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AppleDownloads Terminal, Console and Activity icons 1.0.0 Terminal, Console and Activity application replacement icons for MacOS X.
AppleDownloads Project GlassFish 2 beta The GlassFish community is building free, open source, production-quality, enterprise software. The main deliverables are an Application Server, the Java EE 5 Reference Implementation, and the Java Persistence API Reference Implementation, TopLink Essenti
AppleDownloads Dejal BlogAssist 2.1.0 System menu item to help with HTML markup for blogs and more.
AppleDownloads Softpedia Caveman's Calculator 1.0.0 Rediscover the lost art of slide rules. Instructions included.
VersionTracker Softpedia MacUpdate MacProgramGuide 0.42.0 download TV listings for the US & Canada
VersionTracker Softpedia BigSender 3.74.0 online contact manager & email/web publisher 22
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia TotalView 8.1.0-0 developer debugging system
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Empire Express 2.0.0 design model railroad layouts 21
MacUpdate VersionTracker XMLMate 1.4.1 Check XML and XHTML documents in TextMate (was TeXMLMate). (Free) 20
MacUpdate Softpedia Symbol Caddy 1.0.0 Widget keeps HTML entity codes at your fingertips. (Free)
MacUpdate Tang Swim with the Fishies 1.0.0 Navigate underwater mazes and avoid bad fish, eels, and more. (Shareware) 19
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Mac Cleanse 1.0.3 Scheduled erasing for sensitive data. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia ExposeIP 3.0.0 Scan IP addresses for open ports. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia Cathy's Caribbean Club 1.0.2 Enjoy the Caribbean while turning your biz into a huge success. (Shareware) 18
MacUpdate Softpedia Bullet Candy 2.1.0 360 degree shoot 'em up experience. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia Capture IT! 1.1.2 Convert QuickTime video to still TIFF images. (Demo) 17
VersionTracker Softpedia Ski 0.7.2 Ski OTP calculator for S/Key
MacUpdate Softpedia Some Chess 2.0.0rc2 PHP multi-player chess server. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia InCatalog 4.2.4b5 Create bi-directional links with InDesign. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia EasyWMV 1.1.1 Resize/convert wmv, asf, avi, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov, vob video files. (Demo)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Yep 1.5.1 like iPhoto for PDFs 16
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Phelix 1.1.2 find duplicate music tracks by audio recognition algorithm
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Luxor 2 1.0.1 sequel to the action-puzzle game
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia BaseBallX 2.5.2 baseball managers' tools
Softpedia AirPort Base Station Update 2007-001 AirPort Base Station Update includes general fixes and compatibility updates
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia PocketMac For BlackBerry 4.0.20 Sync Blackberry to Mac with iSync. (Free)
MacUpdate Softpedia NTFS-3G 1.328.0 Driver allows writing to memory sticks larger than 4GB. (Free) 15
VersionTracker Softpedia MacUpdate Decoder 4.0.3 decodes MIME, Base64, yEnc, UU & more
VersionTracker MySQL GUI Tools 5.0.0-r11 administration tools for MySQL
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Modul8 2.5.4 real time video mixing/compositing for vj & live video
VersionTracker ImageJ 1.38.0n scriptable scientific image processing & analysis
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia VueScan 8.4.17 Software for scanners, demo now fully functional. (Demo)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia ShakesPeer 0.9.4 P2P file sharing app. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia PhotoGPSEditor 1.5.1 Meta-data and GPS editor for jpeg/RAW/tiff files. (Free)
MacUpdate Softpedia MySQL GUI Tools 5.0.0r11 Administration tools for MySQL. (Free)
MacUpdate ImageJ 1.3.8n Scriptable Java app for scientific image processing/analysis. (Updater)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Password Repository 2.0.2 Password management app. (Shareware) 14
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads myNotes 1.4.3 Note taking software. (Shareware) 13
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Softpedia You Control: Tunes 1.5.0 access iTunes library & controls from menu bar
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Mr. Tides 3.0.0r8 displays tides, currents for locations worldwide
MacUpdate Softpedia Mac Thermal Printer Driver 4.1.4 Driver for thermal printers, has network features. (Demo)
MacUpdate Softpedia Reunion 9.0.3 Create a sophisticated record of your family tree. (Demo) 12
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia BoXiKoN 1.5.6 Puzzle game of strategy and logic. (Shareware)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Softpedia Tables 1.2.2 spreadsheet application
VersionTracker SilverFast Ai (Epson) Perfection 4870 6.5.0r5 scan software
VersionTracker Softpedia SilverFast (Howtek) D4000/4500 6.5.0r5 scanner software
VersionTracker Reunion 9.03.0 genealogy & charting software
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Chocolate Castle 1.0.0 Sliding block puzzle. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia SeisMaCalibrate 1.2.0 Calibrates MacBook/MacBook Pro Sudden Motion Sensor. (Free) 11
VersionTracker Softpedia Blueball Pro Tabs Sandvox Design 1.0.0 sandvox design template
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Spinnn 1.1.3 Move/spin falling game pieces, try to create horizontal lines. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia SWF & FLV Player Flash movie player, pro version available (was SWF Movie Player). (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Softpedia Diabetes Logbook 1.4.5 Track and report diabetes related events. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Softpedia Asthma Logbook 1.1.1 For tracking, reporting asthma related information. (Free)
MacUpdate Softpedia Amalgam 1.1.0 REALbasic plugin defines a Drawable class. (Demo)
MacUpdate Softpedia SuperTuxKart 0.21.0 Kart racing game. (Free) 10
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia JES Deinterlacer 3.1.8 deinterlaces QuickTime movies
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Swift Publisher 2.0.2 page layout app for creating flyers, newsletters, etc.
