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AppleDownloads MacUpdate iFreeMem 1.1.1 Maximize your system’s free memory for better application runtime performance, its like having a brand new Mac!
AppleDownloads Virtual Terminal 1.0.0 Virtual Terminal captures information from financial cards swiped through a USB magnetic card reader, sending key strokes directly to the application
AppleDownloads Parallels Desktop 3188.0.0 The first solution that gives Apple users the ability to run Windows, Linux or any other operating system and their critical applications at the same time as Mac OS X.
AppleDownloads Equinox Image 1.0.0 A universal application to control Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) CCD cameras.
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia VelaTerra 1.1.2 interactive almanac & world clock
VersionTracker MacUpdate OfficePool 2007 0.9.5 NCAA college basketball pool manager
VersionTracker Atlantis Cocoa-native MUD/MUSH/MOO client
MacUpdate Clan Lord v484 Online RPG game. (Demo) 22
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia AppleDownloads ZigVersion 1.1.0 Subversion client 21
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia GnuPG 1.4.7 install GnuPG without having to compile it
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Softpedia DoodleCAD 1.3.0 Bezier illustration & 2D CAD tool
VersionTracker Clan Lord 4.84.0 massively multiplayer online fantasy RPG
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Bricksmith 1.6.0 virtual 3D Lego modeling 20
Softpedia TechTool Protogo Updater 1.0.3 TechTool Protogo - quickly create a bootable diagnostic device 19
MacUpdate Softpedia Notes 444 2.0.0 HIPAA psychotherapy note assistant with billing module. (Demo) 18
VersionTracker MacUpdate Integrity 0.3.0 website link checker
MacUpdate Softpedia iGTD 1.0.0 A 'Getting Things Done' organizer. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 1.0.0 unique and colorful exercise for your mental muscle
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Softpedia OmniDiskSweeper 1.5.1 quickly clear out unused files 17
VersionTracker Notes 444 2.00.0 HIPAA psychotherapy note-taking and billing
VersionTracker Google Hosted Mail Notifier 0.2.0 check for new mails in your Google custom domain
MacUpdate Google Hosted Mail Notifier b2 Gmail notifier for your hosted domain. (Free) 16
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia AppleDownloads Androkids2 1.0.0 help save princess goodgrade game
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia iSMARTtrain 3.0.0b13 athletic training session log
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Apple CHUD Tools 4.4.4 Computer Hardware Understanding Development
MacUpdate VersionTracker MagiCal 1.0.8r2 Menubar clock and calendar. (Free) 15
MacUpdate GlidePlan 2.0.0b4 Plan your cross-country flights as a pilot. (Demo)
VersionTracker MacUpdate AppleDownloads Softpedia autoID 2.0.0 logs you in, auto-fills web forms...
MacUpdate Softpedia Parallels Desktop 2.5.3188 Run Windows/Linux/other operating systems along with OS X. (Demo)
MacUpdate Softpedia Aria Maestosa 1.0.0b5 Midi tracker/editor. (Free)
MacUpdate xRacing pb0.9.0g 3D kart racing game. (Free)
MacUpdate Softpedia Canada411 2.0.5 Widget for finding people/companies in Canada. (Free)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia RS-16X 1.4.3 sequence & song style standalone drum machine
VersionTracker Parallels Desktop 2.5 Build 3188.0.0 run Windows simultaneously with OS X
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia AppleDownloads HoudahSpot 1.4.8 find files you didn't know you had
VersionTracker GlidePlan 2.0 beta-4 pre-flight planning for glider pilots
VersionTracker ComicBookLover 1.2 build 653.0.0 view, collect, organize digital comics
VersionTracker Softpedia AppleDownloads Canada411 2.05.0 widget for looking up Canadian companies or people
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia coconutIdentityCard 2.2.0 Find out where/when your Mac/iPod were built. (Free) 14
MacUpdate Softpedia MathMagic Pro Edition for QuarkXPress 5.53.0 Equation editor for QuarkXPress. (Demo)
MacUpdate Softpedia MathMagic Pro Edition for Adobe InDesign 5.53.0 Equation editor for Adobe InDesign. (Demo)
MacUpdate Softpedia MathMagic Personal Edition 5.53.0 Equation editor for QuarkXPress. (Demo)
VersionTracker MathMagic Pro Edition for QuarkXPress 5.5.3 write math equations in Quark
