client for our use
VersionTracker MacUpdate iVerbum 2.3.1 fast index & search tool for text databases 17
MacUpdate VersionTracker TabletMagic 2.0.0b11 Driver for older Wacom tablets. (Free) 16
MacUpdate Suspend Session 1.0.0 Simple program that suspends your current session. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Softpedia Xserve Lights-Out Management Firmware Update 1.1.0 Changes to the Lights-Out Management environment. (Updater)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Safari Automator Fun - Set 1 1.0.0 6 Automator applications for use with Leopard's Safari. (Free)
MacUpdate Fairy Tower 1.1.6 Pinball game with real arcade feel. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads ChronoSync 3.3.6 Synchronize or backup files. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Acquisition 2.0.0v205 Gnutella file-sharing client. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker iGet Mobile 1.0.2 Access documents/files on your Mac from mobile device. (Demo) 15
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Softpedia Romi 6.8.0 rummy tile, rummy cube, rummikub & rami card games
VersionTracker MacUpdate OnArtwork 1.3.1 capture CD covers using iSight & store them in iTunes
VersionTracker Inductel Scientific and Technical Speller 7.11.0 sci/tech spell checker
VersionTracker MacUpdate Road Trip Effect Pro 2.6.1 generate cartographic effects in video
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Zuma Deluxe 1.1.1 Action puzzle game. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Signature Randomizer 3.4.0 Add random signature to your emails. (Free)
MacUpdate AppleDownloads BitClamp 1.1.0 Secure your data through encryption. (Shareware)
MacUpdate SyncMate Sync your files between your Mac and your pocket PC. (Free) 14
VersionTracker MacUpdate Tell Me A Story 1.1.1 reads bedtime stories to children
VersionTracker MacUpdate Point N See 1.1.1 magnify a portion of the screen
VersionTracker MacUpdate CoverSutra 1.2.0b3 control iTunes without having to leave your current app
Softpedia Got Angry? 1.0.0 Got Angry? is a role-playing board game, featuring 3D graphics
MacUpdate VersionTracker Pyramid Tease 1.1.1 Golf Tee game. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Who Said This? 1.1.1 fun way to learn quotations
VersionTracker MacUpdate So You Know Capitals! 1.1.1 learn U.S. state & country capitals
VersionTracker MacUpdate Pester 1.1.0b7 simple alarm clock & timer
Softpedia Synfig 0.61.07 Synfig - Film quality 2D vector animation
MacUpdate VersionTracker GHOST 1.1.1 Word game. (Free) 13
VersionTracker MacUpdate SyncTwoFolders 1.1.9 sync 2 folders: overwrite older one with newer one
VersionTracker MacUpdate Pocket Cache 1.3.1 helps you protect important information
MacUpdate TunesTEXT 0.7.4 Displays lyrics of the song currently playing in iTunes. (Free)
VersionTracker Script Bundle Tool 4.0.7 create AppleScript application bundles
VersionTracker MacUpdate LinkByLink 1.0.9 link checker
VersionTracker MacUpdate Crossword Puzzle Helper 1.2.1 utility to help you solve crossword puzzles
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads iConiCal 1.6.0 Set iCal icon/dock icon to show the current date in colors. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Super GHOST 1.1.1 Word game. (Free)
MacUpdate MathMagic Pro Edition for QuarkXPress 5.6.3 Equation editor for QuarkXPress. (Demo)
MacUpdate MathMagic Pro Edition for Adobe InDesign 5.6.3 Equation editor for Adobe InDesign. (Demo)
MacUpdate MathMagic Personal Edition 5.6.3 Equation editor for QuarkXPress. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Lottery Picks 2.1.1 Assists picking of random lottery numbers. (Free)
MacUpdate Connect Daily 3.3.5 Web-based calendaring system for multiple users. (Shareware)
VersionTracker MathMagic Pro Edition for QuarkXPress 5.63.0 write math equations in Quark 12
VersionTracker MathMagic Pro Edition for Adobe InDesign 5.63.0 write math equations in InDesign
VersionTracker MathMagic Personal Edition 5.63.0 write math equations & symbols in any doc
VersionTracker MacUpdate Data Mining 2.2.2 mines text data for string occurrences
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Blogo 1.0.0b weblog editor designed for speed and ease of use
VersionTracker MacUpdate BatchOutput 3.0.0b2 batch print, export to PDF & PostScript from InDesign
VersionTracker MacUpdate AddMovie 1.3.5 join multiple files into one movie, batch convert formats