VersionTracker JarInspector r1.0.0rc5 jar file viewer, editor & decompiler
MacUpdate Softpedia SpeedUp 1.0.0 Do all things faster from desktop. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker Postino 1.6.2 RSS/Atom newsreader. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia JarInspector 1.0.0rc5 Utility for working with jar files. (Free)
MacUpdate Softpedia Concepts 3D 4.0.0 3D modeling tool. (Demo)
Softpedia Jajah Dialer 0.8.0 Jajah Dialer - allows you to log into the service as well as call numbers from your Jajah address book 9
Softpedia FolderCleaner 1.1.0 FolderCleaner - easily remove the hidden files of your key USB
VersionTracker MacUpdate Volocity 4.1.0 high performance 3D imaging
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Phylum 4.1.0 digital image management for science
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia PCGen 5.11.11 D20 RPG character generator
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia MulleSight 1.1.7 iSight image capture application
VersionTracker Softpedia Melody Assistant 7.3.0a write & compose music, midi, karaoke
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia InterMapper Remote 4.5.6 remote view on your network's health
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia InterMapper 4.5.6 monitors servers, networks & routers
Softpedia white_dune 0.29.0beta596 white_dune is a graphical VRML97 editor, simple 3D modeller, and animation tool
Softpedia WCode 2.0.0 WCode - semi-automates the creation of widgets
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia iRooster 2.4.3 iTunes alarm clock
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia iCalamus 1.07.0 desktop publishing
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Sweet MIDI Player 2.2.9 MIDI player with jukebox function
VersionTracker Rasche's Kartenspiele 1.01.0 card games: Skat, Doppelkopf, Sheepshead...
Softpedia The Computer Cookbook 3.2.0 The Computer Cookbook - Keep track of your favorite recipes on your Mac.
Softpedia Dreamweaver Tutorial 1.0.0 Dreamweaver Tutorial - a very useful widget if you want informations about Dreamweaver
Softpedia MacUpdate VersionTracker iNMR 2.1.7 iNMR - Processing and analysis of NMR data 8
Softpedia MacUpdate Google Notifier 1.9.97 Google Notifier - Notifies you of new Gmail & upcoming Gcal events
Softpedia Mahjong Icons 1.0.0 Mahjong Icons - a nice set of icons
Softpedia CocoaMySQL 0.7.0b5 CocoaMySQL - Graphical tool to manage MySQL dbs locally or over net
Softpedia AppleWorks (International) Updater 6.2.9 OS9 6.2.5 and OSX 6.2.7 International version updater.
Softpedia SimpleBackup 1.6.1 SimpleBackup - Simple and easy to use file backup utility
MacUpdate Softpedia Rasche's Kartenspiele 1.0.1 Get all Rasche's games in one package. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker QuickPass 1.1.0 Password generator for the menubar. (Free)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker AppleDownloads MozoDojo 2.2.0 Create mozaic tiled images. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia InterMapper 4.5.6b2 Monitors IP and AppleTalk networks. (Demo)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker Bookends 9.2.1 Reference management and bibliography software. (Demo)
Softpedia Flowchart Maker 1.3.0 Flowchart Maker - a graphical program to realize flowcharts
Softpedia CopyCat 4.0.0 CopyCat is a fast copy/backup app
Softpedia ChartMaker 7v2 ChartMaker - a collection of clever techniques using FileMaker's built-in features 7
Softpedia Letter Invaders 0.1.0 Letter Invaders - based on the arcade game Space Invaders
MacUpdate Softpedia iTunes Manager 2.2.2 iTunes controller window. (Free)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker AppleDownloads NoteMind 1.4.10 Organize your info & create mind maps. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker AstroView 1.73.0 Remotely control Mac or Windows machines on network. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker AppleDownloads TypeTrainer4Mac 2.8.2 Multilingual typing tutor. (Free) 6
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker AstroShare 1.73.0 Share/control/view a Mac remotely. (Shareware)
Softpedia iCage 1.1.0 iCage - daily quotes from artist, composer, and philosopher, John Cage
Softpedia Diet Diary 4.0.1 Diet Diary - food & exercise diary connected to food database
Softpedia CinePaint 0.21.0-2.1 CinePaint - Image retouching tool (was Film Gimp)
Softpedia ACDSee 1.6.9 ACDSee for Mac is a fast image viewing and management tool compatible with Mac OS X software
Softpedia FuguTilt 1.0.0 FuguTilt - turn and tilt a table in a scenic 3D environment 5
Softpedia DashPhoon 1.3.0 DashPhoon - displays the phase of the moon, optionally labelled with information
Softpedia AstroPlanner 1.5.5 AstroPlanner - Observation planning and logging software
Softpedia WordNet 2.1.0 Dictionary with hypernym hierarchical browser.