VersionTracker MathMagic Pro Edition for Adobe InDesign 5.5.3 write math equations in InDesign
VersionTracker MathMagic Personal Edition 5.5.3 write math equations & symbols in any documents and presentations
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Disco DJ 3.7.0 DJ mixing software
VersionTracker MacUpdate Radiologik DJ 1.0.0b10 radio dj live assist 13
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Burn 1.7.0u simple burning app
MacUpdate Softpedia AppleDownloads Punk 1.0.6 Find user ratings of popular titles from the Internet Movie Database. (Free)
MacUpdate Pregnancy Calculator 1.0.1 Widget calculates prospective birth date and more. (Free)
VersionTracker AppleDownloads Camino 1.0.4 web browser
MacUpdate Softpedia Listz 1.1.0b Organize and interact with all the lists of your life. (Demo) 12
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia XHub 1.3.0 fullscreen media center
VersionTracker ListzBeta 1.1.0 list manager to create, store, explore info
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Deep Freeze standardize workstations on restart
VersionTracker Creative Manager Pro 8.4.05 design/ad agency, project management
MacUpdate Softpedia myTheme Creator 2.13.0 Create custom themes for Sony Ericsson phones. (Free) 11
MacUpdate Softpedia Set Software Update Server 1.0.0 Point a workstation to Apple Software Update Server w/o command line. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia ImageWell 3.0.5 Edit images and upload to the web. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia AppleDownloads Kaskade 1.0.4 Sliding blocks action puzzle game. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Footballfeed Widget 1.0.0 Widget for the Norwegian football leagues. (Free)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia Lotto Sorcerer 6.5.0 Lottery number analyzer & prediction tool. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads Softpedia iShrink 2.3.0 Compress/uncompress .zip formats. (Shareware)
MacUpdate VersionTracker Softpedia MacSQL 3.1.0b14 Interact with mySQL and mSQL databases from your Mac. (Demo)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia MovieCat Plugin 1.0.0 jigsaw plugin to join movie files 10
VersionTracker Softpedia MacUpdate Tinderbox 3.6.2 personal content management assistant
VersionTracker Softpedia MacUpdate Text Encrypter 1.0.0 encrypt text and files
VersionTracker Enfocus PitStop Professional 7.1.0 visual PDF editor & preflight for Acrobat
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia ArtOptimizer 1.0.0 reduce linked image size in Adobe Illustrator
Softpedia VersionTracker MacUpdate MAPublisher 7.3.0 MAPublisher - Plugins for Illustrator, cartographic/GIS production 9
MacUpdate Softpedia SoundConverter 070307 Convert many sound file formats. (Shareware)
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia timeEdition 1.1.0 time recording for customer billing/project duration
VersionTracker SoundConverter 20070307.0.0 batch audio format converter
VersionTracker Softpedia MacUpdate Padlock 2.0.5 place your apps under password protection
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia OpenOSX Grass 6.2.1 Grass GIS
VersionTracker LAConvolver 0.1.0 audio units plugin convolver
VersionTracker Hyperon 1.2.1 replaces desktop picture with media files or a screensaver
MacUpdate Softpedia xInvaders pb2.0.0 Simple first person 3D space shooter. (Free) 8
Softpedia Multimode 5.9.2 Multimode - Decode modes of non-voice communication
Softpedia The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 1.0.0b7 The Missing Sync for BlackBerry - make the round trips between your Mac and BlackBerry handset
Softpedia MacUpdate VersionTracker AppleDownloads SmartBackup 2.0.2 SmartBackup - backup and restore YOUR files
Softpedia MacUpdate VersionTracker PhotoUpLink 1.0.3 PhotoUpLink - The easiest way to export videos and photos to FTP, databases, or documents from iPhoto
Softpedia GanttPV 0.8 beta GanttPV is a project scheduling software 7
MacUpdate Softpedia REC 1.0.1 Records up to 8 tracks simultaneously. (Free)
Softpedia MacUpdate VersionTracker Mr. Tides Mr. Tides X - Forecasts future ocean tides
Softpedia MacUpdate VersionTracker dmgutil 1.2.0 dmgutil - command-line tool to configure, compress DMGs for distribution
Softpedia Compress Files 0.92.0 Compress Files - The file compressing and archiving utility for Mac OS X