Softpedia Recipe Radar 1.24.0 Recipe Radar is a World of Warcraft user interface addon that assists players in finding recipes
Softpedia JuboxPlayer 1.0.0 JuboxPlayer is an interface for Java Media Framework to emulate a jukebox 11
MacUpdate Color Picker Pro 3.0.0b9 Aids in finding color values. (Demo)
VersionTracker MacUpdate WhiteCap 5.0.4 wireframe iTunes visual plugin
VersionTracker Color Picker Pro 3.0.0 b9 find hex, RGB & HSL color values for CSS/HTML
MacUpdate Holography Dashboard Widget 1.0.0 View educational podcasts on holography, lasers, optics, photonics. (Free)
MacUpdate FabFilter Pro-C 1.1.0 Professional compressor plug-in for AU, VST, others. (Demo)
VersionTracker VisualRoute 2008 v12.0.0c net connection analyzer & IP locator
Softpedia Sudoku Mania 0.2.5 Sudoku Mania is a fully customizable sudoku game written in Java
MacUpdate VersionTracker Sente 5.1.8 Academic reference manager and bibliography software. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads iP2F 1.0.1 Flickr plugin for iPhoto. (Shareware) 10
MacUpdate VersionTracker AccuBeatMix 1.1.1 Beat match & mix plugin for iTunes. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Jing 1.4.3445 Capture and share your screen as images and video. (Free)
VersionTracker Stone Works 2007.11.27 17 stone design apps in one bundle
VersionTracker MacUpdate BPMer 1.1.3 track analyzer featuring BPM detection and beat-matching
VersionTracker MacUpdate Ask the DJ 2.0.2 beatmixes automatically & seamlessly
Softpedia wxDownload Fast 0.6.0 wxDownload Fast (also known as wxDFast) is an open source download manager 9
VersionTracker MacUpdate pzizz 2.4.0 helps you sleep or nap better
VersionTracker MacUpdate LightSpeed 2.5.0 multi-user point of sale system
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Learn to Draw with Mrs. Hoogestraat 1.0.1 art education software
VersionTracker MacUpdate IntelliScanner Software 1.4.0 software for all IntelliScanner products
VersionTracker MacUpdate FUNDimensions 7.1.4 organize donations & fundraising activities
VersionTracker MacUpdate Widget 1.1.0 counts the hints and easy ways on Leopard in French
Softpedia VersionTracker AppleDownloads Billings 2.5.5 Billings is used to easily generate and send estimates, statements and invoices for billable time, expenses and mileage
MacUpdate OmniFocus 1.0.0r95239 Personal task manager. (Demo)
MacUpdate Java Anonymous Proxy 0.09.003 Protect your privacy on the Internet. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Virtual DVDs 2.0.2 create virtual dvds that player can open using double-click
VersionTracker MacUpdate Simple Floating Clock 1.3.2 translucent analog clock for those who miss it
VersionTracker RGB MusicLab 06b converts RGB value of an image to music
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia AppleDownloads NetShred 4.1.0 internet track eraser - clear cache, erase history, more
VersionTracker JAP / JonDo 00.09.003 anonymisation and privacy tool
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Horizon 1.3.2 personal finance manager with calendar-based interface
VersionTracker D::Light 1.27.7 lightboard for theater + english manual
MacUpdate VersionTracker Web Snapper 2.1.0 Safari plugin captures web pages as image/PDF file (was Red Snapper). (Shareware)
MacUpdate RGB MusicLab 0.06.0b Converts RGB value of image to music. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Mac Travel Recorder 1.1.0 Use iBlue, Qstarz BT-Q1000 and iTrek Z1 GPS data loggers w/Mac. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker LANrev 4.6.0 Manage network software distribution. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads beaTunes 1.2.6 Analyzes your iTunes library to build better playlists. (Shareware) 8
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia PreMinder 0.4.8 Exportable calendar. (Free)
Softpedia Film Stock Calculator 0.1.0 Film Stock Calculator - Easy and fast method for calculating the film stock footage and cost for a film
MacUpdate gmxContacts 1.2.2 Upload Address Book to any gmx account. (Shareware)
MacUpdate OmniFocus 1.0.0r95237 Personal task manager. (Demo)
MacUpdate Dirk Dashing 1.04.0 Sde-scrolling action/adventure game. (Demo)
Softpedia MyTourbook 1.0.0 MyTourbook - Visualize and analyze tour data recorded with an exercise computer