Softpedia Latin Words 1.97 r4 Latin Words - Overr 30,000 entries dictionary
Softpedia Before You Know It 3.6.45 Before You Know It web downloader - Start learning a language in minutes...
Softpedia BatchXport Document Exporter 6.2.4 BatchXport Document Exporter - make multiple types of extracts out of QuarkXPress documents 4
Softpedia Traktor DJ Studio 3.2.2 TRAKTOR DJ Studio is the most powerful and versatile software solution for professional DJ mixing
Softpedia PrintNow 1.0.0 PrintNow - simple drag and drop application for printing 3
Softpedia deDigitalEffects 1.0.6 deDigitalEffects - over 300 special effects iMovie plugins
Softpedia VersionTracker MacUpdate BeerAlchemy 1.5.0 BeerAlchemy - Beer recipe formulation and storage
Softpedia Podmailer 0.8.7 Podmailer enables you to send files of any size with your existing e-mail account
Softpedia FreeShare Client And Server Suite 1.0.0 FreeShare Client And Server Suite - regular Hotline client and server
Softpedia SoundConverter 070329 SoundConverter - Convert many sound file formats 2
Softpedia HyperBook / Catullus 3.0.0 HyperBook / Catullus - reading real Latin, the easy way 0


When Software Attacks 2007-02-25 02:51:48
A lot of publicity has developed over the weekend about claims by the developer of Display Eater. First they said it might intentionally delete your home directory, then they said it wouldn't (also giving a date, 2/7/07, that doesn't coincide with any release version we have on record). MacUpdate seems to have gone as far as removing Display Eater from its listing. The truth is that while the Mac may not have a malware problem like Windows, it does get a fair amount of "questionable" software releases. We've been thinking for a while about adding a feature to the database that at least flags bad software. If you have any thoughts, pro or con, now would be a fine time to leave feedback.
Web Page With RSS Smarts 2007-02-17 23:43:07
One nice thing about RSS feeds is that they let you keep track of what you've seen already and what you haven't. Surprisingly few web sites allow you to do the same thing, and the ones that even come close usually require you to have an account of some kind. We instead got the idea into our heads that we could add that to our site with just a little bit of JavaScript and a cookie. So if you now look at the little hour markers to the right of the releases, you should see a soothing blue background behind the one that represents the last full hour of releases you saw. If that isn't obvious enough, please give feedback and we'll try to find a better way to indicate it.
How We Roll 2007-02-03 09:33:33
We've picked up a lot of new users over the years, so this might be a good time to explain how MAT is designed to work. Every 15 minutes, we check the feeds of a bunch of Mac software sites. If they haven't been modified we do nothing, but if they have we do a little processing of the data and add the announcements to our local database. At roughly the top of every hour we update the main page with a full 24 hours of Mac software releases and the RSS feed with the last 12 hours, and on weekdays we also update the main page around the half hour, too. What that all means is that while you might not be able to exercise fine control over the exact part of the hour when you read a feed or visit the site, there is really no reason to stop by more frequently than every 15 minutes. Then again, what do we know? If you happen to have a 10 Mac LAN and thought it would be useful to have MAT available on all of them, then we'll just be shutting up now. :-)
Dr. Aloha or: How I Learned to Stop Reloading and Love the MAT 2007-02-02 09:17:32
Did you know that January has 44,640 minutes in it (31 * 24 * 60)? Now you do! Did you know that one IP hit us 28,812 times last month (in the neighborhood of Now you do! That works out to about once every minute and a half. While we appreciate that kind of love for Mac software, stay tuned tomorrow to see why that's about an order of magnitude too eager.

Built Using

An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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