MacUpdate Softpedia Smooth Surfin' 0.9.0 Plays the selected track next in iTunes. (Free)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker AppleDownloads SSAudioPlayer 1.0.0 Audio file player program for musicians. (Shareware)
MacUpdate Softpedia VersionTracker GyazMail 1.5.3 Email client for OS X. (Demo) 6
Softpedia TeamPlanning 3.4.0 SharedPlan Pro Project Management - Take a new and different approach to project management software 5
Softpedia CrossFTP 1.34.0 CrossFTP - Ftp cross the world
Softpedia ExtremeZ-IP File Server 5.0.0 ExtremeZ-IP connects Macintosh computers to a Microsoft Windows Server or Workstation/Professional using the TCP/IP protocol
Softpedia DivFix++ 0.28.0 DivFix++ - AVI Fix/Repair/Preview tool 1
Softpedia Norton AntiVirus X 9.x-10.x Defs 2/28/07 Norton AntiVirus X 9.x-10.x Defs - Latest virus definitions update 0
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia Electric Image Animation System 6.6.1 3D animation & rendering
VersionTracker MacUpdate Softpedia BackityMac 1.3.7 one-click backup, restore & burning


When Software Attacks 2007-02-25 02:51:48
A lot of publicity has developed over the weekend about claims by the developer of Display Eater. First they said it might intentionally delete your home directory, then they said it wouldn't (also giving a date, 2/7/07, that doesn't coincide with any release version we have on record). MacUpdate seems to have gone as far as removing Display Eater from its listing. The truth is that while the Mac may not have a malware problem like Windows, it does get a fair amount of "questionable" software releases. We've been thinking for a while about adding a feature to the database that at least flags bad software. If you have any thoughts, pro or con, now would be a fine time to leave feedback.
Web Page With RSS Smarts 2007-02-17 23:43:07
One nice thing about RSS feeds is that they let you keep track of what you've seen already and what you haven't. Surprisingly few web sites allow you to do the same thing, and the ones that even come close usually require you to have an account of some kind. We instead got the idea into our heads that we could add that to our site with just a little bit of JavaScript and a cookie. So if you now look at the little hour markers to the right of the releases, you should see a soothing blue background behind the one that represents the last full hour of releases you saw. If that isn't obvious enough, please give feedback and we'll try to find a better way to indicate it.
How We Roll 2007-02-03 09:33:33
We've picked up a lot of new users over the years, so this might be a good time to explain how MAT is designed to work. Every 15 minutes, we check the feeds of a bunch of Mac software sites. If they haven't been modified we do nothing, but if they have we do a little processing of the data and add the announcements to our local database. At roughly the top of every hour we update the main page with a full 24 hours of Mac software releases and the RSS feed with the last 12 hours, and on weekdays we also update the main page around the half hour, too. What that all means is that while you might not be able to exercise fine control over the exact part of the hour when you read a feed or visit the site, there is really no reason to stop by more frequently than every 15 minutes. Then again, what do we know? If you happen to have a 10 Mac LAN and thought it would be useful to have MAT available on all of them, then we'll just be shutting up now. :-)
Dr. Aloha or: How I Learned to Stop Reloading and Love the MAT 2007-02-02 09:17:32
Did you know that January has 44,640 minutes in it (31 * 24 * 60)? Now you do! Did you know that one IP hit us 28,812 times last month (in the neighborhood of Now you do! That works out to about once every minute and a half. While we appreciate that kind of love for Mac software, stay tuned tomorrow to see why that's about an order of magnitude too eager.

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An OO language with prototypes. Used to pull from the database and build this page.
A small, self-contained database engine. Our repository for release announcements.
Database-independent persistence using Cocoa NSCoding. Used to store objects.
Easy XML parsing supported by Cocoa NSKeyValueCoding. Used to convert RSS feeds to objects.

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