MacUpdate AppleDownloads Softpedia FND 1.0.0 Store all your film development knowledge in one place. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Annotation Transcriber 1.1.4 Tag and transcribe audio and video files. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Annotation Edit Editor for professional subtitles, captions, annotations. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker iMaginator 3.6.0 Core image processing for OS X 10.4. (Demo) 7
MacUpdate VersionTracker Videator 4.3.0 Movie-making and video processing powerhouse. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker TimeEqualsMoney 3.4.0 Track client work sessions. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker StampInStone 3.5.0 Add text/image stamps to every page of a PDF document. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker SliceAndDice 4.3.0 Automate the process of creating small thumbnail images. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker PreferenceCommander 2.3.0 Modify preference files for any application. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker PhotoToWeb 3.4.0 Publish your digital images on the web. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker PStill 5.7.0 PDF converter/compressor, and more. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker FontSight 3.2.0 Menu item displays installed font typefaces. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker DraeUtil 2.0.0 Widget accesses Royal Spanish Language Academy Dictionary. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker message2net 1.2.4 Send, receiving and management SMS text messages. (Commercial)
MacUpdate Stone Works 2007-11-27 Collection of multimedia authoring tools (was Stone Studio). (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker SWF Cargo Pro 1.004.0 Convert your Flash content into a Desktop Application. (Demo)
MacUpdate PrintFinder 4.0.2b8 Print Finder windows. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Mojo 2.4.0 New way to share music (was Maestro). (Free)
MacUpdate InCrease 2.3.8 GUI to configure/control Folding@home. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Create 14.1.0 Resource generation & design app. (Demo)
MacUpdate Clone 3.1.0 Create a copy of your system installation and much more. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads A Better Finder Rename 7.9.5 File, photo, MP3 batch renamer. (Shareware)
Softpedia CTL 1.4.1 CTL (Color Transformation Language) is a programming language for digital color management 6
Softpedia GDL 0.9 pre6 GDL (GNU Data Language) is a free IDL (Interactive Data Language) compatible incremental compiler 5
Softpedia gumnut 0.0.9 gumnut aims to enable a group of friends, located anywhere in the world, to communicate cooperatively on any topic 4
Softpedia GNUARM Eclipse plugin GNU ARM Eclipse Plugin is an Eclipse CDT-managed build extension 3
VersionTracker LiteIcon 1.3 beta quickly change/restore system icons 2
Softpedia DyConnect 1.80.0 DyConnect is a cross-platform networking library, intended to simplify the development of networked programs
Softpedia QuiXplorer 2.3.2 QuiXplorer is a multi-user, web-based file-manager
Softpedia Deluge 0.5.7 Deluge is a lightweight, Free Software, cross-platform BitTorrent client
Softpedia CorneliOS 0.7.11 r26 CorneliOS, the virtual web OS - Cool, Powerful and Open Source 0
Softpedia OpenH323 OpenH323 provides full featured, interoperable, Open Source implementation of the ITU H.323 teleconferencing protocol
AppleDownloads MacUpdate Veenix Font Tools 7.4.0 Integrated font utilities including the Visual Font Database, Type Book Creator, Document Font Tools and more.
AppleDownloads The Grading Sweet 2.2.0 Powerful, fast and easy color grading filters for Final Cut
AppleDownloads Madden NFL 08 942.0.0 Quickly identify your strongest players on the field before every snap and then move them into position to make game-changing, momentum-altering plays.
AppleDownloads Faronics Device Filter Mac 1.01.0 Designate/manage device and removable media connections.
AppleDownloads AllBookmarks 2.5.1 Don’t you hate it when you can’t remember where you bookmarked a website? AllBookmarks is here to help.
VersionTracker Tennessee Traffic Cameras 1.2.0 widget to view Tennessee traffic cameras
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Tagebuch 1.2.0 simple, clean, easy-to-use & portable diary
VersionTracker MacUpdate Master Grade 3.1.0 teacher gradebook software
Softpedia Inquisitor 3.0.50 Inquisitor - Predictive search extension for Safari

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