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MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia AppleDownloads Red Snapper 1.2.0 Safari plugin to capture web pages, save as graphic or PDF file. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Forms To Go 3.2.1 Create multi-language (PHP, ASP, and Perl) scripts for HTML forms. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia homerQuotes 1.0.0 The wisdom of Homer Simpson on your Dashboard. (Free) 22
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia TabletMagic 2.0.0b8 Driver for older Wacom tablets. (Free) 20
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Toast Titanium 8.0.1 CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc burning solution 19
MacUpdate OmniGraffle Pro 4.2 beta 2.0.0 Create diagrams, flow charts, and more. (Demo)
MacUpdate Softpedia FiSHy 0.3.0 Plugin for Colloquy providing Blowfish encryption support. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia OmniGraffle 4.2 beta 2.0.0 diagrams, family trees, flow charts, org charts...
MacUpdate Softpedia ProTA Gold 3.0.1 Market analysis solution (Demo) 18
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Softpedia SMARTReporter 2.2.5 warns of ATA drive failure before it happens
VersionTracker ProTA 3.01.0 stock market charting, technical analysis, portfolio tracking
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia OmniDiskSweeper 1.5.2 quickly clear out unused files
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia NameFind 2.0.0 find files by name
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia AppleDownloads Musorg 0.2.0 Id3 tag editing, freedb support and renamer
VersionTracker MacUpdate MBS REALbasic Plugins 7.1.0 about 12,000 REALbasic functions
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia DesktopLyrics 1.0.0b3 display current song lyrics on your dektop
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia ScriptColors 1.0.0 color picker for AppleScript development 16
VersionTracker ProTA Gold 3.01.0 stock market charting and technical analysis software
VersionTracker VoodooPad Pro 3.1.4 hypertext/wiki note pad; iPod notes export... 15
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia VoodooPad Lite 3.1.4 hypertext/wiki note pad; iPod note export...
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia VoodooPad 3.1.4 hypertext/wiki note pad; iPod notes export...
VersionTracker SnakeTerm 1.0.0 snake game for Terminal
VersionTracker Shop'NCook Menu 3.4.2 smart meal planner & grocery shopping manager
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia LogTen Pro 3.3.0 pilot's logbook, for tracking & managing flight time
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia DockMultiplier 2.0.0 multiply your Dock settings
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia MoveTunes 1.4.0 Move or copy muisc to new volumes intelligently. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Keymileage 0.5.2 Calculates how far your fingers travel to type. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Computer Glasses 1.3.0 Magnify a portion of your screen. (Free)
VersionTracker Softpedia fileSifter 1.0.0 read portion of a file at your preferred offset
VersionTracker Shop'NCook Pro 3.4.2 smart meal planning & recipe costing software
VersionTracker Softpedia DScreen 1.0.0 run a screensaver as a desktop picture
Softpedia Miyu 1.0 rc2 Miyu - Textual movie editing software 14
Softpedia AstroView 1.72.0b4 AstroViewX - Remotely control Mac or Windows machines on network
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia SmartLedger 2.08.0 Track income and expenses. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia IPNetTunerX 1.6.02 Increase your Internet performance. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia G.Projector 1.0.0 Transform global map projections into GIF/PDF/PNG/PS images. (Free)
VersionTracker Shop'NCook Home 3.4.2 smart recipe & grocery list organizer
VersionTracker ListzBeta 1.1.2 list manager to create, store, explore info
MacUpdate Softpedia Listz 1.1.0b2 Organize and interact with all the lists of your life. (Demo) 13
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Subliminal Message 4.2.0 Experience the power of subliminal messages. (Free)
MacUpdate Softpedia iGTD Organize your life by contexts. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Softpedia Lasso 8.5.2 build & serve data-driven web sites
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia GL Golf 1.99.0 3D golfing game with 252 holes
VersionTracker iSoftPhone 1.2.0 internet phone using VoIP 12
VersionTracker Softpedia SilverFast (Howtek) D4000/4500 6.5.0r4 scanner software
MacUpdate Softpedia iSoftPhone 1.2010.0 VoIP virtual internet phone. (Shareware)
MacUpdate iGTD 1.0.9 Organize your life by contexts. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia IceClean 2.0.4 System maintenance and optimization tool (was Polizei). (Free)
VersionTracker SilverFast (Agfa) SnapScan 1236S 6.5.0r4 scanner software
MacUpdate Softpedia QT Sync 0.2.9 Audio/video sync correction and more. (Free)
MacUpdate gSync 0.9.2rc2 Sync iCal data with Google Calendar. (Demo) 11
Softpedia MacUpdate VersionTracker Yojimbo 1.4.2 Yojimbo - Info organizer with multi mac support
Softpedia Application enhancer2.0.3 APE is a system used in our and third-party products that helps them to enhance and redefine various applications behavior 10
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia iSale 4.0.2 eBay auctioning solution
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Application Enhancer SDK 2.0.3 development kit to create haxies
VersionTracker MacUpdate Application Enhancer 2.0.3 haxie enhances apps via modules
MacUpdate Softpedia eXe 0.21.0 Teaching and academic web authoring with SCORM export. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Word Web Deluxe 1.0.0 Link letters, create words to sweep the spider webs away. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker Aabel 2.2.0 Data processing and charting app. (Demo)
Softpedia VersionTracker MacUpdate Discus 4.08.0 Discus - Print labels for all types of removable media
MacUpdate Softpedia Luca 2.5.4 Accrual-based accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises. (Shareware)
VersionTracker Softpedia iPoste 0.6.1 assists with using the French postal service
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Amazing Slow Downer 3.1.1 slow down music with no pitch change
Softpedia MacUpdate VersionTracker iPod.iTunes 3.4.1 iPod.iTunes - Transfer tracks & playlists from iPod to Mac 9
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia IPNetRouterX 1.3.0c2 Software firewall security solution. (Demo)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker AppleDownloads Art Text 1.2.0 Create high quality headings, logos, icons, banners and buttons. (Shareware)
VersionTracker Stone Works 2007.03.13 17 stone design apps in one bundle
MacUpdate SerialSticker 1.3.0 License manager. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Groupcal 3.85.0 Share iCal calendars with Outlook or Exchange users. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia Global Warmth 2.2.0 Monitor global weather conditions. (Demo)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia iData 3.0.5 freeform database app with optional fields
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia SliceAndDice 4.1.0 creates nav bars, Javascript rollovers, image maps...
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Music Rescue 3.1.1 (was PodUtil ) iPod music copier & playlist rebuilder
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia FontBook 4.5.0 print font samples & all characters & key commands
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Create 13.0.0 complete desktop publishing: web authoring, page layout & illustration
VersionTracker Softpedia BatchXSLT for InDesign 10.03.0a automated transformer for InDesign - xml epaper
Softpedia MacUpdate VersionTracker iMaginator 3.3.0 iMaginator - Core image processing for OSX 10.4 8
Softpedia VersionTracker MacUpdate Videator 3.1.0 Videator - Create, edit, add effects to movies
Softpedia MacUpdate StarMores 1.1.0 StarMores - a freeware fractal star creator
Softpedia MacUpdate Stone Works 2007-03-13 Stone Works - All stone design apps in one bundle
MacUpdate Softpedia ID3Mod v49 Change MP3 ID3 TAG information. (Shareware)
MacUpdate iGTD 1.0.8 Organize your life by contexts. (Free)
Softpedia MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Speed Download 4.1.10 Speed Download is the leading professional download manager for the Macintosh 7
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker AppleDownloads TabExposé 1.0.0 Display Safari tabs in an Exposé fashion. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Pixer 1.5.0 Batch resize .png, .jpg, and .tiff images. (Free)
MacUpdate Softpedia Download Queue 1.0.0 A download manager. (Shareware)
Softpedia MacUpdate VersionTracker Video2SWF 1.009.0 Video2SWF - Convert video files to Flash
MacUpdate Softpedia AppleDownloads SourceGuardian 7.0.0 Encode and protect your PHP scripts. (Commercial) 6
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker AppleDownloads A Better Finder Rename 7.7.0 File, photo, MP3 batch renamer. (Shareware)
Softpedia iSpeakIt 3.1.0 iSpeakIt - Listen to your documents 5
Softpedia Mac OS X Server 10.4.9 Universal update Mac OS X Server 10.4.9 Universal Update - recommended for all Universal servers
Softpedia Mac OS X Server 10.4.9 PPC update Mac OS X Server 10.4.9 PPC Update - recommended for all servers and includes fixes for the operating system and other apps
Softpedia Mac OS X 10.4.9 PPC update Mac OS X 10.4.9 PPC Update - includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes or compatibility updates 4
Softpedia Mac OS X 10.4.9 Intel update Mac OS X 10.4.9 Intel Update - recomended Intel-based Mac computers currently running Mac OS X Tiger version 10.4.8
Softpedia MediWiki Wiki JumpBox 0.5.0b MediWiki Wiki JumpBox - a powerful wiki engine originally developed for the Wikipedia project and now deployed on many sites 3
Softpedia QClip 1.0 b109 QClip - a real time, hardware based broadcast video clip player 2
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia pro Fit 6.1.0b6 data/function analysis, plotting & curve fit graphing 0
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia cineSync 1.2.1 view QuickTime media in sync with other people
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Keyword Assistant 1.9.4 iPhoto keyword management plugin
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Sketsa 4.2.0 vector drawing app based on SVG
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Movies Database 1.36.0 auto catalog & organize movie collections
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Griffin PowerMate 2.0.0b18 for the audio & media controller device
VersionTracker Softpedia Fractal Paths 2.0.2b17 geometric fractal generator & renderer
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Family 2.0.2 create family trees with ease


When Software Attacks 2007-02-25 02:51:48
A lot of publicity has developed over the weekend about claims by the developer of Display Eater. First they said it might intentionally delete your home directory, then they said it wouldn't (also giving a date, 2/7/07, that doesn't coincide with any release version we have on record). MacUpdate seems to have gone as far as removing Display Eater from its listing. The truth is that while the Mac may not have a malware problem like Windows, it does get a fair amount of "questionable" software releases. We've been thinking for a while about adding a feature to the database that at least flags bad software. If you have any thoughts, pro or con, now would be a fine time to leave feedback.
Web Page With RSS Smarts 2007-02-17 23:43:07
One nice thing about RSS feeds is that they let you keep track of what you've seen already and what you haven't. Surprisingly few web sites allow you to do the same thing, and the ones that even come close usually require you to have an account of some kind. We instead got the idea into our heads that we could add that to our site with just a little bit of JavaScript and a cookie. So if you now look at the little hour markers to the right of the releases, you should see a soothing blue background behind the one that represents the last full hour of releases you saw. If that isn't obvious enough, please give feedback and we'll try to find a better way to indicate it.
How We Roll 2007-02-03 09:33:33
We've picked up a lot of new users over the years, so this might be a good time to explain how MAT is designed to work. Every 15 minutes, we check the feeds of a bunch of Mac software sites. If they haven't been modified we do nothing, but if they have we do a little processing of the data and add the announcements to our local database. At roughly the top of every hour we update the main page with a full 24 hours of Mac software releases and the RSS feed with the last 12 hours, and on weekdays we also update the main page around the half hour, too. What that all means is that while you might not be able to exercise fine control over the exact part of the hour when you read a feed or visit the site, there is really no reason to stop by more frequently than every 15 minutes. Then again, what do we know? If you happen to have a 10 Mac LAN and thought it would be useful to have MAT available on all of them, then we'll just be shutting up now. :-)
Dr. Aloha or: How I Learned to Stop Reloading and Love the MAT 2007-02-02 09:17:32
Did you know that January has 44,640 minutes in it (31 * 24 * 60)? Now you do! Did you know that one IP hit us 28,812 times last month (in the neighborhood of Now you do! That works out to about once every minute and a half. While we appreciate that kind of love for Mac software, stay tuned tomorrow to see why that's about an order of magnitude too eager.

Built Using

An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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